Archangel Zadkiel


Archangel Zadkiel: his name means “The sovereignty of God/Source”. Metallic Color silver/blue/purple. Star element. He is the Guardian of "The Law of Free Will, Solar Plexus" located in Africa. For more on this key, click here. 

Call on him when you need aid with the hazards of electronics and 5G. Have him surround you with his opalescent silver crystalline sphere, in order to lessen interference with technology. He is Archangel Michael's right hand (seen as a sergeant) in “The Legend of Light”. He can remove 100’s entities at a time.

He helps you with true forgiveness. Forgiveness and compassion in the act of reaching out to yourself, and others to help reduce feelings of discomfort. He can help you go past troubling memories and alleviate painful emotions. Whenever you feel that you can’t forgive, ask for Zadkiel’s blessed assistance.


For more on his role as a Guardian, click the video below.

Come meet Archangel Zadkiel as Aurora Channels him live! He will share more on who he is in Creation, details on the Galactics how things are broken down and messages straight from the Galactic Ship! How Creation Fractalized, the Alien races, how they work, the Councils, above 51% service to others. Messages of heart discernment to whistle blowers, light workers, fake light... Awareness on negative technology, A.I. Archangel twin flames & fractals of twin flames.



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