Session #73: Recorded in August 2018.
 Never before shared.


In this in-person A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session, Dante teaches us an immensity on the choice to become a negative polarized being. During his interview, he shares the intimate traumas of his childhood that were full of violence and sexual abuse. He was a large rough looking man that became lost within the societal dysfunctional system of violence, gangs, money, and drugs. However, during the interview process I knew that I was to look past that and not fear him, as I sensed a gentleness and a vulnerability within him. Any other might have strayed away, upon him mentioning his history of violence when he was recently un-awakened. He found me just a couple of months after awakening divinely by a hallucinogenic street drug, and freshly out of the penitentiary.


With Dante’s incredible and intense journey, we see what it entails when we forget our light so deeply that we seem forgotten from even the Creator. In this powerful healing session, we learn about the process of what it can be to make a choice to the dark side and the dangers that come with finding our way back to the light once we are in the dark. What does the path of redemption look like for a fallen angel? What does doubting ourselves do to us? Who is Leviathan? We gain knowledge of some of the other negative alien collectives that have been influencing humankind, and of the never-ending Galactic War that is in play. 


“Many awakening souls feel like there must be some blueprints, step by step instructions on how they are supposed to change the world. With all souls, myself included, yourself, and we must understand it, we change the world within and that changes the world without.” 
“He will be a living lesson for us. To see if we truly embrace the Creator’s Love for all things and if we truly believe in mercy and forgiveness.”
-Archangel Metatron

A: [Aurora] Is it day or night?

D: [Dante] It’s both. Dusk or dawn.

A: Look at yourself. Do you have a body? 

D: I am made of light. A humanoid shape. 

A: Is there a color to the light?

D: Obelisk, pearl looking.

A: Beautiful, and do you feel female or male?

D: I have no gender. I feel love. I have wings of some sort. I think I am an Angel.

A: You are an Angel?

D: I don’t know. I am a being of light. I suppose I could be classified as Angelic.  

A: You said you're near a volcano of some sort?

D: It is a hot spring. There's a volcano somewhere nearby. There is ash in the air.

A: Is your shape a humanoid shape?

D: Yes, but large, very large.

A: Would you say as large as a house, like a tree?

D: A tree.

A: Good. Are you carrying anything with you?

D: There is a rod in my right hand.

A: This rod, can you describe it to me, please?

D: It is two feet long, or close to. About two inches in diameter as well. It is made of some sort of high vibrational material. I cannot tell if this is Metallica crystal. I believe this is the source of my light.

A: Your wings, are they large? 

D: Yes, but I can spread them very far. They resemble feathered wings, but I see no feathers.

A: Is there a color to them?

D: They are more of a golden hue, like honey with glitter mixed into it.

A: When you expand them out, how big do they expand?

D: Nearly the length of my body...nearly 100 feet.

A: Beautiful. Now, why is it that you are here in this land?

D: I chose to call. I answered the call. This plane is ascending and is in the thrones of chaos and awakening. Many souls are preyed upon in this plane and are defenseless. I'm here to be a sword and a shield for them and to protect the data that was meant to form this plane before the corruption set in.

A: We thank you for your service, brother. 

D: It is my honor. 

A: This place that you are at, this specific location, is there a significance to why you are standing in the spot?

D: Yes, this place is a representation of Creation, of a place meaningful to the one he calls Lisa. He uses his abilities of visualization to create a reality that he can access. I do not believe these realities are accessible and perhaps not even permanent other than what's in him.

A: Am I speaking to his Higher Self right now?

Higher Self: I am an aspect of the masterful.

A: Greetings, I welcome you. Thank you. I honor you, I love you, and I respect you.

Higher Self: Likewise, sister.

A: Thank you, brother for bringing him to me today. May we be able to discover all that needs to be discovered and that his soul is ready for. It is an honor, and your essence is beautiful.

Higher Self: I thank you for your kind words. 

A: Thank you. Now is there anything else you want to show us? You said that this is a manifestation of a reality he has created. Is there anything else you would like to show us that is relevant at this moment for his highest good? 

Higher Self: The ability to visualize is his strength in this time, where he has the ability to leave reality. He has done so since birth without knowing why or how. He will tell you that he was considered unkillable. That is not true. But the perception of this timeline is such that he is protected and is able to see further ahead than the reality in which he lives.

A: Is that how he was able to, even though he was in a sense - in trouble, he was able to avoid the trouble?

Higher Self: Yes. The joke was, that bullets would dance around him... (When he was a drug lord on the streets.)  The reality was that they never entered his space to begin with. 

A: Can you tell me some more of that rod that you're holding in your hand? What is that for? 

Higher Self: It is the talisman, similar to what he wears upon his neck now. I do not understand or know everything about the Master Soul or the aspects there, but I do know every aspect of this soul will have some form of a talisman that is the physical representation of the reality of their divinity. When I manifest this into my hand, I could feel the energy of Source coursing through every atom in my being. When I put it back away in a safe place, I am still a very high vibrational soul, but I can feel the difference, a diminishing of the vibration.

A: That is the pendant that he wears around his neck?

Higher Self: Yes, he calls it the Dragon's Heart.

A: Why does he call it that?

Higher Self: It is the essence representation of the heart of the aspect he resonates most with. He is a warrior here and a guardian. I know his life has been hard. I have been there in silence because I know that it was necessary, but it was very hard to watch. He will put himself last without complaining because he believes he has taken too much from this place. He does not understand that we agreed to this and choose to serve. The woman he speaks of, that was looking when he purchased the Dragon’s Heart, was there to purchase it first. She was a Gray. They are targeting him in this reality and others as well. We are mobilizing forces against them. They are strong. We are light. They will fall.

A: This old lady that he saw in a car outside the crystal shop that you are speaking of when he was trying to purchase the pendant; this lady was really upset. How was it that he viewed her as an old lady if it was a Gray?

Higher Self: At that time the veil was thick. Deep within, he knew something was wrong with her, he felt physically ill. She was sent by her own Higher Self or another higher aspect to prevent the acquisition of the ‘Dragon’s Heart’ from this soul. Thus, diminishing the ability of it to manifest and create, to attack and defend.

A: So, was she a Gray in a human vessel or does she have an illusion?

Higher Self: Yes, the human vessel. She was an awakened soul, evil heart by choice, and the body of a human woman. 

A: Would you be able to please connect me to the consciousness within this Dragon's Heart as well as that rod’s consciousness? Would I be able to speak to them, please?

Higher Self: I don’t know. I don't see why not. They sense within you a great power. I will try to facilitate this.

A: Very good. Thank you. If I could please speak to the consciousness within the crystal he wears around his neck that he calls ‘Dragon’s Heart’ as well as the rod in connection?

Crystal: Why do you seek me?

A: Greetings. Thank you for being here.

Crystal: Why do you seek me?

A: I am looking for answers for Dante as you are connected to him through a pendant that he wears, a crystal that he wears around his neck. Seeing if you have a message for him?

Crystal: The ‘Dragon’s Heart’ must never leave his neck. They are coming. They're here now, waiting. It will push them back on its own. I've chosen an existence of service to all dragon kinds. I did not see the extent of his journey, but I know it is critical that he survive it to the end.

A: Thank you. I welcome you, I honor you, I love you, and I respect you. 

Crystal: Likewise.

A: May I ask you a few questions, please?

Crystal: Yes.

A: Wonderful. Are you a collective of energy or are you an individual? 

Crystal: I am a ray of a collective.

A: This ray of collective is in connection to what? Is there a specific race or soul family that you are in connection to?

Crystal: Water, elementals, dragon kind, fae. We also work with the Angelics. This plane is close. We estimate pressing the wave of Ascension within 2.5 Earth cycles from now, give or take three months, the chaos will ensue. It will be catastrophic but short-lived. The group that we are part of is tasked with guiding and guarding the most critical structures of this plane and the most valuable souls that will progress the Ascension process and pave the way for the rest of mankind to go forward. 

A: Do you mean 2.5 Earth cycles as in two and a half years?

Crystal: Yes, two and a half years. The length of time we estimate for the chaos to subside completely is unknown at this time. But at that point, the Ascension will be completed.


This timeframe he has given us is quite interesting, as it is matching the chaos that is occurring in the now that 5G began, and then turned into the supposed dangerous pandemic of Covid-19. Making everyone muzzle themselves and keeping them at home away from connecting to others. It seems as if he is trying to explain to us how this chaotic tyranny will be the catalyst and the biggest beginning phase for the Earth’s Ascension. 


A: Now, is this in his reality?

Crystal: Yes. But it's a ripple effect.

A: Would you say that you are a dragon yourself as a collective?

Crystal: Yes. I am a Sun Dragon.

A: Yes, I sensed you the minute that he came in the door through the pendant so thank you, it is an honor once more... How is it that you work with him as a Sun Dragon on Earth?

Crystal: We spread light. We also spread the sword. There are souls here who have escaped justice for far too long. They have established themselves here and are a large part of the decay upon this plane. Those who will not turn to light and voluntarily go off-planet will be released. The group that I am a part of specializes in this aspect of war. It will be with love in our hearts and tears in our eyes as we will send souls to the Creator. During ‘sleeping time’ is what he calls it. He is very active, his vessel sleeps very little but when he does sleep, he gets very much done. A lot of what he is up to right now revolves around what he calls Sloth. It is a very powerful collective of evil, many groups are engaging it now. Many of those groups are engaging it solely because of his efforts. He despises it. He has encountered this many times in many timelines. Some he has triumphed but others he has failed. 

A: This collective as a Sloth or are there other collectives as well?

Crystal: Yes, many.

A: Why is it specifically that he is connected to this collective? Why does he have to go on...?

Crystal: At one point in time our souls were aligned, we were on the same side. Not long ago, he chose corruption, he was separated from Source and now harvesting the energy of prana through creating followers and disciples. Harvesting energy, controlling factions from other ET’s that are weaker. In essence, he is a puppet master and all roads lead to it. It is afraid of him, but he is afraid of it as well. We are here. I am specifically representing my collective to augment his strength, to give him courage and resolve, to assist in the rapid healing of his wounds, and to know the sensation of pain. He was designed in this timeline to be a tank, to move one direction forward, not to the sides, and never in reverse. This is why I am here. His vessel must survive long enough for his soul to do the work. 

A: This timeline that he is on where the Earth will ascend in two and a half years for him. Now when this happens, what happens to this collective? 

Crystal: We withdraw, and we will go where we are needed. This plane, the struggle they are in is a micro-cosmo. This war is being waged in many places, many times past and in the future on many layers. We do not yet know when things will finally subside. It is without question, swinging in the fashion of good light, the pendulum swing has shifted. We have gained the ground, we gained momentum. Many negative energies have chosen to subside to us, they've given themselves the light. We would do all we can for as long as we can and in any place that we are needed and requested. Once the Ascension is complete here, most of us will leave. Some will stay behind to anchor our energy to Gaia. Before we leave, we will construct a grid around this plane to amplify the Light entering it for the Universe.

A: Yes, thank you! When this Ascension happens for him, and the collective of you is done with the job here, what will happen to that Sloth collective?

Crystal: They will continue to exist in some form, we will chase them as other groups chase them. At some point, it is our hope and our intention that this group, this collective of darkness will see that it can be even more powerful and have more ability than it does now with love in its heart. It believes that the only way to true power is away from Source. It has lost some degree of its mind; we do not know if it can be healed. This collective is so strong, and their reach is so deep in this plane which would be a huge win to all mankind to at least get this collective out of the solar system or in the best-case scenario turn them to the light. They are ancient and the likelihood of them turning to the light is very slim, but we still put the intent out. 

A: There's a lot of misinformation. As you know he came to me and is very familiar in the short amount of time that he's awakened with different Light Workers that are perhaps giving the false information out there now. There are some Light Workers that have it within their mind-frame that once this experiment is over and we ascend on to the New Earth that duality will basically vanish from existence. 

Crystal: That is correct to some degree. ‘Vanish from existence’ is a broad term. Yes, it will take its place, its proper place amongst the hierarchy of Universal law. Ascension will not stop at 5D, the cycle will begin anew. Millennia will pass, if the right souls and the right number of souls make the right choices, the opportunity for further Ascension will present itself when the time is proper. If as a collective, if mankind fails and reverses back to its old ways choosing to control and subjugate instead of free and love they will lower the vibration again. It truly is free will.

A: Yes. Once this plane here that we are, this planet that we are in the Third or Fourth Dimension and we shift up to the next Dimension which would be the Fifth, will duality still exist? Will the negative polarities exist outside of here in different realms?

Crystal: Yes.

A:  Will it still continue to exist everywhere else or even around us?

Crystal: What we term as evil is a choice to turn away from the light and seek to control, subjugate, enslave another for your own personal gain with no benefit to them in any way, shape, or form. Souls that choose to be good, can choose to be evil. Souls that choose to be evil, can choose to be good, there will always be some element of the duality of existence on lower planes in every plane. It isn't until you get past the Eighth Dimension where the term evil and the concept of evil ceases to exist in large part because it is looked at as more of a spectrum of the same thing: it is less good, to more good versus/instead of evil or good. One of the problems this plane is going to struggle with greatly, there is a large number of humans here who are older in their physical bodies, more set in their ways. We have found that the older the soul is, the more set in their ways, the harder it is for them to awaken. Some consciously fight it even though on a cellular level they know that they cannot fight it, but they still try, it makes it hard for the job that we have to do. One thing that will always happen until a few generations have passed after the Ascension is complete, is the reminiscing. When the souls of this plane all awaken to at least enough of a degree to know that they are creators in their own right, they will not realize that their thought-forms are creating a negative reality to those around them and within their sphere of influence. They will be unintentionally spreading darkness. In a way, there'll be a representation of the dualistic nature of things, at the same time. It is also their soul’s journey to learn and experience with them personally experiencing through the unintentional release of evil. The web is so perfectly formed and yet so unbelievably complicated. All things that may have happened millions of years ago, brought you to a point where you are at this very moment. If things had not happened exactly how they did it every moment up to this moment, this soul would not be where it is now, yours would not be where it is now, nothing would be where it is now. We have free will, but at the same time on a soul level, the whole point is Ascension, evolution, soul journey, enlightenment, the next level. Sending love energy, vibration, frequency, healing, compassion. The positive things in existence, we want to amplify and highlight and try to heal the negative things if we can. And then if we can learn to live and love them. 

A: Thank you. So wonderful! A really beautiful explanation. Is that why he really has a sense that he's here to protect and fight because of the connection of you with him?

Crystal: Yes, my presence instills a sense of purpose in him that matches the alignment of the timeline’s purpose.

A: So, to confirm what you said, once this experiment is done and we ascend there will still be collectives? And does anyone truly know exactly how it's going to go down?

Crystal: That is true. There may be some groups that know more or some aspects, some souls that are heightened enough in light to the point where they would know. The future is fluid. Time is such a false construct. The way I would describe it in 3D terms is, the choices and things that you do right now create the reality you will reach in a few moments, so you literally are creating the future. So, it doesn't exist, all it is, is the NOW. The future is the NOW of then, the past is the NOW of then and all that is, is NOW. That being said, there are souls - we are an ancient soul, dragons are very ancient - there are souls, dragon souls that were here from the beginning. The first wave of Creation from the Master Creator. Those souls, we believe, may know things that many if not all, do not. But at the same time, with the future being fluid that type of knowledge may be detrimental because if they would put their thought form into a reality that's forming, they may inadvertently skew the reality’s purpose and intent, and end up in a bad place.  

A: Yes, very good. Thank you!

Crystal: You are welcome.

A: All your answers align exactly with what I've been taught, so thank you. Now you as the dragon that you are, at what point did your creation come forth?

Crystal: My creation… 5.913 million, no, three more zeros, billion. 5.913 billion Earth cycles. 

A: What was that like when you came into Creation?

Crystal: I was brought from the sun, the Creator breathed life into the tree, the tree gave life to all. I came from the sun. I have no, what you would call parents, other than the Creator. I was formed from the essence of the sun with the intent to be a light to those finding themselves in the dark. I do not remember exactly what happened in my creation. But I do not have any memory of what you would call a childhood. I was always in the form that I am in now.

A: Would you be able to describe that form for me, please?

Crystal: I am small by dragon standards. Using Earth dimensions, I would say 20 feet long, maybe slightly longer. I am golden. I am about the height of a horse. A large horse. His memories are showing a commercial for beer, those horses with the hair on their legs, large. I have a long slender neck. My energy is feminine, but I have no gender. I nurture more than I create war, which is why I align with feminine energy. My eyes would be red in your color spectrum. My scales are clear but my skin beneath them is golden, that of honey. My underbelly is light, almost white or a bone color. I have four legs. They resemble dogs, canines. Yes, dogs. The hind legs resemble dog legs in their shape. The front legs look more like human arms. My wings are behind my shoulder blades. When I spread them out, they are roughly the length of my body, from tail to snout. I have the ability to lower or raise my density depending on what I need to do and why. Sometimes it is nice to take on a physical form just to feel the air on your face as you fly. I do not have your typical dragon’s breath offensive capabilities and I do not know why. My offensive capabilities are of a psionic nature. Even though I am an elemental, I do not really understand that. But it is how I was made. I would not say that I am a weapon. But I am capable of being used as such. My job is to nurture and protect. If doing so requires violence, then so be it. But I will choose peace and love every time that I can. This is what I have tried to put into him since he came into possession of the talisman. He doesn't have to be the monster he believes himself to be. There was a purpose for that answer. And that purpose has been served, the master can rest, you can go. He is okay to be what he wants to be now, what he was meant to be. He doesn't have to be evil - he never was - no matter what he believes!

A: Thank you. You mentioned when you came forth billions of years ago, was there darkness around you? Was there already then? 

Crystal: Not where I was, I was taught about it. I was taught that the lower Dimensions still have evil and what it was and what it represented and how it manifests itself. It always struck me as intriguing that these humans, as the master of this planet, are the only life form upon it that self-destruct. I have looked. There is no other life on this planet that self-destructs. If there has been evidence of outside influence, then they never want that alone, is all the evidence that is needed. They weren't meant to be this way; this planet was hijacked. And we learned about it later than we should have. I do not speak for any other collective but my own. But in our collective, there is regret. We certainly believe in allowing souls to experience their evolution on their own. There was a time when things may have been different here. But the Council that ruled the collective that I am a part of decided that a hands-off approach would be best, as did other groups that have been watching and monitoring and assisting this planet since this deception. There was a great division amongst the council members, dearly the split in the middle. In the end, the decision was made to maintain the course that we have of non-engagement. It is thought now after seeing firsthand what has happened here, we heard. By the time we realized how bad it had gotten and we deployed our forces here, it was too late. Whether we believe evil exists or not, on this plane it does. Sadly, we have lost some souls here. There are powerful, evil souls here, you know this well.

A: Yes.

Crystal: Had we came here earlier, we may have been able to develop some defenses here or augment some souls here to prevent the hijacking, but we did not. It wasn't long ago that another collective of dragons, one that we are affiliated with but not necessarily a part of, they allowed information to travel this plane, they saw what we saw. That we made a mistake. All things happen for a reason. We know this, I know this, you know this. So, this mistake that I speak of, is undoubtedly divine and will one day show itself off as a blessing as it was meant to be. For now is the time for us to reflect and ask ourselves as a collective, are we as wise as we think we are, are we as enlightened? Do we love as hard as we think we do? We turned our back on a fledgling planet that we could have helped. Many of us do not believe that embodies what we want to embody. And many of us came here, to attempt to right that wrong.

A: Yes... You said your collective of dragons are of the water?

Crystal: Yes.

A: However, you are the sun though.

Crystal: I am a Sun Dragon, yes.

A: So, do you have a mixture of different elements? 

Crystal: No, I am a pure Sun Dragon. I do not know why I am a part of this collective or why this collective created me the way it did. I have been to many places and done much of the same work. Are you familiar with bilocation? 

A: Yes.

Crystal: Good. The higher dimensional the soul can get, the more aspects you can create of yourself. Not separate aspects, but multiple aspects of the SAME aspect. Most can only do two, a few can do three, very few can do more than three. I can do three. So right now, I am here in this talisman, this is my essence. But I have two aspects in other places in other talismans doing the same kind of work.

A: Wonderful, and are they on Earth? 

Crystal: No. 

A: They are elsewhere?

Crystal: Yes.

A: Thank you. Do you have anything else you want to share with him?

Crystal: He needs to stop doubting himself. He is not crazy. I am real. He is a dragon. He is an Angel, and he is many, many, many other things. When we doubt, we do their job for them. An enemy becomes docile when they forget. You are their enemy. This is what they will try to do to him. They will try to get him to doubt the reality that he creates, they will try to get him to accept the reality that is around him. His construct, his program is a simulation. He must maintain his resolve and not doubt. Even when it's all he can feel he must fight. He is a tank, he goes forward. But if he has the wrong idea in his mind, in his heart, he will take that forward too. He must be very careful with who he surrounds himself with, he is not an empath, but he can take in their feelings. But he is not able to transmute it if he surrounds himself with too much negativity. Despite all of those measures, the crystals, the shielding, and the sage and the cleansing of the aura, it will corrupt him. He will lower his vibration; his abilities will diminish, and it will make him vulnerable. Just do not doubt. This is real. I am real. 

A: Yes. Would you be a good being to speak to in regard to the Silver Legion since you were talking of this collective?

Crystal: One moment… I am not allowed to speak of this with you. I am sorry. But there is another that can and will, who is not a part of any collective. He is a rogue. 

A: Any other message brother or sister before you go? It was such an honor to speak to you today. As you know, I am a dragon myself as the Phoenix. 

Crystal: Yes, you are. The only message that I would have is for all to love the unlovable, forgive the unforgivable, serve the un-servable. All else will take care of itself. 

A: Wonderful. I honor you, I love you, I thank you, and I respect you. Blessings. 

Crystal: Likewise sister, namaste. 

A: Namaste... May I please speak to the being that's going to tell us about, the rogue, in regard to this group?

Moncara: Why do you seek to know of them? They are dangerous and they will seek you out.

A: Greetings, who am I speaking to?

Moncara: I am Moncara.

A: Welcome. Are you female or male?

Moncara: I am male.

A: What is your Galactic form?

Moncara: I am him. I am the dark blue dragon that he is able to manifest in the realms of the astral.

A: Beautiful. Yes, I saw you when he started talking about you. It is an honor to be speaking with you today.

Moncara: Likewise, sister.

A: Thank you. Are you Divine Masculine? 

Moncara: Yes. 

A: Thank you, brother. Now, I know that he's looking for answers, why don’t you share whatever you feel that is okay to share at this moment. And before you actually share that, why is it that you were called a rogue from that collective. What does that mean?

Moncara: My methods and ideologies are not embraced by some of my kind. I am a water dragon. But at one point in time, corruption entered my soul, it altered me. I have been somewhat ostracized by my kind. I understand why, I do not hold it against them. It is not out of hatred or anger that they do this. My vibration is not as high as theirs. They would diminish it. His soulmate Lisa, she is an exceptional healer, she is helping the soul, the master soul. I don't know how she is able to do it. It is some form of green plasma liquid stuff. I don't know what it is. I've never seen it. But it's eating the corruption off of my soul, off of our soul. 

A: Oh, beautiful! 

Moncara: There is this group, the Silver Legions group, it’s dangerous. He is here to stop them.

I am here to help. I am what comes forth when he is attacked. They are evil. They are powerful, he is correct. The information that he gave you earlier about them. He got it from me and other sources. He is very diligent. This body is hard to speak through. Lisa, he calls her a mad scientist. She is an analyzer, a seeker. She finds things, she sees things. They wanted her away from him because they knew that she would sense something was off. They cloak those f*cking Grays. They lend their technological expertise to them. This is why you cannot sense them; I suppose. To be truthful, I cannot either. It is irritating... (sigh) … The thing is, they exist on this plane and will continue to do so. There are souls he will not be able to save that they will consume, devour, and cast aside as husks. He cannot let the desire to save every soul stop him from saving the masses. I fear that he will get wrapped up working on one or two and let hundreds or thousands or more pass by. That is the danger I see with him. His life in this reality was very chaotic. He carries many scars with it, and without. He was designed for this task. He is Lisa’s champion. He will protect her, and she will heal him.

A: Beautiful. Now I know that you said you were corrupted. How was it that you became corrupted? Would you share that story with us, please?

Moncara: Another aspect of our soul made terrible choices. I separated from that aspect, but that aspect still remains. What you would know as Leviathan, I am him. We are not evil. We were, we chose the wrong way. We didn’t have enough (tears flowing down) … I was the king of the Cherubim Realm of Light. It wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I joined them, Samuel and the others. We chose to go to incarnate upon the Earth. It was a foolish idea to think we could win. We tried. We were cast down. My memories are thankfully, in pieces. I remembered we launched the attack. It was a surprise attack. We thought we would gain the upper hand. The Creator was ready. We were defeated. She, her Higher Self, is the Herald. Many have not heard of her. She commands the armies of Light. Two of the Archangels, I don't remember who, I believe one was Raphael. I felt the healing go into my body from my right arm. I was dragged to the edge of the Void; I could hear her crying. She is screaming! (heavy sobs) ...

A: Make him comfortable. Allow him to see but not feel too much intensity... What's going on?

Moncara: (heavy sobs) ... She is screaming, “Why! Why was I not enough?” She, they hold me down. It is Raphael. I can feel him trying to dull the pain. I feel a foot on my back. Her tears burn me as they land on my shoulder. They have removed all my Divine Armor, I am naked... (heavy sobs) ... She tore off my wings! … (cries)... Throw me to the side, it is hot, I am on fire! Something is changing me. It hurts! (cries)...

A: Higher Self, make sure he feels comfortable…

Moncara: I change into what I am now. Water. I hit the water. It cools my body. I sink. It is so dark. It is cold. Freezing cold. The gold on my scales is all that remains from my Divine Armor. A reminder of my rebellion. I came out of the water, I hated him, it, her, whatever it is. The humans - its favorite pet, I hate it even more... I lorded over them. I gave power to the most evil ones that I could find. They sacrificed their children to me; I saw the power within them grow. I made them strong so they would go out and destroy the humans. At some point, my behavior was not tolerated anymore. I was placed in exile but not where the others were. I went to a different place. There is still something of about over 30 of them in Antarctica, in the ice. Some died there, some escaped. The place that I was, it was only accessible by the Creator. It's outside the edge of known space where Creation has not reached yet. It is a place where Light has not found. It is cold and barren. I don’t know how long I wandered there. It may have been eons, I don’t know. I wanted death. I begged Archangel Metatron to erase me from the Akashic Records. He would not. I was too much of a coward to end myself and the Creator hated me too much to do it for me - or so I thought. And then at some time, they were there, the Creator and the Herald with a chance at redemption. “Be her champion on this plane. Protect her lower self at all costs. Balance your karma and you may once again see heaven, or at least the lower realms of heaven.” I did not want to be out there alone any longer. I took the deal. I have been incarnated on this Earth seven times, this body Dante, is the seventh incarnation. Three were murdered before they could awaken. Two - just a failed exercise. One is close. He is ready. Or I hope he is ready. He is ready.

A: Wonderful. May I ask you questions about your story?

Moncara: Of course!

A: Thank you. It brings me great honor for you to share your story with me. As you know, I honor all, whether what decisions you have made or not. Were you an Angel?

Moncara: I was a certain type of Angel, a watcher.

A: A watcher Angel? 

Moncara: If you think of ‘Angels’ classification, my classification would have been Cherubim. My title was king of the Cherub Realm. We were ‘Watchers’. Watchers were high-level Angels that were set up to develop and protect the realms. 

A: Yes, and then when you decided to, would you say, rebel? Is that the best way to explain to go up against Source?

Moncara: Yes, the temptation was always there. I do not know if my resolve weakened or if temptation strengthened and at some point, I chose to get into it.

A: What was the biggest temptation for you to give in to it?

Moncara: To feel, to physically feel what they felt. They are ants to us, but they could have nothing and be happy, they can have horrible conditions and find laughter. I sought that bliss.

I saw that they had it. How could they have it and be such insignificant primitive creatures? What made them better than me?... I sought what I already had because what they had was the Creator’s Love within them.  

A: Did you not have this within you?

Moncara: I did, I did, but I thought that they had something different or better. I don’t know.

A: Are we talking about humans?

Moncara: Yes, the humans. This reality here is so full of bull sh*t, the Earth is not thousands of years old, billions of years old. This is not the first incarnation of Earth; this is the fourth. Earth has been destroyed three times before now. All of its lifetimes, it is such a ridiculous joke here.

A: I agree... Now, the woman that ripped the wings out, did I understand this correctly that you say that that was Lisa’s Higher Self (his Twin Flame)?

Moncara: Yes.

A: So, are you coming back to a union?

Moncara: Yes, we are. 

A: Wonderful. I really love that Source and that we were able to give you an opportunity once more to make amends like you said, to your karma, and to be able to accomplish your mission this time around. I can tell you I will be your greatest fan and I know that you can do it!

Moncara: He doesn't know it. But it was I who saw the dragon in you when he found your web page. He has to understand that there will come people in his life that he will have to allow to fall to darkness in order for them to find their light. I fear that he has been exposed to so much darkness, karmic darkness, as well as his own timeline that he will get trapped trying to force light upon another. We are here to kill Sloth. I do not know if we can. The last incarnation here we were able to kill it but not it's Higher Self. So it reincarnated here, again. It wants her to hurt him because without her many will not join the right side. 

A: Lisa’s Higher Self, does she have a name? 

Moncara: The only name I have ever known her as is the ‘Herald’. She was created by the Creator. She carries a caduceus. It is a symbol, but it was much more than that, it is a weapon of unimaginable power. It is a tool for creation, for manifestation. The light of which has never been seen. The symbols are on this plane. Hospitals have it, two wings and serpents intertwined. That symbol is of service to Mercury, Isis, Iris. They are all tied to it, Bridget. Many aspects of many Gods and Goddesses pay homage to the caduceus. The reason they do is that the caduceus belongs to the Herald’s hand and she is here for a very specific purpose. This is why Sloth and its collective try to kill her and this vessel as well. 

A: What can we do? Can we set up some sacred alchemy to help them? I know he mentioned for example they have shields that they put up and sometimes they could get through them and attack them psychically. Let's make those stronger.

Moncara: My conduit to the Angelic realms is slightly off-center these days. Yours is not. We struggled greatly with psionic and A.I. based attacks. 

A: What you are ready for in your time and space and what he's ready for currently; I can perhaps call on more of the Angelic realm. I know that you said when you had fallen, you had asked Metatron to erase you. What is your connection to Metatron and why is it that you were asking him out of all the Angels to erase you?

Moncara: Shame.

A: You said that you are a separate consciousness. A walk-in?

Moncara: Yeah. 

A: You, as Leviathan? 

Moncara: Yes. 

A: When was it that you walked-in into his vessel?

Moncara: After he woke. I’ve been there. I thought it was a mistake. I knew that for me to have any connection to a human soul, there had to have been a mistake. That I would not be allowed to, given what I have done. But there was a connection anyways. So, I watched him grow as a child. I thought many times his life mirrored my own. It is funny looking back, synchronicities happen to all of us. When everything fell apart in this life, it was one of the final seals to awaken this consciousness. When that happened, he began searching for answers and I found that I could influence him, I could send him information. Usually, I would have to take a memory out of his mind and give it back to him in a different form. Or I would take multiple memories and send them to him and different arrangements. So, he would hopefully understand the thought behind it. And it actually worked, he heard me. The more he awakened, the more I was able to communicate with him. And it wasn't long after that, that I realized that I was residing in this physical vessel. It is an unusual situation. Initially, when he first woke up, I didn't mean to, but I took over his vessel and it was unintentional. I realized it not long after that I should have given up control again, but I didn't. I wanted to see what this world was about. And he reads so much. There's so much information inside his mind. It is like a library inside there. That's how we met Lisa. He wasn't in control; I was in control of the vessel. I was just looking for any negative energies to attack. I thought that's why I was here. I thought that if I got all of the Fallen released or brought to the Light that I can come back and leave this place. So that’s what I did. He was seeking answers of an all-evil nature, I was seeking answers for Archon. We came across some, I released one, one joined us. The others, I don't know, things change so rapidly. I don't know any more exactly what my soul's purpose is. I know that's why he's here; I know I have a purpose and I know other aspects have purposes too. I don't know how many aspects are going to try to or be able to use this vessel to further their soul journeys or not. The Veil, like the walls of the Veil around this Earth, is very thin. I don't know what all he is able to touch. I don't know if it's the life he has lived or the drugs he's done, or what has been done to him. He has far more access than it’s safe. 

A: Going back to when you awakened, was that the time period where he lost consciousness for a month? 


Dante was in prison and does not remember any of what happened during this event where he was able to lift a man with one hand as his feet dangled in the air. As several prison guards tried to stop him with taser guns that had no effect on him. They would try to move him, but he was as stiff and heavy as stone. Finally, what stopped it all was Dante losing consciousness, and suddenly fainting to the ground. The way that he found out the details, later on, was due to him knowing one of the guards from childhood. Once conscious and more in his body, the guard explained to him what had happened.


Moncara: No. That was me though.

A: That's what I'm saying, was that you during that month?

Moncara: That would be me then, but I don't know how or why, I don't, that time is really weird. I was in exile, but I was somewhere else, and I didn't know that I was there until I awoke in his mind, his memories verify that that was me. I don't remember being there. I don't know what happened. I know during that time period I was struggling greatly in exile and seeking death. What I meant was, I have been since childhood. But when he awakened, fully awakened after he lost everything, that is when I found that I could communicate with him. It is troubling that I can take his vessel from him. He is strong but I am much stronger. I have only taken over his vessel forcefully one time, but it was to save his life. That thing he talks about attacked him while he was on the phone with Lisa. He has no memory of it. It came suddenly, I had no choice but if I hadn't taken over his vessel, he would have gone mad. I took the vessel over and I instructed Lisa what to do, how to do it, and she did.

A: What thing is that? Is that the A.I. thing you are talking about?

Moncara: Yes, Sloth. They have many modalities to attack. When I say Sloth, I can mean him or any of his army, any of the minions or other factions of grays. They've been established on this plane for very long.

A: Now going back to Metatron. Is there a connection that you have to Metatron?

Moncara: Yes. Metatron has always been one that I have loved and respected and one of the few that I regret failing. He holds knowledge. Knowledge is power. I would seek Metatron if I wanted to be forgotten by all. He would not even answer me. I know that he would not though. He would feel, in my opinion, that the lesson needed to be learned no matter how painful. And he would be right. 


The Body Scan begins.

A: Would you allow for him to talk through you today so that we are able to see what we can do specifically to help you remain in this vessel in the light and not get clouded as you are worried there? As well as perhaps setting up some type of extra shielding against these A.I. attacks since their role is to basically go up against this collective of the Sloth that is in connection with the Silver Legion. Would you allow Metatron to try to speak through you today?

Moncara: I will be honored and blessed.

A: Wonderful. I will talk to you in a little bit, brother... May I please now speak to Metatron?

AA Metatron: You have your hands full with this one, sister.

A: (chuckles)... Thank you for being here. My beautiful brother, I love you.

AA Metatron: Likewise!

A: Looking for answers, yes, definitely my hands are full. So, what can we do for him? I love him dearly as our brother and I know that he can mend what he is meant to. I would love to help with extra shielding. What can we do so that he can go forth on this path that he's meant to go in regard to the Sloth collective and the Silver Legion?

AA Metatron: Your dear heart is huge. We should help him in any way we can. As far as information goes, I would recommend not divulging any more than you feel necessary. And the group that he's a part of, he's actually a part of two groups. They are very good at gathering information, one of them is very well connected to Michael. Any information that will be pertinent to their mission they can get at other places. They are absolutely vulnerable to A.I. tech-based attacks. His weakness is psionic, his strength is physical. Her weakness is psionic, but her strength is also psionic. Any shielding we can give them will be a great benefit if for no other reason than to stop the attacks.

A: Yes.

AA Metatron: Silver Legion, this group, they are on the galactic radar as you know. It is a delicate balance as you know. I know he will be watching this video later. Yes, he is here to influence the trajectory that they are on but that is not his primary objective. He is here to guard and protect data, information, keys, coding, activation codes, DNA codes, terraform codes. The Dracos are here as well. During his sleep time, he and his team are a strike force. They have been working hard but taking much damage. Raphael has been healing them through Lisa. She is an Angel and then has no idea about the connection, so she has the ability that she possesses. Can they stop Silver Legion? Suppose if you, depends on how you define stopping. They are a soul trap. They are purposed at this moment in time to harvest energy prana from high-level souls and to keep those high-level souls from joining the fight. They keep them stuck in illusionary magic. Which is why they make sure there's no way to verify. His suspicions are right, they are actually attacking Light Workers which is why their abilities diminish because of the karmic imbalance. My advice to him would be to engage them to a point to understand that they are an afterthought. They are a forethought to other groups just as capable, just as willing, and just as ready to engage. His focus however should focus to some degree on Sloth. Sloth, the hive mind that it is, is a very high-level soul, God-level if we speak the truth. He knows this so I have no fear of saying this. I need to search his memory banks, give me one moment.

A: Yes.

AA Metatron: They are brothers. That is the connection. At some point, they were embodied physically in a different time, in a different plane, as blood brothers. Ah, it makes more sense. They both believe unequivocally that the other is wrong and lost and needs to come home. Dante knows that home is not that direction. He will not go that way but his constant looking back will pull him that way. He must stay focused on the light and the love. All else is secondary. Many awakening souls feel like there must be some blueprints, step by step instructions on how they are supposed to change the world. With all souls, myself included, yourself, and we must understand it, we change the world within and that changes the world without. This one is going to suffer much. He is ready. And we will help him. It's funny, he thinks he protects Lisa, but it is she who protects him. He will see that one day. He is a good soul, Aurora. 

A: Yes!

AA Metatron: There will be many of our kind that do not feel that way. He will be a living lesson for us. To see if we truly embrace the Creator’s Love for all things and if we truly believe in mercy and forgiveness.

A: Yes.

AA Metatron: Aurora?

A: Yes?

AA Metatron: These enemies that he has, they are able to seek out energy signatures. Third-party. You are very strong, you know this. 

A: Yes. 

AA Metatron: I say this to you really as a warning of what you already know. They will come, be prepared. They will not succeed. You are far beyond their reach. 

A: Do you mean they will come after me energetically after they figure it out that I did a healing on him and Lisa?

AA Metatron: Yes. 

A: Yes, well it's not something that I am not used to! (chuckles)

AA Metatron: Touche! (chuckles)

A: But I know that I have you and I have our beautiful Michael.

AA Metatron: You do sister!

A: Thank you all to all our brothers and sisters. I know that I am loved, and I am always protected by you all and especially as I, Aurora. Thank you. Do you have any advice for me that I need to know when I feel this energetically?

AA Metatron: They will attack unprovoked. This will give you free rein to defend yourself to the extent that you feel necessary. Do not hold back, they are arrogant because they are used to steamrolling over lesser souls. It may be good for them to feel the sting of a truly enlightened soul.  

A: Thank you.

AA Metatron: Absolutely! One other thing with Lisa.

A: Yes?

AA Metatron: One moment... Alright, he already knows, the Sloth raped her energetically. It has traumatized her to a very deep level that he has been trying to heal but he is no healer. Her ability to trust has been severely diminished and that is impacting her ability to launch the campaign that she needs to spearhead. She will resist you because she feels that you may be an enemy in disguise because that's all she sees everywhere she looks. You know not to take it personally.

A: Always.

AA Metatron: But you do not have to be gentle with her.

A: Metatron, what message do you have for Lisa? I am going to try to get this video to them by tonight and perhaps they may listen to it so that it can prepare her for tomorrow, and she can allow for the healing that needs to occur tomorrow.

AA Metatron: Lisa, this is no mistake that you are here. This is no mistake that I am speaking to you. We have watched you from birth in this timeline and every other timeline when your soul was active. What happened to you happened, because it had to happen. You must let go of the pain and embrace the lesson this has brought to you. If Sloth had not violated you, you would not have found Dante. In a way, we owe this union to a soul or in this case a group of souls that seeks our enslavement. That is the very definition of love, to look at the face of someone or something that hates you and say, “Thank you for what you have done to me. I love you despite your hatred of me.” and move forward in that direction. Lisa, you will not have the same experience that Dante has, with your Higher Self. He is a very unique case. Not one that I think is one you’d want to be repeated many, many, many times across the world. But you do have a connection. I see it, I feel it, I hear her. Whether or not you hear it in your ear does not mean that she's not speaking to you. Listen with your heart and trust that first response before your ego pollutes the purity of your Higher Self’s love. Lisa, you are powerful beyond imagination. You are the only one that can impede your progress in anything you do. I know you want things to happen now or yesterday. That is very cute, but you know that is not how this works. You are where you are meant to be, as I am, as is your beloved, as is every soul in existence. The choices we make move us around, but in the end, we flow the direction we need to. So, stop fighting it and embrace it. And know that you are loved beyond measure and always have been. That is all.

A: Thank you, brother! Now with your permission, can we help Leviathan heal? Within his own free will, his permission, are we allowed to heal his light and his heart so that he can follow and listen to the light for the rest of his time as much as possible without overstepping his free will? 

AA Metatron: He wants that. Just be careful please, sister. 

A: Good. Can I call forth on our brother Michael and the Legion of Light as we heal him?

AA Metatron: Of course.

A: I will call on all our brothers and sisters, our collective. With that, as we heal him Metatron, is there a way that with the sacred alchemy, that we can strengthen his shields as well as provide some further for Lisa hopefully tomorrow? Well, let’s work on him now. Can I strengthen his shield so that...?

AA Metatron: He’s very drawn to triangles and pyramids. Very stable structures.

A: How about that pyramid that he talked about that was golden and had that tip, the blue crystal tip at the top?

AA Metatron: Yes. He's seen one of our ships.

A: Can we create something like that for him now?

AA Metatron: That’s a perfect idea. 

A: Good, since he liked this form. Can we use this form for him?

AA Metatron: Yes.

A: Wonderful. I am going to start, let me know how he's doing along the way, okay?

AA Metatron: Alright.

A: Thank you my beautiful brothers and sisters. We would love to, as I stated, help heal Leviathan’s heart. I love him dearly. I believe in him! 

AA Metatron: Your flame is entering. I can feel it is entering my heart and in his heart. 

A: Beautiful.

AA Metatron: There's something wrong with his root and throat. He is missing energy. 

A: Metatron, can I speak to Archangel Michael so that we can scan his body?

AA Metatron: You are connected.

A: Hello, brother.

AA Michael: Hello sister. 

A: I love you. Thank you for being here.

AA Michael: It is a pleasure to be here with you. 

A: Can we please scan his body? We are starting to heal his heart, but Metatron said he has something wrong with his core and his throat. Scan his body and let me know if you find anything that needs healing. Anything negative that's holding him back.

AA Michael: He has had energy removed from his throat, something taken to silence him, to make his words incoherent to ears that need to hear it and hearts that need to listen. His core, his solar chakra is still damaged. Its damage is from the fall he released. Lisa did an amazing job healing, but it is not 100 percent. His root, he's missing energy in his root. This has been taken to weaken him. He does a good job keeping his aura cleansed, his shielding is decent. There is something nearby for him. Within the 500 feet of where this vessel lies, to the south, he's being watched. They both are. They are clever, they are neutral. They don’t stand out as negative and they are cloaked.  

A: Do you mean 500 feet from where I am standing here now?

AA Michael: Yes, physically. 

A: Hmm. So, what is it that we can do about these little spies? Can I throw flames out that way?

AA Michael: Yes. One is aware of your presence. The other… they are gone.

A: Good.

AA Michael: I sense no attachments.

A: Before we heal his heart, let's work on the throat. I know that you said that he was silenced there. Can we make that strong once more?

AA Michael: Yes. 

A: Thank you. I am going to simply just focus Love-Light and let me know if you need me to do anything else.

AA Michael: I can feel it repairing, the vessel is experiencing heat in the neck. Set your intention to make it whole. It is well. 

A: Wonderful. In his solar plexus, what's going on there?

AA Michael: Before he was aware of how to handle things, he went against a disembodied fallen being thinking that he could consume the spirit. He tried. It attempted to escape through the solar chakra before he was able to spit it out. The solar plexus was nearly cleaved into. It has been healing… slowly.

A: Can we repair that now, please?

AA Michael: Yes.

A: Doing it now with golden light...

AA Michael: It is healed.

A: Beautiful. Now, what's going on with his core?

AA Michael: Some energy was taken from that root chakra.

A: When?

AA Michael: Recent, really recently, within the last month.

A: Okay, how did that happen?

AA Michael: The attack that almost killed him. That attack is what's in the throat and the root.

A: I am going to focus the flame there to heal it and give it rebirth and make it strong once more with the intention of making his core chakras at its highest strength that it is able to be right now...

AA Michael: It is well.

A: Wonderful. Now let's look at his heart since he is allowing for us to heal him as the soul aspect of Leviathan. May we please heal his soul?

Leviathan: You may.

A: Thank you.

Leviathan: There is warmth of the entire body. 

A: I love you, my brother.

Leviathan: I love you, sister.

A: I was speaking to Leviathan.

Leviathan: Yes.

A: Healing your heart, your soul, you are forgiven brother. Forgive yourself for all you did! You are forgiven! Let go! We love you. 

Leviathan: My heart feels like it is swollen.

A: (chuckles) Thank you Leviathan

Leviathan: Thank you, Aurora. 

A: Can I please speak to Michael and Metatron once more so we can see what we can set up for you, for your shielding?

Leviathan: Of course, sister. 

A: Thank you. I'll talk back to you in a minute. Who should I speak to in regard to helping his shield? Michael or Metatron?

AA Michael: Metatron.

A: Okay, Metatron. And thank you Michael for scanning and checking the body... Metatron, can you ask them if he’s good to go now on his body scan?

AA Metatron: Everything good.

A: Wonderful, I send you my love Michael. Blessings, I love you brother, talk to you soon. 

AA Michael: Bye-bye sister.

A: Let me speak to Metatron now. 

AA Metatron: I am here sister. 

A: Can you tell me what happened to those that were trying to peek in?

AA Metatron: You burned them, not badly but enough to hurt. 

A: Wonderful. Were they able to try to even spy?

AA Metatron: They did not understand why they could not get any closer or see any further. Their sight ended where your energetic borders began.  

A: Wonderful. Thank you! Alright. With his Higher Self’s permission as Leviathan, let's see what we could do about enhancing his shield. May we gift him a shield?

AA Metatron: Absolutely. 

A: Wonderful. Can we go ahead and gift him the shield that's going to come forth from his heart, the strongest chakra that he has, the light within his heart. And, as we are integrating the shield into all that is of his, all his I AM presence, can you talk to him about what it looks like? How he can activate it, and what he can do with it? 

AA Metatron: Dante, we are going to construct a grid and use the symbol that you are very familiar with, the triangle pyramid symbol. I want you to envision it as electric blue light and I want that pyramid, triangle, however you see it, to surround the shell that you already have going on your own shielding. Look at it as an outer layer in the space in between the triangle walls, in which your shell walls are going to be filled with the violet rays of Saint Germain. We are going to ask the Creator to bless in every way and to strengthen in every possible way this grid with a specific intention to prevent and stop any forms of attack specifically geared towards A.I. tech attacks based with the inkling of Gray influence involved. And when you want to envision this, simply do normal shield exercises and once you are done, ask for Metatron to come to you and establish the grid.

A: Thank you, let him know which way he should spin this pyramid.

AA Metatron: If you need to spin it, spin it clockwise.  

A: Wonderful. When he spins it clockwise, what is it going to do? Why clockwise?

AA Metatron: It is going to make a symbol; it's going to appear to be a six-pointed star. He will be in the center of the grid. The point, three points, will make a barrier that will kick back, transmute, break apart any negativity directed at him. 

A: Is it that we're spinning clockwise? Normally I would be spinning counterclockwise to reflect. Is the reason why you wanted clockwise is because of who he is?

AA Metatron: Yes.

A: Yes. That's what I was feeling. Beautiful, because this would be better for him. 

AA Metatron: Yes.

A: Good. Let me know when we are done fully gifting this to him.

AA Metatron: Yes, he'll know. His consciousness is still alert enough. I am showing him what the blue looks like. It will be unmistakable.Simple and very effective. 

A: Yes, and explain to him, once these A.I. technologies try to go through and penetrate through the shield. What's going to happen to it if he activates it daily?

AA Metatron: If you imagine your own shield being a reflection where things bounce off of. Then you imagine certain things are strong enough or composed of different things that are able to pass through that. This shield is a different type of netting. What this is going to do is as anything like that, any kind of attack or probing whatever the case may be if it’s not for your greatest good as it comes to your sphere, it will hit that shield. It will be bounced back, and it will either be shattered and slowly turned into love or sent out to the Universe to aid in our endeavors, or it will be sent back as true love to the sender to look to their heart and let them see that there is a better way. Protection is key.  Even if you are being debilitated, if you're being distracted you will be less effective, the shield will keep your effectiveness level high so that you may continue with your mission. 

A: Beautiful. Thank you. Brings me great joy to be able to do this for him. Metatron, would you advise for him to share this with anyone else to watch?

AA Metatron: Yes, if you were so inclined to. I believe what you do, what we do, this kind of work is not for everyone. I believe that it takes a soul to reach a certain point to be truly open and benefit from this side of service. So, I think that being selective is wise at the same time when he is guided to share, he must.

A: Very good. How's the shield looking? 

AA Metatron: Very strong.

A: Beautiful. Should I pull back now?

AA Metatron: Yes, it's definitely adequate. 

A: Good.

AA Metatron: I would be amazed if anything gets through that. One thing I would like to make sure that he knows is that he can reset the shield anytime he wants by simply thinking about it.

A: I think it'd be beautiful for you to give a message to our brother Leviathan. I know that he said that he felt like he really let you down and you are special to him. What message do you have for him in this incarnation he has, in this vessel, in his mission on the task right now? 

AA Metatron: Leviathan, my brother, I love you. I always have and always will. We all have free choice. I have made many choices that I am not proud of. But every mistake that I have ever made has been an opportunity for me to learn and grow. Some of the best lessons in my life

have been born of the most painful and traumatic times. This is the way of things. This is how the Creator’s love and beauty are shown as something so terrible, so horrible ends up being able to be used for the greater good. This is one such case. You did not single-handedly cause the problems upon this plane. Why do you decide unilaterally that you take all the responsibility? You are a sovereign soul Leviathan, you are responsible for YOUR part, own that. Disregard the rest. I know you well brother, you are very intense. That intensity must be tempered in this plane. You know full well how fragile they are here. Your words cut like a sword. Your eyes hit like bullets. Love, brother, love. You don't have to have your guard up to the world. I promise you though no matter what you feel or believe, none of us ever stopped loving you. You're doing well, brother. I know this is difficult. I can only imagine, but I also know that the right soul was chosen for this task. I am here always whether you hear me speak back or not. Don't hesitate to call upon me brother. I will gladly come to you... That is all, Aurora.

A: Yes. Very good. Thank you, Metatron. 

AA Metatron: You are welcome, Aurora.

A: Thank you for all your aid today and for all the collective of Angels that aided today. I honor you, I love you, and I respect you. Can I please speak to Leviathan once more, his Higher Self?

Leviathan: Hi Aurora.

A: Hello! How do you feel now brother? 

Leviathan: Strange. (chuckles) I feel it's very good. Thank you. I am not accustomed to these feelings.

A: Yes, I understood that that's what you meant when you said ‘strange’. Very good. Now, how's he doing so far?

Leviathan: He's good. I am pretty impressed with the way things have been going here today.

A: Wonderful. I am going to ask a couple more questions and we should be done okay?

Leviathan: Of course.

A: Did Sloth plan this whole thing? 


The client had mentioned during the interview process that his Twin Flame and he were administrators in a spiritual group on a social media platform. However, they noticed that something was off. He is now talking about the people who lead the spiritual group.


Leviathan: A big part of it, yes. That was the shock and awe… That's how they get people, they come in. Human nature, everybody wants to be wanted. So, the fact that a complete stranger on a spiritual esoteric social media platform reaches out to you and tells you things about yourself that you have told literally no living soul, they almost immediately have your full attention. That gives them almost free rein to do whatever in your life and have you lap it up like a dog. And then once you join and then they have their people enhance you or train you or take a look at you. It's over because you're infected. And it's hard. It's so hard to get people away. We fought so hard for one, for one! We spent a lot of time and a lot of energy. I think at this point, the best medicine for that cancer is awareness. There are things moving fast right now in our little corner of the world. As I said earlier, the groups that are a part of the soul nexus each have their own agendas and each push their own things, their own ways. Sloth and his group, this is a recent development. We've recently discovered that there is a group of Luciferians that are actively at war with it and there's also a group of occultists. I don't know what the group is, but I know that they are occultists, I know that they're E.T. souls because one of the civilizations that Sloth conquered and enslaved and consumed was under the protection of another God. So this group, so now Sloth’s group is being attacked by three groups: by us, by the occultists and by the Luciferians. 

A: Do you work with the Draco as Leviathan?

Leviathan: No, they give us a bad name. They are the reason why people think dragons are evil.

A: Yes, I know.  

Leviathan: I know that there are good Dracos but I have not had the pleasure of meeting any.

A: There are some, I have met a few. Now he's been in there for some time, so we are going to go ahead and finish this. Is there a message that you have for him before he comes back?

Leviathan: Not so much for him but I do have lessons for Lisa. Lisa, I want you to know that I have never been evil. I have always loved the light. That I have always loved you, that I have always loved the Creator. I know that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Look within. Let everything, research everything. Leave what does not fit with you, take what does. If something feels true in your heart, it is true. If it doesn't, it is not. That's all you have to remember. And Lisa, he's a very hard-headed soul. You need to temper him and be fierce. He's a big boy. He can take it... That's all, Aurora. 

A: Wonderful. Thank you, it has been such an honor today!

Leviathan: Likewise, sister.

A: Blessings brother! I honor you, I love you, I respect you, and I thank you!

Leviathan: Likewise, sister!






This was such an amazing session, of much knowledge and wisdom for us to reflect on what it means to aid the Universe in its Ascension process! Mentioned through this session which took place in August 2018, of the Ascension timeline occurring in “2.0 or 2.5 Earth cycles, give or take six months.” What an interesting topic that can get our mind and heart thinking. All “Events” are intertwined to one another; therefore, HIS personal Ascension timeline is also connected to ours. Remembering that because of the infinity of possibilities of simultaneous collective “Events” that then too split and multiply into individual “Events”. In HIS collective “Event” world Ascension, the process has already begun, coinciding around the timeframe of the Covid-19 virus infringement in Spring 2020 in our timeline? This falls into direct timing of the “2.0 or 2.5 Earth cycles, give or take six months” mentioned above of his timeline. Is this what the benevolent beings mean when they explain there are both individual and collective Ascensions occurring organically and multidimensionally? Are we seeing ripples and effects here in our timeline because of his “Event”? Could this be the reason why a small portion of the amount of people who actually did pass away from Covid-19, (which are far fewer than the media reports as these numbers are heavily inflated to perpetuate fear in the public), is it truly because of Dante’s collective Ascension influencing our timeline? 


Was it a collective agreement that this small group of souls would pass away for the purpose of creating the most profound awakening within Earth? By the number of souls that passed from this dark control Covid-19 A.I. virus, did their sacrifice create a higher density collectively for our Earth’s timeline? Which then allowed for all the awakening awareness that came forth from it, because the Earth became light enough in density for it? Bringing forth the organic ‘True Revelation’ we are seeing now, as Yeshua had mentioned long ago. Where WE, the Light Workers of Love-Light and those awakening in this very moment through the influence of Covid-19, see right through the falseness of influential leaders like Gates, Epstein, Soros, Fauci and others? Are we able to see through because in a vibrational reading, they are just no longer a match to Mother Earth’s vibration, and the organic collective decisions for the fruition of this positive timeline? It seems so.


In Dante’s timeline, which is HIS personal timeline, has a physical Ascension already started, and are we in THIS collective timeline seeing some of these implications because of it? Is this why also many animal companions have passed in the last year, to assist Mother Earth in becoming lighter, working from the other side? 


This session is truly inspirational! To know that a soul can be lost this deep, and yet still be able to find themselves out from it. Even the ones that are lost to the deepest darkest realms, can still redeem themselves if they so choose it, so long as the light still remains within them no matter if it is at its dimmest. The reason being, Source has never forgotten its children, no matter how deep and lost they are within the false darkness guided by the controlled influence of the negative polarized beings. Source knows and feels all its fractalizations spread throughout all of Creation. After all, Source is all of us and we are Source. Therefore, we are never forgotten no matter how much we believe we have, as Dante’s example when he felt lost within the vastness of the darkened waters where he laid for what seemed like an eternity in sorrow and pain. Source infinitely loves and honors all pieces of itself unconditionally and infinitely with no boundaries, for this is why we chose to fractalize from the beginning of Creation. So that we could express ourselves with no judgement, no matter in what unique infinite form we took on.  


This shows a side that has not been explained before from the very inside of what if an Angel or any other race chooses to go rogue? What will come from that? Thank you to Dante for sharing his experience from both sides of the polarities intimately through this session. It teaches us that all are supported and loved. No matter from the point of spectrum we are viewing. When you meet a soul that has been through the immensity of trauma as he went through as a child. You might wonder what it is that they might have done in another life that brought this upon them now? In his case, what is it that he did when he became “A Fallen Angel” that acquired karmic balance in the now human life?


We are reminded of what we know beyond the veil, that we have forgotten here on Earth. That the Multiverse has negatively polarized collectives farther than we are aware of, and the ways it carries through the Multiverse impacts our illusions and distortions here on Earth on this reality, as well as the power that they have held. 


Falling from the light realms into the despairing depth of darkness and then rising up again into the light despite all odds. What will follow when one comes from such deep darkness, in his case ‘Sloth’? The extremities that they will go through to stop Dante from reaching an olden age. Because they know that only a being of his power could be tainted so deeply by falseness, and yet still choose to remove it all. To once more stand and fight for the light. We send him our love knowing that in this life he will accomplish his mission, as we are his biggest believers. He is “The Leviathan,” his name says it all. The infinite strength of the light that cannot be deterred when we are remembering the ways of regaining our sovereignty back. 


My infinite love to Dante for following his heart to mine in knowing what was next for his soul’s expansion, by releasing and delayering the pain within him. His example teaches us the decision of forgiveness that all have within for one another no matter the depth of despair. 


Lastly, we are reminded of the benevolent Magical Dragons that spoke through Dante as his guides, with him and of him. The vastness of wisdom and the nobility that they carry makes our hearts flutter, and when it flutters, we allow the infinite love that is felt through the expression of the Dragon! We remember how they are our unconditional lovable companions no matter the realm we chose to enter. They are there beside us providing the support and strength that we might forget we have within us. They remind us of the invincibility that we are. I was once told by the Divine Mother that if the Earth would remember the Dragon, then this world would have Ascended long ago. That is how much of an activation a soul gains when it recognizes and remembers the Dragon within them. The time for the RISE OF THE DRAGONS IS HERE! 


“When we awaken the Dragon that lies dormant within, is when we transform into our brightest, discovering that we are unstoppable within our “I AM Light”!
When we come into union with our Dragon, the dark can no longer mask itself within the frequency of fear! The Dragon within you knows NOT Fear!
For it is the darkness that FEARS the Dragon!”

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  • Faustina

    Beautiful words of wisdom I thank you and love you encouraging you to continue the work you where bless to do to help humanity ❤️💕🥰

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