Tier 11: Retreat Live AURA & RAAH Certifications $370.37


To purchase this Tier click here for Patreon. This Tier also includes the Tier 1: Exclusive Videos, Live Q & A with Aurora & Guided Meditations. 

This Tier is for the Retreat Live AURA Hypnosis & RAAH Reiki Healing Certifications. A total price of $1,111, broken down to 3 monthly payments of $370.37. Once you have paid your 3 months, please email Aurora at risingphoenixaura@gmail.com including: your full name, months you paid. Be aware that there can be a wait to book for a Retreat if they have sold out, and you would have to wait for the next most convenient for you to attend. No refunds available. Once payments are paid off Aurora will then provide you with at code to type in a check-out on her website to book through this link by adding the Retreat to your cart. This is the only way to book for the Retreat.

To view current available Retreats click here.

It is not required for you to have an AURA Hypnosis session done prior to attending the Retreat, as you will receive a group AURA session, and another student will be conducting an AURA Hypnosis session on you during the Retreat.

Excited we are to announce our Live Package Certifications for AURA Hypnosis Healing & RAAH Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing! Come join Aurora as she hosts the most beautiful transformational Spiritual Development Retreat that your heart shall attend. Not only shall you refresh your trinity complex, you shall learn how to give these gifts to Mother Earth and its Collective Life. A life changing retreat full of renewal and rebirth within the natures that await to embrace you and the sacred loving Alchemy teachings that will heal you and others profoundly!

Are you a healer who is looking to attain or has received an AURA or RAAH session and know hands on the beauty of these Quantum Alchemy healings? This is your opportunity to give back to the Earth and life within it, what has been given to you and is continued to be given.
Special never before shared presentation/diagram by Aurora on what the non organic and organic Matrix actually is and looks like and how you are working within these infinite 13th dimensional frequencies through these Quantum Alchemy Teachings.

Get to know Aurora at a deeper level understanding why AURA & RAAH Certifications are intently divinely transcending for the clients whom receive them. Most importantly come meet your spiritual tribe in which you shall make the most beautiful connections and life support group through the relationships of your colleagues.

Video Testimonial From The Attendees of The Retreat
, Playlist to AURA Hypnosis Healings, Playlist to Testimonials on AURA Hypnosis Healing

Event consists of:

  • Trademarked AURA Hypnosis Healing Certification $777.77 Value
  • Trademarked RAAH Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing Certification$355.55 Value
  • Group AURA Regression session hosted by Aurora for all attendees to remove energy blockages, entities & implants
  • Hands on AURA session practice on peer client
  • Complimentary morning Yoga preparing the body and connecting it to the mind/spirit
  • Sign up now in preparation of 55 hours of homework to be completed before the retreat date
  • 4 days & 3 nights stay
  • 3 vegan meals provided on full days, with the exception of last day only breakfast will be provided (Light breakfast organic bagels, fruits, hot and cold gourmet cereals)
  • After the Retreat you will receive 1 one on one mentoring class by Aurora over zoom on AURA & RAAH sessions you’ve facilitated/completed

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