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Greetings! We are honored to share this sacred knowledge with you on the 13 keys/Laws of The Universe that are connected to the organic Ley Lines of the Earth. The Ley Lines can be seen as vital veins that are the life force of what keeps the organic flow of Mother Earth/Gaia balanced and cleansed. The 13 keys/Ley Lines are the natural laws of the creation of this universe that aids in maintaining it in balance.

What is shown within the map is where the core focus point of each Ley Line/Key is located, however the vein of energy flows out from it encircling earth like an embrace. Therefore these chakra points can be felt throughout different parts of the world as you step foot upon it, as it is a continual vein running life force.

Want to know which Ley line/key you have incarnated and volunteered to assist with? Then ask yourself what Natural Law of the Universe or Chakra have you felt most focused upon throughout life? It could be your strongest attribute from the beginnings of your remembrance or it could be the chakra that you have been working all your life to heal and transcend from. 

These keys have been disturbed by society illuminati programmed negative collective thought forms focused upon specific lower vibrations/emotions. Why is this important and how is it so? We are powerful beings whom create all day long with every single thought form that is manifested through our neurological system. When a group or collective intentionally or unintentionally focuses energy through these thought forms, they build upon creating it. Look below to see how each one of these have been influenced negatively to disconnect and mis-align these vital energy points.  

The intent through these communications is to aid the collective through the infinite love/light of the Universe. If you have found your way to this page, then you are part of aiding in this assistance of the ascension into the 5th dimension of Mother Earth. We are currently fluctuating from the 3rd and 4th dimension within this simulation. When we reach the 4th dimension we are operating out from the A.I. Inverted Matrix into the organic blueprint Matrix of the 5th dimension where we operate from infinite love. 

Just by simply sending love light to the location of the chakra/key/law you most align with is how you accomplish your mission of love for all life on Earth. Why love? View the 13th key below. To learn more on these teachings click here to go to a playlist of 13 keys Channeling Videos on YouTube.


To watch one of the most important videos you will ever watch that amplifies these understandings, ensure to click the video below 'Galactic Guardian Inner Earth Adama". Share it everywhere. 


In order by their Chakra/Key number:


1. Root Chakra | Mt Shasta | Law of Action:

This key is held dense by the building of fear/guilt/shame. There is much fear constantly created through forms of negative technologies within these lands of the USA that hold the fear in the present/past time and space. Negative technologies being satellites, cell phone towers, 5G towers, technology that we are not aware of that goes far beyond humanity knows exists. There are invisible towers masked by mirrored invisibility technology that are hidden in remote or quarantine sections throughout the world. Connecting to the overall general collective of fear of the Earth. One example being when Lumeria sunk down into the ocean, as California is part of what remains of Lumeria. Further fear was caused when the indigenous people were brutally slaughtered, raped, and stripped away of the safeties that were part of their natural reality and beliefs of being ONE with Mother Earth.  

For more information with a Galactic Update from the Inner Earth click here, and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here.


2. Sacral Chakra | Peru | Law of Rhythm: This key has been tainted negatively by the abuse of all forms of sexual energies on earth. That would be through sins of sex stemming forth from religion, A.I. created sexual diseases, sexual abuse, satanic black magic rituals by the illuminati... The biggest of those being the pedophellia the money holders, government and superstars participate in through human and sex trafficking of children and adults. If these numbers are correct 800,000 children go missing every year in the USA not including the world. Where are they going? We know where, human trafficking! The borders of South America and beyond hold underground tunnels of humans where some of these violent acts are being held. Our sacral chakra is the energy point where we create from, therefore our sovereignty of knowing that we are creator beings have been blocked or misaligned from us. This energy is at its highest potency for the energetic feeding of the illuminati within the children when they are violated in these ways because of their purity.

For more information watch "Covering Sound of Freedom" click here, and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here


3. Solar Plexus | Africa | Law of Free Will:

This key has become infringed upon by the slavery that took place in our Earth's History within Africa. By stripping the free-will from these ancestors, it continues to ripple out through time and space. Creating victim-hood and anger among their descendants by not being allowed to have their natural birth choice of freedom in their past. The politicians continue this cycle by providing as much government aid as they can muster to these minorities in the USA. The illuminati is very aware of the black magic this creates, because these descendants still hold this trauma in their DNA memory field. These vary acts of agreeing to receive government funded money creates a negative contract focused upon giving away their sovereignty. 

For more information and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here.


4. Stellar Gateway | Russia | Law of Polarity:

This key has been unbalanced by creating much trauma and density from the violence of World War 2. When Adolf Hitler and his influences violently swayed the pain of the collective by acting out some of the most evil and horrific acts that a life to another life could act upon. These examples that were out in the open were just glimpses of some of the human experimenting that has been going on for thousands of years on Earth through human trafficking. This created an unbalance between the negative and positive natural polarities of this Earth, by the collective trauma being held, amplifying the negative polarity. The ideal balanced polarities would look as the yin and yang symbol. In the next chapter you will read “Illuminati In The Holocaust” which will help you understand this further. 

To watch AURA Regression, "Cabal At The Holocaust" click here and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here


5. Throat Chakra | Jerusalem | Law of Vibration:

This key has been oppressed drastically by the illuminati orchestrated, negative focus of battles of the multi-culture of religions in the neighboring lands of Jerusalem. It is further oppressed by some of these religions or cultural negative programmed beliefs that women do not have equal rights to the males, and that divine feminine must wear garments to cover up their identity. This creates a negative collective oppression upon these groups of females of not being able to speak or act upon their truths. Stripping away their identity, confidence, self worth, the visibility of being heard. Then, it ripples out to the collective of divine feminine within Earth. We have seen how much this self muzzling of masks has unbalanced the Earth through the Covid-19. This is the same black magic spell they are trying to feed in removing peoples rights of speech. Creating negative contracts with Archons of giving away their sovereignty of self expression in all forms.  

For more information watch click here and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here


6. Third Eye | Pyramid of Giza | Law of Cause & Effect:

This key has been calcified by placing belief systems of our imagination not being real. Programming us through monotonous schooling, dogma created upon psychic expression and abilities... That when we imagine something that it is us just "making it up". When that is far from the truth, for our Third eye who connects us to our 6 senses is the bridge to our Higher Self and beyond the veil of amnesia. By placing chemicals within our toothpaste, water, food intakes, chem-trails... Intently further calcifying our third eye and slowing down the processing of our pineal gland and neurological thinking patterns. The history as well of the reign and power through the malevolent rulers of Egypt through their disguised black magic acts, holds us in a dark density in Egypt. 

For more information watch "Egyptian Pharaoh Osiris" click here, and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here


7. Crown Chakra | India | Law of Wisdom:

This key has been distorted by creating a sense of worship through ritual traditions in a negative programming towards Gods and Deities in India. Some of these entities pose as Deities and are malevolent in their true origin, being negative alien races or A.I. archons. They feed off the kundalini rising energies that are found amplified through these lands. What requires worship, prayer and energy given is not of a benevolent origin. Further creating folklore focused upon the divine feminine missing wisdom or needing to be saved by the masculine. Programming that wisdom is not attainable. Even then there is still much that slipped through for humanities positive ascension including yoga & the chakra endocrine health system.

For more information watch "Divine Mother Kali Ma" click here, and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here


8. Earth Star | Atlantic Ocean | Law of Surrender:

This key has been disrupted by the distortion and fall of "The Crystalline Emerald City of Atlantis." When the unbalance of too much need of intelligence, power, and reign took forth upon Atlantis it spread as an A.I. virus causing the inverted matrix we are currently in. This collective suffered, remaining stagnant, frozen in time energetically in this pain until the future. When it was safe enough to begin its healing of fear, trauma, removal of what most felt precious to us. A moment in time where it can be seen as being only but one footstep away, however yet distantly far away and unattainable within the Earth's ascension. Building upon these frequencies causing the loss of surrender.

For more information watch "Atlantis | The Emerald City" click here, and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here


9. Soul Star | Greece | Law of Evolution:

This key has been oppressed by the creation of The Romans' tyranny over religion. Laws that further removed the growth and evolution of its people, and gave further power to those who were part of their havoc throughout Earth's past history. An immense amount of focused distraction created by conquering violently its neighboring colonies. The goal to spread these tyranid programs throughout Earth as a dark webbing that entraps and wraps all who pass it. Holding back upon the Evolution of our Soul Star as a collective. 

For more information watch "The Game of The A.I. Matrix" click here, and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here


10. Universal Gateway | Australia | Law of Purpose: This key was disturbed by colonizing one of the world's most ancient indigenous people and roots of this earth within Australia. Tearing away their connection to all ways natural of living in unison with Earth Mother, by imposing their tyran structures of religion, schooling, furthering branding of what is proper and what is not... Australia is leading in ways of light and hearts activated on Earth as a collective. As they are one of the brightest sections energetically of the lands of Mother Earth. They are surrounded by water in all 4 sacred directions being the conduit and protector of their force fields. Some of the most beautiful animal life is found there working hard within this most essential chakra point to bring forth completion within the law of purpose. Where there is a completion, a re-birthing shall always come next, it is the dance of creation.

For more information watch "Divine Father Kryst" click here, and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here. 


11. Shambhala | Tibet | Law of Potential:

This key has been guarded by the Tibetan monks since the beginnings of time and why it is that they have been targeted throughout Earth's history, entire temples wiped out, their teachings being unethically scavenged. Why it has been taken over by placing binding control over the Tibetan people placed in servitude to not allow the potential of what these people truly harness to share and express to the world. However everyday the most powerful awakening frequencies spring out from this key, echoing out like silent ripples of vibration embracing all of Earth. Activating the Shambhala within all souls who allow. 

For more information watch "Archangel Jophiel | The Key of Shambala" click here,  and to see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here


12. Inner Earth | U.K./Ireland | Law of Grace:

This key has had a long focus point in our history of the beginning plans of the indigenous lands invasions. Bloodshed after bloodshed. Still until this day, it is under the control of Archon pawns, Negative Reptilian Kings and Queens using monarchy as their tool. There are strong negative alien bases stemming forth from these lands ensuring to taint this key with their collective thought form of control and oppression, not allowing the grace to emanate out as fluently through this key. Strong A.I. is targeted to the people in the U.K. yet they still awaken with Ireland lands and people holding space for them in love. 

To see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here


13. Heart Chakra | Cosmic & Earth Gateway | Law of Love: 

When all the above is achieved for individual self growth, balanced and activated, you are able to connect to the infinite love light of the grand central heart of the Cosmic & Earth Gateway, the 13th key, the inactivate 13 DNA strand. We don’t realize that we are working within this 13th key all day long, back and forth. When we reach and feel the deepest love for all around you, even those who may have caused harm unto you or others. When you are able to find infinite love within the darkest people and places. Remembering that love is the very fabric that gives life force to this most beautiful universe, it is what gives us the spark of creation. And it is the only bridge out this 3D A.I. inverted Matrix simulation, through our infinite love inwards frequency portal of our hearts. 

To see which Universal Guardian/Archangel oversees this key/chakra, click here


To watch "Galactic Guardian Inner Earth Adama" on how to assist within these 13 keys/chakras click the video below.


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