Archangel Haniel



Archangel Haniel: Her name means “Joy of God/Source”. Color - Turquoise/Blue, all elements. She is the Guardian of “The Law of Grace” located in the Inner Earth/United Kingdom. For more on this key, click here. 

Call upon her when you are looking to bring forth joy, harmony, happiness, strength, drive, and confidence. She is associated with the planet Venus, Christ Consciousness, and the moon; is one of the portal keepers to the ascension into 5D. She also brings forth long lost wisdom found inside the Inner Earth. 

Is the overseer of all magical creatures like, unicorns, dragons, Griffins, gargoyles, and gatekeeper of the “land of beautiful creatures". Helps in completing tasks that seem difficult, overcoming hurdles placed in front of you. Helping you see the gifts of life that may seem invisible. Knows not one obstacle that cannot be overcome. Finding inspiration to life once more, and self love. Gentle but fierce.


For more on her role as a Guardian, click the video below. 

Aurora Channels the completion of the 13 keys Archangels. Archangel Haniels key and location, connection to the Inner Earth. This is episode 10 on "The Story of Creation". Folklore connections, fractals of the animal realm, meditating with your dragon/cat, clarifications on many creatures -what is made dark binded by magic. How to obtain renewal using AA Haniels color. Guided meditation! 



Illustration of Archangel Haniel created by Dana Grozdanova at

"Dana Grozdanova is a clear channel of the wisdom from Spirit. She creates intuitive art to connect people to their highest self and to help them feel their own pure essence. Each painting is infused with healing and with the powerful energy of their own divine self."


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