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Greetings! Originally aired November 2020 on Laura Eisenhower's YouTube channel, in a monumental time when the truth seekers were looking for answers in the 3d world. Before this astonishing video had to be removed, it reached in May 2021, 59k views, and over 2k staggering comments. Laura Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of former President Eisenhower, interviews Aurora answering some of the must sensitive subjects known. THIS WILL BE ONE OF THE MOST AWAKENING AND SOUL ACTIVATING VIDEO YOU WILL WATCH!



Greetings! The most divine, powerful, gigantic collaboration has come into fruition. Join Laura Eisenhower and AuroRa UNCENSORED at monthly, under the 'Cosmic Mother Rising' Show! For our first episode, beloved Magenta Pixie joins us, answering questions we all want to know, "What is the update with Donald Trump?" Get ready for a most dynamic show!




Greetings! Join us as Laura Eisenhower and AuroRa deliver a pivotal transmission for the collective in this time and space. The embodiment of Divine Mother. Reviewing the inverted and organic Earth. A guide for our organic ascension acceleration! Human and child trafficking, how as a collective we assist, and what to watch out for in our towns to save the children of Earth.



 Greetings! Join us as Laura Eisenhower and AuroRa deliver a most heartfelt transmission. AuroRa communicates never before shared sacred information of Laura Eisenhower and the beauty of her soul journey. The wonders of humankind, and the potentials that lay dormant within us to divinely awaken. Come feel your heart expand as you feel the love!



Join us as Laura Eisenhower and AuroRa go live for the first time at! Discussing a diverse blend of what is occurring within the collective, stemming from the 'World Premiere: Died Suddenly', astrology, the confusion on Donald Trump... We must join together and continue prevailing.



Greetings! Join us as Laura Eisenhower and AuroRa host yet another dynamic show full of fireworks of human perseverance. How to navigate in these trying times of madness. How to save the children of Earth. A guide in how to maneuver this third dimensional world. Sacred teachings, disclosure, astrology, awareness, sovereignty... 

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