Archangel Four


Archangel Four: He is known as the "golden heart" of the Universe, color - red & blue, elements - lightning & fire, symbol - the sword Excalibur & a bow & arrow on fire. He is leader of the Legion of Light, as he is and they are together the twin Angelic brothers, Archangel Michael & Archangel Prince of Light. 

He is the embodiment of the Divine Father out from Source. His first incarnation was the Centaur named 4, on the first land of creation. He is the 4 black and white winged Seraphim Angel 4. When he fractalized from the first star named Zen, he was created into the Angelic twin brothers we often hear of through ancient literature, as the twin brothers of The Mayan culture, Pop Wuj, Epic of Creation, tale of the Hero twins. He is the twin flame of the Seraphim Archangel The Phoenix of the Multiverse, the first child and daughter of Divine Mother Sophia and Divine Father Krysto. 

Call on him when looking to break cycles that are inorganic to your predestined organic timeline. He will aid you with the inner strength needed to once and for all, overcome what has not been able to prior, that has held you dense. As the golden heart, he is an infinite shield that protects the Multiverse. He can assist you to remove entities, or attachments within you, and remove deep rooted black magic, as he can reach all life, time, and space needed to do so. He is the blue ether that makes up our Verse, The Blue Lotus Flower of the Multiverse.


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This is episode 1 on "The Story of Creation", a live channeled message of brothers Archangel Michael and Archangel The Prince of Light. Here is a teaser of what their channeled message was of: In the beginning of Creation Source created a land which was incomplete, missing an essence. It was an experiment to expand life further. They placed the essence of evolution, knowledge, wisdom, creation within an energy sphere at the center of this land. For growth only happens when a challenge is brought forth. Source also created 4 special beings that yielded fire with bow and arrows, who needed speed, therefore they held 4 legs. The great Centaurs who were the protectors of this sphere. The first 2 were feminine and the last 2 were masculine. The 4th completed them...





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