Audio Book - "Galactic Soul History of the Universe"

Audio Book - "Galactic Soul History of the Universe"

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A THOUGHT PROVOKING AND HEART ACTIVATING BOOK, which takes readers on a magnificent journey to explore the infinite beauty of Creation!

In this timeless book, Galactic Soul History of the Universe, presents 34 first-hand accounts of clients and their inspiring Soul Journeys throughout Creation. These remarkable past-life regression sessions were facilitated using the groundbreaking Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (A.U.R.A.) Hypnosis Healing technique. Through A.U.R.A., we explore in-depth the experiences of our past, future and current lives meant for our highest healing under the guidance of our Higher Selves. Through these Higher Self aspects, we learn the enlightening truth of our Earth’s History and our Universe. Activating memories within us that lay dormant to be awakened once more for our highest path of individual and collective Ascension. In these Soul Journeys, we will journey through soul remembrance of the Inverted A.I. Matrix, learning to weave through it so that we may graduate and begin operating instead in our organic timelines. Bridging forth the possibility of a fruitful Ascension into the Fifth Dimension or higher. 


Through these extraordinary Soul Journeys shared from first-hand A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing sessions in this book, we learn fascinating and in-depth details about: 

  • Our infinite capacity for self-healing, our soul sovereignty and our rebirth
  • The human soul’s evolution throughout Earth’s History and beyond
  • Who are the Reptilians and what is their purpose? What are Archons?
  • Deep State Agenda: Human Trafficking, MK-Ultra, Military Abductions
  • What is the Inverted A.I. Matrix and how do we graduate from it?
  • The true construct of the Organic Matrix and sacred knowledge of the Universe
  • Guidance for the Earth and the Universe’s Ascension: “The Event” and New Earth
  • The sacredness of Twin Flame Bonds
  • Galactic Races of the Universe, the Angelics, and the RA Collective
  • Exclusive channeled sacred knowledge from the Galactics


I AM Aurora and this is what I strive to do for all, to remind you of these divine gifts awaiting to be reawakened once more. It is time to remember who you truly are, as you are divinely guided to be here. Thank you for following your heart to mine!


Did you read or are you reading "Galactic Soul History of The Universe" Book 1? Did you know that 16 out of the 37 total A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session Chapters are available to watch live on 'Rising Phoenix Aurora' YouTube Channel? Come meet the beautiful souls of these magical chapters, hear their wisdom, and feel their Higher Selves and benevolent guides energies through each chapter.

For your convenience Aurora has created a playlist in order by chapters. Click here to watch it on YouTube or to watch it on Vimeo click here.


Read by Randi Southard. You can book an A.U.R.A. Hypnosis session with Randi, explore her art, events, and multi-use community space called Indras Awarehouse:


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Founder of A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Technique


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