Frequently Asked Questions



A.U.R.A./Quantum Hypnosis Alchemy Healing:

1. Where would my A.U.R.A. session be located if I am traveling to you? It would be near Chicago, in Lyons Illinois. I am located between Midway International Airport 5.4 miles away, and O’Hare International Airport 12 miles away. 

2.  Can it be done online? Absolutely! Energy is multidimensional and unlimited, therefore it can be felt on the other side of the world at the same exact time. Similar to when we travel to past life’s, we are tapping into energy that is infinite. Your soul/higher self takes care of you from beginning to end. 

3. Do I have to be able to visualize to have a successful A.U.R.A. session? No, everyone is beautifully unique, therefore you may receive messages, and answers from your higher self through feeling, knowing, hearing, viewing, emotions...

4. What if I don’t feel quite ready for a A.U.R.A. session? Do you offer a service to guide me towards a successful A.U.R.A. in the future? Yes, I offer an Akashic Reading with Third Eye Energy Work, for more detail follow this link:

5. Can you recommend a Meditation Technique to began to prepare? Yes follow this link to, 2 Meditation Suggestions:

6. Who is the Higher Self? It is that little voice inside your mind and heart, that has been trying to guide you all your life. That voice that tries to warn you, steer you a certain path that is for your highest good, that sounds like your voice, that knows things that you don’t understand how it knows. At the beginning of our Creation, the Creator fractlized into many, from that connection those fractals became the Higher Self/Over Souls. Therefore the Higher Self is the YOU that is connected to the ALL in oneness, your soul that holds all the answers, wisdom, Healing, knowledge you have been in search for all your life.

7. Do I have control once I am hypnotized? Absolutely! Your higher self is in charge from beginning to end. They decide what past life they will be showing you for your highest healing. They protect you with love light energy conducted during the induction. You are here because your Higher Self in the Spirit realm has already made an agreement with my Higher Self, that you would come to me, and we would aid you through hypnosis healing. We are now just bringing it into fruition physically, for it has already been created spiritually and energetically. 

8. Can I please have a list to prepare for a A.U.R.A. session? Follow this link to 13 ways to prepare:

9. What is the biggest significance, that sets A.U.R.A. apart from other hypnosis techniques? Before the induction begins in order to enter hypnosis, we conduct energy work in union with your higher self to release the access negative energy that is not needed, that might be causing blockages. Therefore there is less interference from your ego, and there is a higher self, energetic bridge connection from the beginning of the session. This equals a deeper connection, and Quantum Healing.


A.U.R.A. and Readings:

10. What do you use to video online? I use a website, and application called Zoom. Please download it for best results:

11. Do you record our session? Yes, it is a service I provide that is of importance for your courtesy, and souls expansion. So that you may listen to it in the future when your heart desires it.