Archangel Raziel


Archangel Raziel: His name means “The sacredness of God/Source”. Color - golden/red/indigo, fire/sun Element, symbol - "sacred scrolls". He is the Guardian of "The Law of Cause & Effect, Third Eye Chakra" located at the pyramid of Giza, Egypt. For more on this key, click here. 

Call on him when looking to remember the memories and dreams of your soul of the past and the future selves of you. His role is the gatekeeper of divine mysteries and supreme knowledge of the soul, as in Akashic Records, Alchemy, keep of all "Hall of Records".

Raziel helps bring knowledge to all beings, and guides prophets soul's destiny through each lifetime. Raziel's energy is felt when your soul or Higher Self guides your daily living. Also, if you have recurring dreams or thoughts, images, or ideas that you cannot decipher, ask Raziel for divine help. Master of deciphering puzzles. Oversees the Blue Avian race.


For more on his role as a Guardian, click the video below.

Aurora Channels Live Archangel Raziel, "Keeper of Scrolls"! Come discover who he is and who he has been in Earths past. Surprise Guests The Blue Avian's speak! What Law of The Universe is he and key. Keeper of sacred scrolls, record keeper of ‘hall of records. The sacred pyramids, the ley lines, Thoth’s emerald tablets, Eye of Horus - a gateway to the cosmos. What are Crop circles and how to aid all. Chromosomes - Divine feminine union with masculine. DNA Reconstruction for crystalline body needed for ascension, how twin flames coming together helps the collective.



Illustration of Archangel Raziel created by Dana Grozdanova at

"Dana Grozdanova is a clear channel of the wisdom from Spirit. She creates intuitive art to connect people to  their highest self and to help them feel their own pure essence. Each painting is infused with healing and with the powerful energy of their own divine self."


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