Archangel Aurora

Archangel Aurora: She is all colors, all elements, flower - red rose. Is known as "The Phoenix" throughout creation. She is found in the "Universal Grand Central Heart/Sun" and is the Guardian of the 13th Key of "The Law of Love, Cosmic & Earth Gateway, the Heart Chakra." For more on this key, click here. 

Call on her if you are experiencing strong infringements of negative energies, entities, and technologies within. With her infinite Phoenix etheric flame she will aid you to begin the self healing purification of what no longer serves you, making space for rebirth and renewal of what is needed for your highest good. Helping you rise out from your shadows into your infinite inner light.

Will help awaken and activate your heart chakra, in finding self love, compassion, and love for all life in creation even ones of the darkest forms. She will help you tap into your infinite love/light source energy in your everyday life and use this force-field to heal all around you. When you are in times of despair and have lost hope, she will come to you to remind you of the great beauties that you are as the fractal of creation you are. 

She is known to be a strong protector of all life viewing all as equals. Divine Mothers have birthed from her essence such as Isis, Cleopatra, KaliMa, Mother Mary... She is whom empowers and recharges us with her divine infinite love, embraces us with sovereignty, and helps lead the great Golden Age of Earth shifting into the New Earth!


For more on her role as a Guardian, click the video below.

Greetings! Join us live as AuroRa delivers the next transmission to 'The Mayan Atlantean' series, of our Earth's Lemurian Galactic History. Come journey with us, remember the magic of these sacred lands and the people. What was life on Earth like, and what happened to it. The Fairy Tales of our childhood brought to life. The true story of Princess Aurora, Maleficent, King Arthur, and Merlin.



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