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A Fallen Angel

Session #73: Recorded 2018 A = Aurora (practitioner) Crystal = Dante's Crystal (client) This is an excerpt from a never before shared AURA Hypnosis Healing session of a 'fallen angel' trying to gain his wings back by volunteering to incarnate on Earth. Within his crystal we find the spirit of his dragon guardian who is speaking. The wisdom addressed on 'DOUBT' is tremendous for us. Often we are our worst enemy by doubting ourselves. This transmission shows us why we shouldn't doubt and what we are doing to ourselves. Teaching empowerment and sovereignty everyday. A: Thank you. Do you have anything else you want to share with him? Crystal: He needs to stop doubting himself. He is not crazy. I...

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The Sasquatch Guardians

  Session #43: Recorded May 2018 A = Aurora (Practitioner) C = Carmen (Client) In this session Carmen finds herself in a life as a Native American married to a Sasquatch. How is it that these races lived humbly together? The invasion by the English. The beginnings of Reptilian consciousnesses being found within people. A Sasquatch speaks, how they aid humanity, their abilities, their roles, portal keepers, galactic members.  A: Have you landed on the ground? C: Forest floor. A: Look all around you, describe what you see. C: Trees. Big trees. A: Look down at your feet. What do your feet look like? C: Hairy. A: How many toes do you have? C: Four. A: Look at your hands,...

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RA Guardians 1,000's of Entities Healed

    Session #129: Recorded on March 2019 A = Aurora (Practitioner) T = TeRa (client)   RA is explaining to Aurora how a Reptilian has been using humans to affect the clients life. A: How does this work like the human consciousness here, are they aware that they are that Reptilian being? T: Not mostly, they allowed him in, they welcomed him in, he promises them power over her. They are attracted to her power, they don't know why. Then he slowly sinks in through their own awareness or their spirits, their drinking spirits, their pain in the heart instead of healing it they allow him in. He's not the only one that does this. This happens when someone allows...

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