A Fallen Angel

Session #73: Recorded 2018

A = Aurora (practitioner)

Crystal = Dante's Crystal (client)

This is an excerpt from a never before shared AURA Hypnosis Healing session of a 'fallen angel' trying to gain his wings back by volunteering to incarnate on Earth.

Within his crystal we find the spirit of his dragon guardian who is speaking. The wisdom addressed on 'DOUBT' is tremendous for us. Often we are our worst enemy by doubting ourselves. This transmission shows us why we shouldn't doubt and what we are doing to ourselves. Teaching empowerment and sovereignty everyday.

A: Thank you. Do you have anything else you want to share with him?

Crystal: He needs to stop doubting himself. He is not crazy. I am real. He is a dragon. He is an angel, and he is many, many, many other things. When we doubt, we do their job for them. An enemy becomes docile when they forget. You are their enemy. This is what they will try to do to him. They will try to get him to doubt the reality that he creates, they will try to get him to accept the reality that is around him. His construct, his program is a simulation. He must maintain his resolve and not doubt. Even when it's all he can feel he must fight. He is a tank, he goes forward. But if he has the wrong idea in his mind, in his heart, he will take that forward too. He must be very careful with who he surrounds himself with, he is not an empath, but he can take in their feelings. But he is not able to transmute it, if he surrounds himself with too much negativity. Despite all of those measures, the crystals, the shielding, and the sage and the cleansing of the aura, it will corrupt him. He will lower his vibration, his abilities will diminish and it will make him vulnerable. Just do not doubt. This is real. I am real.


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  • bomygbjjpl

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Faustina

    Beautiful words of wisdom I thank you and love you encouraging you to continue the work you where bless to do to help humanity ❤️💕🥰

  • Faustina

    Beautiful words of wisdom I thank you and love you encouraging you to continue the work you where bless to do to help humanity ❤️💕🥰

  • Julie Garza

    Wow once again I can’t express how much Aurora you help humanity I thank you your guides and your higher self and all who helped with in this video how much it means to those who are searching for answers this means so much To me gratitude’s and I’m sending love to all thank you

  • Christine

    This message resonated with me very much, I hope it has the same effects on others. I Love, Honor, Respect and Thank You Aurora

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