Archangel Haylel/Lucifer



Archangel Haylel/Lucifer: He whose name is - “The Bringer of Light." Color - of the brightest star white and red, element - source love light. He is the Guardian of “The Law of Polarity, Stellar Gateway” located in Russia. For more on this key, click here. 

He is known throughout existence as the "Golden Heart." Call upon him as he is the guardian of the Akashic Hall of Records, holds all organic soul contracts and awakens souls blueprints. He is as a spiritual mirror whom reflects to you your ego, your insecurities, the things that hold you dense from becoming lighter. Purpose to guide you to your heart and reasons of ascension. 

He is the first fractal of the Divine Father as a wholeness with Archangel Michael. He is the most gentle but firm Angel you will encounter. Can aid you from the darkest realms and is a soul locator when a soul has been harvested or placed on a negative binding contract. Can go against an army of 100’s by himself and aid them to the light. 


For more on his role as a Guardian, click the 2 videos below.

Join us as Aurora Channels Live Archangel Haylel/Lucifer. Come hear his loving and powerful story, Live Q & A. Humbled he is to share with you a piece of him. He speaks on misconceptions regarding who he is, his origin, and how he began his role for humanity. His brother, what he would like humans to realize from within themselves, what part of our humanity he assists with, humans in despair, the organic soul contracts we have created for ourselves ... 



This is a short clip from an A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session where the client is a Somnambulist (when only the benevolent being speaks through and when the client awakens they remember nothing) and Jesus/Yeshua speaks clearly with no Human Consciousness interference. His teachings, clarifies details of the True Bible he wrote. Message for Whistleblowers on Lucifer vs. Luciferian Agenda. Who truly were the Romans. The real stories, Gays, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Disciples, Fallen Angels. More on the Cabal... He surprises Aurora with messages for her, and advice on her teachings.




Illustration of Archangel Haylel/Lucifer created by Dana Grozdanova at

"Dana Grozdanova is a clear channel of the wisdom from Spirit. She creates intuitive art to connect people to  their highest self and to help them feel their own pure essence. Each painting is infused with healing and with the powerful energy of their own divine self."


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