"Galactic Soul History of the Universe" Book 1

Chapter 8 
Session #129: Recorded in March 2019.


This online A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session was pivotal for the growth of A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing Technique as it was the first time, we discovered that we could help heal and remove 1,000’s of entities at a time. Archangel Ariel/Area has been a strong communicator to us through A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing sessions, by bringing forth clear knowledge for the collective through different clients whose Higher Self is Ariel/Area.


In this past life journey, TeRa finds herself in the time of Nefertiti in Egypt. What happened in this time of Reign of Light? Experience one of the most inspirational healings in the collective of humanity as four Guardians with their sound instruments heal and remove 1,000's of entities from Earth and its people. Who is the RA Collective and what is their connection to Source? The RA Collective/Guardians/Galactics speak to Light Workers, their role, awareness, how soul replacements occur in people on Earth. 


In this inspiring session we learn more about timelines, energy update, solar waves, and the Schumann Resonance. What is the process of how Reptilians enter people's consciousness and bodies? Guidance to aid us in maintaining our own Fifth-Dimensional organic timelines. Why what we eat matters very much. Come witness a powerful A.U.R.A. session of a resilient mother being able to assist the healing of her beloved daughters, by connecting to their Higher Selves in this session! 


“It is our heart. There is strength in the heart, there is power. 
And I have been able to create my heart into a powerful shield if you will, a protector of Love. I expand the Universe with Love.” 
-Archangel Michael 
“That sacred beautiful spinning vortex in that heart. It sends a message out more than our words can, deeper than what we realize.” 
-The RA Collective


A: [Aurora] You see palm trees blowing in the wind. Have you landed on the ground yet?

T: [TeRa] Yes.

A: Take a look at yourself, do you feel like you have a body?

T: Yes.

A: Are you wearing anything on your feet?

T: Sandals.

A: How many toes do you have?

T: Ten.

A: Look at your hands, how many fingers do you have?

T: I changed. 

A: What did you change into?

T: My feet are talons.

A: How about your hands?

T: I don't see them.

A: Do you feel that you have arms?

T: They are heavy and long. 

A: Extend them out and look at them. How do they look?

T: They are wings! 

A: Describe your wings to me.

T: Round with speckles, white speckles. They're long. 

A: Are you wearing any clothing?

T: No.

A: Are you wearing any jewelry pieces?

T: On my forehead. It's a golden crown.

A: Describe it to me. Do you see any symbols, any shapes, any gems on it?

T: It has a snake coming out, it is golden. Simple yet powerful.

A: Are there any crystals on this crown?

T: There is a jewel, kind of like a diamond in the middle of the snake, its forehead. 

A: Is there anything else? Any other crystals on this crown?

T: No.

A: We are able to speak to the consciousness of this crown as well as the crystal there within the snake. Will you allow for this consciousness to speak through you?

T: Yes.

A: If we could speak with the consciousness within the crown and the crystal now, please? 

Crystal Crown Consciousness: Yes?

A: Greetings. Thank you for greeting us. May I ask you questions, please?

Crystal Crown Consciousness: We are here.

A: Wonderful, thank you. If I could continue speaking to the energy in the crown, what is your connection towards TeRa and do you have a message for her?

Crystal Crown Consciousness: I am the energy she feels inside. I am... she knows. I would like for her to understand why.

A: Why what?

Crystal Crown Consciousness: Why this part of me is inside her. It is partly why she has become what she has become. She connects to it. She remembers. And I am here, she feels it. Sometimes she denies me. I understand and I love her. She is awakening, and every time she signs her name, she says who I am, and she knows it. 

A: Who are you?

RA: I am RA.

A: Welcome, I love you dearly, and thank you for being here. 

RA: And I love you. Thank you. 

A: RA, if you could just ensure that we don't get disconnected again, put on those force fields again, please thank you. Tell us, why are you connected to her as RA?

RA: She was awakening, and I was part of that. And she fell. She's afraid to come back.

A: She's afraid to come back to where?

RA: Awakening, to remembering. Oh, it was so long ago that she fell, doesn't she know?! She's changed, she's different, she's got new beginnings. She remembered her when she first got in here. And I changed her into me at that moment to remember, to reconnect. 

A: Yes, so are you part of what you showed, of the bird?

RA: Yes.

A: Now is this a bird that is a humanoid type of shape, or an animal?

RA: It is both.

A: Tell us, why is it that you chose this form to show her?

RA: It is powerful, it reminds her that she is free. She has journeyed as a bird. It is how she flies. It's part of who she is, where she came from. She forgets.

A: Thank you, we are honored that today perhaps she shall remember some of who she is. 

RA: I had to show her, so she would trust, and she trusts more now. 

A: Beautiful. You as RA, would we also call you like the RA Collective?

RA: Yes. 

A: How about, would you also be called, ‘The Galactic Confederation’? Are you the same?

RA: The same yet different. Different. I have different journeys to take. 

A: Are you in charge of overseeing the cluster, our Universe?

RA: Yes, I see a great many things.

A: Would you also be called Guardians?

RA: Yes, our wings protect many. We are more than one. 

A: Yes. Do you all have wings?

RA: No, most do, not all, we are all different.

A: Is that a multitude of races?

RA: Yes.

A: What is your connection to the Seraphim, the Elohim Angels? 

RA: The Elohim, call my heart. The Seraphim, call my mind. 

A: Do you mean that they are part of you?

RA: More of, I am a part of them.

A: Oh, beautiful!

RA: I'm gathering parts that have fallen. 

A: Can you tell us more about those parts?

RA: TeRa is one of them. She's more of a guide than she realizes. Many parts are in training that I gave myself to, gave my energy to, gave my knowledge to. And they scattered and fell. And that is okay, they needed to. They are gathering together again. 

A: When you say they fell, do you mean like, is this a choice?

RA: They didn't complete their mission, their initiation, their journey. They chose otherwise, they went dark. Not dark evil but dark, they got lost. 

A: Yes, and TeRa is one of those that are achieving the light once more?

RA: Yes. We're so grateful when she finally felt it and opened up.

A: Can you tell her a little more about how it was that she lost herself, and are you talking about just this life or in past times in history of her existence?

RA: It was when she was in Egypt.

A: What happened then, can you share that story with her, please?

RA: She's seeing it now, she's walking, it was when she was pregnant, and they took the baby from her. And the baby was powerful. (crying)

A: Who was she?

RA: She denies it, she denies it. She's a queen.

A: She was a queen?

RA: Yes. She was so small, so small yet powerful.

A: Powerful how?

RA: She was awakening, she was bringing into life the next energy. This next energy was changing the world and others did not want to see that happen. They cut it right out of her. She's closed her heart to love and yet it's so big it opens anyways. She didn't make it much longer after that. 

A: After they took her baby?

RA: Only a couple of years, but in torment and anguish. She would not feel again.

A: If I may ask since she was the queen, you could say she would be somewhat in charge in a sense or a leader. Why is it that they were able to take her baby from her?

RA: She wasn't a powerful queen. She was a child. She was part of the...she was a child. She was a child bride

A: She was a child herself?

RA: It was the advisors to the child king and queen that took away everything. 

A: Was the baby a boy or a girl?

RA: It was a boy.

A: So, after they took her baby away, what did she end up doing in the kingdom?

RA: She was under their control. They killed her husband. She reached out begging for others to help her in other kingdoms, they were all silent. When they destroyed her and locked her in a cave she just, that's where we took her to come back. It's time to come back.

A: What did they do with the little boy?

RA: He wasn't developed, they just took him out and he died. She was only seven months along. 

A: What was the purpose of that, did they use the baby for something?

RA: Just to stop the power that was happening, to be in control for the next, (sigh) the next times, frames of time, they have been in control. They are losing that control; we are coming back. They stopped a lot of power from coming into the world that would have stopped their power and control. She wasn't the only one. I lost so many. 

A: Were they controlled would you say, by the negative forces?

RA: Yes, very negative forces, the ones that desire the power for their own good instead of for everybody. They were trained in the power and knew how to use it, and their hearts turned black. And it was their desire to snuff out the light. And did so beautifully. 

A: When Egypt was in reign, is this what happened often or the majority of the time? When the light would come in to try to perhaps awaken or bring forth light in that existence, would they like you said, snuff out, remove the light?

RA: Yes. Everywhere we've had our power stages, our pyramid power, our power, they've destroyed them. They destroyed so many lights. Not forever, just for a very long time. 

A: Yes. Would you say that this was off and on during the whole time period of Egypt or was it the mid part of Egypt time or…?

RA: It was more of the mid and the last. It took them a long time to gain that power. But when they did, everything switched and changed. We gained power back for a little while. This was when we gained the power back before TeRa was born at this moment as a queen and she was part of the journey to keep it. Everyone was killed off, destroyed. They put in place who they needed to be in place. 

A: Yes. It sounds a little similar to how the system is now, how they place people in charge, who they want in charge.

RA: Yes, we have other ways around that now. It will be better. 

A: What are some of the ways we have around that? Can you share that?

RA: We have gone secret and silent. Awakening people quietly, like through you. Quietly opening them up, awakening them, placing them around the grid. Their beautiful lights opening those grids. And before they know it, they'll be in power again without the fear. We've had to learn so much, all of these little lights that are opening. They have been followed by the same power over and over again. 

A: Yes, the same power you mean trying to oppress them?

RA: Yes. Yes, it's not their fault. And they are learning, they are seeing them for who they are and loving from it. 

A: Going back to Egypt once more; thank you for that information. Of the king and queen, the people that were running it, were they of this planet, or are they of another?

RA: They were of another planet, they're beautiful. They did not look the same as others, but they showed it and they allowed it. 

A: The king and queen you're talking about?

RA: The king and queen.

A: The ones that got murdered you mean?

RA: Yes, they changed Egypt.

A: They changed Egypt, hmm. And did they have names?

RA: My queen Nefertiti yes, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun.

A: Is that a language?

RA: Yes.

A: What language is that?

RA: It's an ancient part of Sanskrit.

A: When did she start awakening?

RA: She thought she was sick. She was being tested. And instead of giving in to the illness, she went inside. She started waking up years ago, then she fell asleep again. She woke up again just last year. I awoke her in July. She changed her whole life, she followed. I awoke her again last October. And I continue to do so slowly. She is no longer sick. She does need help opening her frequency to hearing. 

A: Yes, can you start doing that for her now?

RA: Yes, it's up through her arms. 

A: Good. If we could go back to Egypt. The beings that removed her as king and queen. Did they replace them with humans or what did they replace them with?

RA: They parade as humans, they are not. They are...they were not pure. They were not pure. They destroyed so much of the wisdom. They sacrifice. And they hold no love, they are still in power today. Slowly losing power though. It is time, it is time. 

A: Did they have a name for the race that they were?

RA: I cannot say their name. They are, hmm... they are Reptilian. A hybrid. 

A: Can you explain to us how they are a Reptilian hybrid?

RA: They are both from beneath and above. That's how they got power, and they were given knowledge and power from above. Integrated into their DNA, into their soul memories. It made them thirst for power more and their strength, their cunningly intelligence. They know both below and above. It makes them powerful. One, in particular, follows TeRa. She has seen him time and again. She remembers now. 

A: Is he following her as she is alive or...?

RA: Lifetime after lifetime he becomes a new... how do you say it, he takes over other humans and parades as them.

A: Can you tell her who it is? 

RA: In this life it was Mano. He goes in and out, he's trying again. She will not fall for it this time. He is not happy.

A: How does this work, like the human consciousness here, are they aware that they are that Reptilian being?

RA: Not mostly, they allowed him in, they welcomed him in, he promises them power over her. They are attracted to her power; they don't know why. Then he slowly sinks in through their own awareness or their spirits, their drinking spirits, their pain in the heart. Instead of healing it, they allow him in. He's not the only one that does this. This happens when someone allows their energy to go so low. So below, so below grief and despair, they can either exit or be taken over and they use it for power. 

A: Yes, thank you for this information. You know I've been given this information so thank you as well. So, would you say some of those people that we help out that have Reptilian consciousness, is that what happened to them? They lowered, like you explained, for that consciousness to come in?

RA: They have so much trauma and they allow the trauma to go into places of despair, drinking alcohol, anything that lowers them even more, trying to escape it rather than feel it and honor it as its gift. And as soon as they get low enough, they become vessels for others and they don't know it, and these vessels for others are attracted to the light that is opening and awakening. It's almost as if when the Reptilian steps in they snip a cord in their brain, they snip it. And their empathy is gone. It's just gone, they don't have access. And the longer they allow it and the less they fight, the more attracted they are to it. And this is the same one that took her baby from her and it is taking her baby again.

A: What can we do about that RA?

RA: She sends love every day and that's all she can do because this child also has her choice. The love she sends, the more she heals in her and the more it heals in her baby and her baby has a choice. We are working with the baby for this baby is powerful, which is why it has two of them attached to her that we have unattached time and time again, but she keeps choosing. So, it is with love and light, we allow her choice knowing that if she does not wake up this time, she'll come back. We will not lose her. She is in our protection. 

A: Now, you said that sometimes people just go so deep and lose themselves so deeply that they can even be replaced. Can you tell me more about that?

RA: It's as if they have gone so low, the spark of light within them cannot hold it any longer and simply - for lack of better language - walks out, walks out, just simply breathes out and the next one breathes in. Just like that, just within a breath.

A: The person could possibly do it in a, like they are not consciously doing it?

RA: No, they are not aware consciously, they have taken their consciousness to the lowest level of... they can't feel or think or understand anymore. I would assume it is what people call zombies these days. 

A: Then is it like a contract they make where they switch out?

RA: Yes, nothing is done without that, they choose it. It is, they choose the promise of power, the promise of not feeling. And when they have had so much trauma that it feels like an option, and it is. It is not one we recommend. 

A: When that happens, does the person sell their soul away?

RA: Yes, yes, they do. 

A: What happens to their soul once it's removed?

RA: It is still a light, they are still that light that remains, and that light goes deeper into, if you will a hibernation, a holding, while it experiences what it has to experience. The light remains the light while the other side of it remains the darkness. It experiences the darkness, and it may take them many lifetimes, it may take them many excruciating journeys to choose again, to hold the light and to breathe in the light. And when they do, the contract is over, and they start learning about light again.

A: Yes, and what is the purpose of that? What do they gain from replacing a soul and going into the body, what benefits would they get out of being in that human body?

RA: Oh, they gain power over, they gain access to the bodies here, they gain the ability to shapeshift into the human form, to slightly become one of them, to infiltrate, to suck light, to... you know, people feel when their energy and light is being sucked, they feel it. They do and sometimes they willingly give it in the name of what they think is love or giving light. And sometimes they give too much, and when they give too much, they become very sick until they realize that it is not what they're giving, they're not giving the proper thing. As if they were to give the light, they would walk away knowing that that other entity has its own choice and it doesn't get to take your light, because your light is infinite. You can't, what you're giving it is not your light, it is a misrepresentation. You're allowing them to take energy for sure, yes, but your light you cannot give it, it is pure, it is always expanding and becoming, not emptying. That is what they gain, access to light. Access to light. 

A: There have been people, for example, that are working in the light and they are part of the public eye. For example, there is someone who was bringing out information for such a long time about Angels and tarot cards and now supposedly she's renounced spirituality and now she is some kind of Christian.

RA: This is the danger with, mmm...I wouldn't say danger. This is the attraction, if you will, of the beings. They parade as beautiful light beings themselves because they have taken so much light. She was light, she was. I see that the ones that parade around her, parade so much and take so much from her and confuse her and she chooses their power, their path of power. The path of power has taken so many. This is what TeRa fell through first, she wanted the power to get her babies back and it's not possible that way. It is not possible that way. It is why she is losing her daughter again. She has to know, she can't get it back that way, she can't. Nobody can, you have to just breathe in more light, then they are able to feel that light and become more of that light themselves, not take. This is what happened to many Light Workers, they become the light then they see the power of it, and they use that for themselves rather than for a collective. They start creating their own way rather than listening. 

A: Yes, that's one of my roles, you as the RA are bringing forth some of this information of people, how there are unfortunately some Light Workers that are using the light that they're giving them for their own purposes of service-to-self. If I can share with you? It's hard for me to share this because we are in the system where we want to be, of course, loving and allowing their free will. However, we are also in a system of, we need to be aware. 

RA: Yes. This is beautiful, and this is why TeRa was afraid of opening and this is why I brought her to you. I see how beautiful you are, I see how you give, I see your heart, thank you. And I see how this is a concern for you, yes, it is. 

A: Thank you. Yes, it is. 

RA: Being aware of that feeling inside, we hear, and we see, and we feel and sometimes we go with what sees or looks good rather than what sounds good. And we go with what sounds good rather than what feels good. And when we can get all of them in alignment together that is when we know that we're going the right way. We see, feel, and hear it all. If one of those is off, we must listen, this is a challenge. Because the other entities, they sound good, they look good, sometimes it feels like they feel good, but they do not. They do not. 

A: That is one of the biggest things that I'm trying to teach others, to look beyond the facade or what's in front of them or what they're saying. I have found in this time and space that there are so many lost following the supposed Light Workers and they're following a path of just darkness. 

RA: It looks almost right, and sometimes that's what people are looking for, almost right. The religions have been almost right, almostright. There is beauty in all of them, yes, yes. But again, going back to making sure that looks, sounds, and feels good. All of that.

A: All of it. Great advice there and if I may, was she one of those that was replaced?

RA: I see that she's being replaced, she still has a choice. She still is there, she still fights, she still fights. She has choice, yes. Her message is not correct though. Her message is, yes, her message is being spit out with darkness if you will. It is laced with the breath of darkness. 

A: Yes, there is a particular gentleman, I don't remember his name, I'm not going to mention it. But he has 1000’s of followers. Let's say like 100,000’s. He got them in a time frame that there were really not too many people talking about these things. He has proclaimed that the Angels are actually bad, they're darkness and they are the ones who are keeping everyone in control. So, when I am teaching people for example of Angels, there've been a couple or more sessions that I've had that I have to basically mentor them through the fact that the Angels are not in charge of this system of control and they are not what he is saying they are. He has even used for example some of the alchemy symbols that I teach in class on how to use them sacredly, he says that it's part of the cabal and some of the control as well. What are your thoughts on that RA?

RA: Yes, I go back to Egypt, to that time. Akhenaten and Tutankhamun changed Egypt, he brought back the power, the truth, the golden light, he brought back the oneness, the sacred alchemy. And what is a more dynamic way of changing this light than to parade it as darkness? To take some of the symbols and change them just enough, just enough that people think that what they are looking at is the same, but it is not. And it changes their DNA, it changes their mind. This is the same group if you will, the same entities that back then destroyed Egypt not once, not twice, but time and again. And they are doing it again and they do know they are intelligent, they do know the truth, they do know the alchemy, they know the power. They use it, yes, they use it. And it is because they use it that people are attracted to it because part of them remembers! They remember the beautiful truth of it so when it's close enough, sounds right, but does it feel right? They still follow. It looks right but it doesn't feel right. They still follow. This is what is happening. And the more people open and are aware of these symbols and alchemy and beautiful awakenings. We couldn't hide forever. We hid long enough but enough people are awakening, and it will come true. There will be more light but people will, that is part of it yes. They are attracted to taking down the light, we must be aware of this, this is still the truth. We're still here, yes. 

A: Is there any advice of what we can do when there are 1000’s of people or even for example, with him or others you know 20,000, 50,000, 100,000s of people following this and thinking that it's a solid proof? Like a Bible, solid information and they're not going to deter from it. And just like you said, it changes their DNA when they believe this false light information. What can we do? What advice do you have for us that see the dark beneath these teachings or information?

RA: Teach people to feel in their hearts. The more they go in their heart, this is how TeRa made it, she dropped into her heart in onemoment and she remembered, she remembered. That's the part to remember in the heart. All of these people, the more we can teach them to feel in their hearts, the more their eyes will open and their minds, and they will see them for what they are. Not all will, we can't, they have their journey. But more and more when opening the heart as you do. That sacred beautiful spinning vortex in that heart. It sends a message out more than our words can, deeper than what we realize. And while they work on the mind's cause that's how they get in; we work with the hearts. That's how we bring light. Work with the heart. 

A: Looking, as you know I'm a seer, looking at the Light Workers who have awakened and looking at how many follow the Luciferian agenda and follow word for word for example, ‘the Angels are the dark,’ It is such a high percentage of them that are following this word for word and believing it and not, it is a very high percentage.

RA: Yes, and as you've said very beautifully, "word for word." They are hearing that it sounds good. They are not in their hearts. And the more they hear it, they get blinded. The hard part is when we work with the heart. It doesn't always bring many followers. It's on a different level. It brings the right followers. So, the masses might be blind for now. They might hear the sounds that sound good. But we awaken their hearts from a different perspective, from a different moment, from a different time. And once they walk into that moment and their heart opens, they start hearing a different tune, a different frequency. The frequency of light instead of the frequency of lie. But aren't those two similar? This is what I am saying, light lies. People get stuck on lies and don't go to the light. We get stopped because we are not in the heart. And our words are powerful spells if they come from the heart. The right followers, yes, will open up the many masses in due time.

A: In due time, yes, well...

RA: Yes, yes, the pendulum has gone from one extreme and is now coming back from another extreme. And in the way, people get lost on their way down back into the center. They do get lost. We have to be okay with that. Timing like you said is happening and as more people awaken in the heart they will see, they will see. I see them turning, I see masses like you say masses, following in the wrong direction. Seeing what they thought was the truth, these beautiful sacred geometries, these beautiful lights, they thought that they were the truth cause part of them are and they spark that part of them and then they get lost in that. But I see them turning around. I see many of them turning around and facing the correct way. Coming towards the light and away from the curiosity that leads them the wrong way. Curiosity is good but when we complete our curiosity in knowledge and stick to that, we lose out. And people think that they are in knowledge when they are in the curiosity that is taking them the wrong way. They will get curious this way though. 

A: That is exactly what brother Metatron talks about often to me. 

RA: Yes.

A: Thank you. 

RA: Yes. 

A: Is there anything you wanted to share about the Egyptian life that led her towards the dark and now she's coming back?

RA: I want her to know that she remembered. She needs to trust, absolutely trust. She is afraid as well. This is why you opened up the way you did, thank you. She has been afraid of going the wrong way. She feels it. Knowing that she is part of that power, she is opening into that, she will be opening up more. And she is afraid. She'll work through that. 

A: Well now may she have a compass that will direct her in which way is right for her.

RA: Yes

A: Thank you, you have such a strong connection within her and you're speaking through her very clearly, thank you deeply.

RA: Yes, I spin in her. She feels that. The energy spins, beautiful vortex. 

A: Lovely, now as her, would you say that you are part of her Higher Self?

RA: Yes.

A: Ok. So, would you aid us today in doing the body scan on her, please?

RA: Yes.

A: I honor you, I love you, and I respect you, thank you for being here so early on. We will get so much done for her then. 

RA: Thank you.


The Body Scan begins.

A: If you could please scan her body now and let me know if you need any aid from me channeling energy to her at any point. If you could scan her body now and look for any energies, entities, anything that requires healing please and let me know what you find. 

RA: She has many. She needs healing from past lives and this life. Damage that has been done to both her sacral energy and her throat chakra.

A: If we could look at one, for example, let's start off with the sacral. First, I want to make sure, are there any entities there?

RA: Yes.

A: Is it one or is it more?

RA: More.

A: How many would you say there are RA?

RA: Four.

A: Is it from this life or another?

RA: Another.

A: What happened to her in that life that they connected to her in this area?

RA: She picked them up - one in Egypt, one in Europe, and two in this life.

A: Very good. RA, if you could help us guide the entities up and if I could speak to one of them speaking for all of them, if I could speak to you now. Come up, up, up.

Entities: Yes, yes.

A: Hello, greetings. Thank you for speaking with us. May I ask you questions, please?

Entities: Yes.

A: What have you caused her as far as pain, discomfort in this area?

Entities: A lot. We remind her.

A: Yes. You remind her of what?

Entities: We remind her how she failed, how she lost, we keep her connected to the one that lost, that made her lose, that took her. 

A: If you could tell me, did you all have bodies before?

Entities: No. 

A: You have yet to have a physical 3D body?

Entities: We have not.

A: Were you a newer type of soul or a soul that is negatively polarized throughout existence?

Entities: We are negatively polarized. 

A: Have you been doing this for a long time?

Entities: Oh, eons! 

A: Would it be just for her or for others as well?

Entities: She is our favorite. But we do this for others. She is our favorite cause she fights the most to not have us.

A: Why would you find that as a favorite, how would that...

Entities: Keeps us connected. It feeds us energy.

A: When she fights you?

Entities: We feed the energy to the one that destroyed her. That's how she gets found, he finds her, time and again.

A: So, were you placed there by him then?

Entities: Yes.

A: The Reptilian?

Entities: Yes, we serve him.

A: Are you Reptilians as well?

Entities: No.

A: You're just entities?

Entities: Yes. We don't have much shape or form. A little bit wormy if you will but not much. 

A: I understand that you've been playing this role for a long time and it is really all that you know. You have yet to experience a positively polarized incarnation or even an incarnation physically at all, and you've been doing this for eons. Now as you know I work with spirits who are lost in the darkness for too long and have forgotten who they are and their light. We would love to be able to aid you to the light. Would you allow for us to help you?

Entities: Yes, please.

A: Thank you, for allowing us. All of you there within her sacral chakra, I want you to look within you please and find that light within you and remember that light that is you. We want you to spread it to all that is of you, every root, every cord that belongs to you and does not belong to TeRa, spread it to all light, and let me know once all of you are light. 

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes.

A: Wonderful, can you pull yourselves out please and don't leave any piece of you behind, anything that belongs to you. Make sure it goes with you and tell me once you are out. 

Positive Polarized Entities: We are out.

A: Beautiful, do you have a message for TeRa before you go?

Positive Polarized Entities: Thank you. Just simply thank you. 

A: Thank you, and can I follow you along and see where you go?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes.

A: Lovely, so go ahead and go, go and be free and tell me where it is that you go. 

Positive Polarized Entities: We are going to go around that blackness.

A: What blackness?

Positive Polarized Entities: The one we were in before. 

A: Is it a collective of darkness?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes. 

A: Where is this located at? Is it on the Earthly plane or is it in the Cosmos?

Positive Polarized Entities: It is both, in-between. It is an in-between blackness; it brings in and beings out. 

A: What is it that you are going to do there, why are you there?

Positive Polarized Entities: I'm going around it, so I don't go back in there, it's light around it... Ah, yes! (in relief).

A: What happens next?

Positive Polarized Entities: I am being taken away by light.

A: Beautiful, you got past that darkness?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes, yes. (deep breath). 

A: When you were not of light and you were of the dark, would you just be pulled in when you would pass by it?

Positive Polarized Entities: I brought it with me so the darkness could come in and out of everywhere we go. So, we go in and out.

A: What about that darkness that you passed, is there something we could do with it?

Positive Polarized Entities: I turned it the other way so it's not pointing at her anymore. 

A: Good, can we call on Angelic help so that we can heal that darkness?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes. 

A: Would you be able to guide us now that you are of light so that they know where to find it?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes, I'll point them to it.  

A: Thank you, can you point us now? I call forth on Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light.

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes, yes right here!

A: Good, tell me what you see.

Positive Polarized Entities: I see a spinning vortex trying to take over other beings. It is being healed. 

A: Are the Angels there?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes. 

A: Tell me what you see, do you see Archangel Michael?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes. 

A: Is there more than him or is it just him?

Positive Polarized Entities: There are three others. Two to his right one to his left. They're healing it with sound.

A: Beautiful and where is the sound coming from?

Positive Polarized Entities: Their instruments, I recognize them.

A: Instruments, do they have shapes?

Positive Polarized Entities: They are golden and circular. 

A: There is sound coming out of them?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes.

A: With the sound as it touches the darkness, what's going on?

Positive Polarized Entities: The darkness folds in on itself and becomes a cloud of light.

A: In that darkness, were there other entities inside of there?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes, very closed off. 

A: They were closed off?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes, they were closed off, they shut down, they can't come back in.

A: Now we're healing them?

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes.

A: Good, and how many would you say would be in there, in that collective of darkness?

Positive Polarized Entities: Thousands.

A: Beautiful, thank you for guiding us here and allowing us, helping us through it.

Positive Polarized Entities: Thank you.

A: Thank you, and do you have any other message before you go?

Positive Polarized Entities: We are in peace.

A: Go ahead and go with the Love-Light of the Universe, thank you, blessings to all of you. Now if I could speak to Michael? Michael, as he's standing there healing this energy. Can I please speak to you now brother?

AA Michael: Yes.

A: Greetings brother thank you for being here. I love you, I honor you, and I thank you.

AA Michael: I love you and I honor you, thank you.

A: If you could share what it is that you are doing there with these 1000’s of dark entities?

AA Michael: At times when the magic goes black, it creates darkness vortexes that come in. It's part of their power and it allows them to come in and take over a little at a time. They feed on fear and pain. So, all I did was allow it to close up that one vortex and heal all that we’re able to see what they saw. And as I closed that up, they cannot come back in that way. Healing it with light. So, if anyone ever tries to open that up again, it is opened with light and they cross through light.

A: Beautiful. Was it 1000’s of entities, darkness, that were influencing people on Earth?

AA Michael: Yes. 

A: So, if I may ask, what happened to those entities that were, say, inside of people?

AA Michael: Some of them are strong enough to stay, some of them are losing power as we speak. There's a lot of lightning coming on, a lot of people being enlightened. Burdens are easing and it is a good time, this was exactly on time. More and more will be healing throughout the night. 

A: Beautiful. 

AA Michael: The entities just disappear and as they leave, they transmute into that light frequency that surrounds that entrance.

A: This will help many on Earth, thank you.

AA Michael: Yes.

A: The entity that we helped said that you were holding instruments, what are these instruments you hold, the sound?

AA Michael: Some have drawn it as a trumpet. It is a golden instrument, not quite a trumpet. The frequency that we breathe into it comes out and expands and it changes frequency and light as it expands. It transmutes things. As it changes things at cellular levels deeper than that. It corrects DNA. As you know DNA got split. Part of that split is being corrected now on the timeline and in the collective. And the more we fix the split in the DNA, the less the entities have access. They are losing power. 

A: From the removal of these entities that the people that were ready to learn that lesson and release that entity, are those the ones that were removed? You said that some were powerful, would those be connected to the ones where the people did not learn the lesson yet?

AA Michael: Yes, yes. They are the ones that fell, that kept their light, that are reawakening more and more, and I dare say thousands now have a new choice. Those entities have been removed. 

A: Wow!

AA Michael: This is a powerful time on this planet and in the galaxy, in the consciousness. Many changes. It is a good time. 

A: Yes, that it is, that it is. May I ask, the entity said there were three others with you, if I may ask, who are they?

AA Michael: They were just parts of him. You see, when certain entities are injected at times and lightness comes back and they are fought off, it almost splits them into parts if you will, energetically. And so, then those parts come back at another time. If they didn't learn from it or if they didn't release them properly, and this one's a fighter. She just did not know what she was doing. So, some of her fights caused her more harm. She is learning. So, she created more with her fight. This is why they loved her.

A: She created more entities you mean?

AA Michael: Yes. By fighting them and splitting them like a... you take a part of a starfish, it grows another part. But it is no longer with her, it is free. 

A: Beautiful work. And the entity said though that there were three others with you working?

AA Michael: Yes.

A: May I ask, who are they?

AA Michael: Azrael, Isis, and Thoth. 

A: Beautiful and did they all have the same instrument you had?

AA Michael: No. 

A: What were they using if I may ask? For example, Azrael, what was he using?

AA Michael: His are more, hmm, almost like a harp but not. There are strings. They're timelines, musical timelines. As he plays them, timelines are healed.

A: Hmm, that's beautiful. And what does his instrument look like?

AA Michael: It is small and golden. I just see strings that are being played and I see many shapes as it's being played, like etheric and… Hmm, they are frequencies through plucks. 

A: Yes, beautiful. My regards and my love for Azrael, thank you for helping there.

AA Michael: Yes.

A: Can you tell me, Isis, what is she holding?

AA Michael: She does not hold an instrument; she holds her heart. It is her heart that does the work. The love that she spreads with her beautiful wings. The motherly energy that she holds for everybody. She holds the space for healing. 

A: And Thoth?

AA Michael: Yes, his wisdom. Hmm, he breathes knowledge and life. It is his breath, his sacred voice. That is his instrument. He has the Ankh, and he uses his breath.

A: Beautiful. Thank you, is there anything else, you four? Any message you have for TeRa?

AA Michael: I do protect her as I protect many. Hmm, and yes, she is a fighter, and I am proud of her. She is learning to fight with love. It takes a lot less energy.

A: Yes, it does. And Michael since we have such a clear connection here. How are you connected to the RA since RA was speaking before you?

AA Michael: Oh, my heart, I feel it beats with my heart, the RA Collective. I am a protector. I am on the forefront. It is my divine mission as... I will say it this way, as you all awaken, they will hear me. I am on the forefront.

A: Why is it you on the forefront?

AA Michael: It is like my brother Jesus with the heart and my sister Isis and all of my, all of us. It is our heart. There is strength in the heart, there is power. And I have been able to create my heart into a powerful shield if you will, a protector of Love. I expand the Universe with Love. I am willing to do what it takes and hold my space of Love. 

A: Beautiful. If I may ask, what is your connection to brother Archangel Lucifer (Haylel)?

AA Michael: He is beautiful, is he not?

A: Beautiful he is. 

AA Michael: If you can imagine a beautiful seed that turns into a tree. They are both one and the same, although they look very different. Both help each other grow. He is a beautiful seed, and I am the tree. And we grow together and in harmony and he has his mission and I have mine. But I would be nothing without him and he, I.

A: Would you say you are one and the same?

AA Michael: Yes, as we all are. We are all different parts of the seed and the tree and the branches and the leaves, the breath in the air, the sun, and the wind. We are all of it.

A: Yes, and you as Michael or as Lucifer (Haylel), what is your connection to, say the Divine Father? How there is a Divine Mother and a Divine Father, do you have a connection to that?

AA Michael: Yes, yes. As we all do. We all have experienced this through him and for him and with him. Some of us might be a bit closer, some of us not yet as close, still within. My connection to them is as One. I guide back, he calls me as he calls everybody. I hear, listen, and I am guided - as with the Divine Mother, and her everlasting love and growth. 

A: Thank you, thank you. Would you say that when Source Creation decided to fractalize would you say that you were...?

AA Michael: One of the first fractals? Yes. 

A: And would you be a fractal of the Divine Father?

AA Michael: Yes. Oh, it brings me so much joy! (sigh) 

A: Thank you. 

AA Michael: Ah, yes, you see this, and you recognize this in your own self.

A: Yes. 

AA Michael: Yes. 

A: Thank you brother, it has given me great joy and healing even for myself for my heart to feel the clearness of the connection to this session. I love you all so much. Such joys you are, such beautiful creations you are upon Creation, thank you. 

AA Michael: Thank you.

A: I love you all and my regards to everyone who helped with the collective. Is there anything else that you wanted to say in regard to those people who will experience the release of the entities that you helped to the light?

AA Michael: They know who they are, they will recognize themselves through this. They are being guided to you, yes. They are turning around more so now. 

A: Thank you, brother.

AA Michael: Thank you. I love you.

A: I love you infinitely, thank you. If I could please speak to the RA once more?

RA: Yes? 

A: Ah, that was lovely, thank you. Would you say the RA that you are, would be like the form of the Collective as a Source?

RA: Yes.

A: The Collective Consciousness that is whole as Source the Creator?

RA: Yes.

A: Thank you as you know, I know these answers. However, these are beautiful answers to share with others. This session has been quite a delight and it is packed with information that will hopefully burst so many hearts wide open. 

RA: Yes, the blueprint has been awakened. The collective blueprint is awakening. Yes, you feel this, you feel this. 

A: That I do!

RA: Yes.

A: That I do, thank you. (laughs and smiles) ... I love you!

RA: I love you.

A: Can we scan her body; can we see whatever else needs healing and you said that it was her sacral and what was the other? 

RA: Her throat chakra. 

A: That's right. If you could scan for entities there, please. 

RA: Yes, and memories. 

A: Yes, there's entities and memories?

RA: Yes, yes.

A: How many would you say RA there are?

RA: Six. 

A: Six entities. Metatron, keep them there nice and contained. RA, if you could help guide those entities up, up, up, and if I could speak to a voice that could speak for all of them. If I could speak to you now, please.

Entities: Yes.

A: Greetings. Thank you for speaking to us. May I ask you questions?

Entities: Yes.

A: I honor you, I thank you, and I love you. 

Entities: Thank you. 

A: May I ask, when was it that you connected to her throat?

Entities: Ah yes, oh yes. That is how she chose to go to Egypt. She took herself. I connected to her being then. Oh yes.

A: What do you mean she took herself?

Entities: She slit her throat.

A: Was that where they had said she was placed in a cave?

Entities: Yes. She did not want to live through the rest of what she had to learn at the time. She needed great rest. 

A: Did you enter then, before or after the slitting of the throat?

Entities: Right as she was doing it. I was there as a guide and to keep her company through her lonely darkness. 

A: Is this what you do as an entity? You do this for others?

Entities: Yes, I keep them remembered. I remind them, I replay for them until they learn. It is with love; it is with love. But I stay with them until they're ready.

A: Would you say that you are negative or positive polarized as an entity?

Entities: Hmm, I am positive. It feels negative but I am positive. I hold their negative yes. When it's too powerful for them to hold themselves in that space for them. 

A: Have you had bodies yet?

Entities: I have had bodies.

A: Would you now like to no longer have to play this role as an entity within a body? Would you like to be back to being yourself once more?

Entities: I did this as a gift for her, her and I were together once. I had to hold her space.

A: Well, thank you, thank you for that gift. 

Entities: Yes. 

A: When was it that you were together?

Entities: Atlantean, that's where she remembers the magic. That's why she's so interested, she's remembering, she's reconnecting now. She's reconnecting now. I held that space until she could reconnect. Reconnecting now. Ah yes. Yes. She remembers me. 

A: Were you a soul mate? A Twin Flame? 

Entities: I was her dear mother (crying), and I was the child. There are pieces of me that I hold in others, in her now child. I hold space for her too, for both of them.

A: Yes. Could we aid today in helping you maybe become more whole?

Entities: Yes, it's her time now. 

A: Beautiful. So, we're going to help you shift from this role and turn to light. Tell me, what is the goal of making yourself whole, where are you going to go?

Entities: Ah, I rejoin, rejoin the collective, rejoin my family...Yes.

A: Good. I want you to look inside you now, all of you within her throat, find that light within you and spread it to all that is of you. Every root, every cord. Let me know once you are all light. 

Positive Polarized Entities: Ahhh, yes! Yes!

A: Beautiful, and if you could remove yourself from her throat. 

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes.

A: RA, by the way if you could have Raphael please start filling in that light to the sacral chakra, if it needs filling in please there. 

Positive Polarized Entities: Yes, thank you.

A: Thank you. Now if you all can remove yourself, the entities within her throat, tell me once you are all out. Make sure you take every piece of you with you that does not belong to her. 

Positive Polarized Entities: (sigh) We are out. 

A: Beautiful, thank you, thank you. That was so beautiful to watch you all release. Now, you said that you will be returning back to the collective?

Positive Polarized Entities: Hmm, yes.

A: And what about the fact that you said you had pieces within her daughter? Is there something we can do about that?

Positive Polarized Entities: Her daughter has throat trauma as well. Same reason. It is just a fractal of information that got passed down. Ah, oh she passed it down yes. If we could heal her daughter.

A: Very good...

Positive Polarized Entities: Both daughters, different link though. Both daughters. The oldest has the throat issue, she passed that. 

A: I will speak to RA and see if he could direct us over to them. Thank you so much for all your aid today and the aid you've given her. I love you and I honor you and I respect you. Go ahead and go with the Love-Light of the Universe, blessings to you.

Positive Polarized Entities: Thank you, thank you.

A: Thank you, and RA, if we could have our brother Raphael see where he needs to fill in light both in the sacral as well as the throat now that they've been removed, please?

RA: Hmm, yes.

A: Thank you. And then if you could connect us to the first daughter that we would need to connect to, the Higher Self. 

RA: Yes.

A: Thank you RA.

RA: Hmm, oh she is in so much pain.

A: Which daughter are we focusing on right now? Who are we talking to? Am I speaking to Luna’s Higher Self?

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes. 

A: Thank you, welcome, thank you for being here, I honor you and I thank you. 

Luna’s Higher Self: Oh, thank you!

A: If you can tell me as her Higher Self, what kind of healing can we do through the mom as a surrogate, what can we do for the daughter right now?

Luna’s Higher Self: Hmm, her heart is broken in pieces. Her throat, her voice is gone. She is darkening, she is being taken over. Her limbs are on fire! She is crumbling, collapsing. I'm holding her together. 

A: Tell us, what do you give us permission to heal within her?

Luna’s Higher Self: Her heart and her throat and her limbs, yes.

A: What would you like for us to do? Send Love-Light?

Luna’s Higher Self: Love-Light and protection, she's been, feels like eaten alive energetically. 

A: Do you need any Phoenix Fire sent over her?

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes, yes...remove, remove, remove the entities that are eating her alive. 

A: Higher Self of TeRa's daughter, if you could guide Archangel Michael. What entities do you give him permission to remove from within the daughter?

Luna’s Higher Self: Hmm, yes, yes. It is the one that followed her mom around. They are one and the same and two entities right now. They are attacking her yes, yes. 

A: The Reptilians?

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes, this is how he is trying to get to her again, by taking her daughter.

A: Is the Reptilian inside her daughter? 

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes. 

A: Where at? What part of her body?

Luna’s Higher Self: He is in her heart. And in her mind, he is there, yes. 

A: Can you tell us; can we help this Reptilian turn into positive polarization instead of transmuting him into light? Will he allow us to aid him?

Luna’s Higher Self: No, he's on a mission. 

A: Archangel Michael and perhaps the team that you had as well earlier please, if we could call on you now and if we could surround it with the Alchemy symbols in the daughter, that Reptilian in her heart. If we could now start healing that dark energy there and transmuting it and healing it to light, please.

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes.

A: As we do that, what else can we do as we do that?

Luna’s Higher Self: He has a grip on her, and she is holding on to the grip. She is afraid if she lets go, she will have to let go of her father and she will. And her new family, she will.

A: Can you help her as her Higher Self see that this is the highest path for her? Let me know how the Reptilian is looking along the way and when it's been removed and healed. 

Luna’s Higher Self: He's out of her heart, out of her mind but he's gripping on her arm. It is cutting off her circulation.

A: I'm going to focus Phoenix Fire there, which arm is it?

Luna’s Higher Self: Right arm. It's his last hold. If we release him now, we release him in all time and eternity from this event. 

A: Yes. 

Luna’s Higher Self: This will no longer repeat.

A: Good.

Luna’s Higher Self: He has a stronghold, it is releasing. 

A: Good. Higher Self will you allow for us to release him from all time and space in the now?

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes, yes, please.

A: Let me know once he's let go. 

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes, it wasn't me that was evil, it wasn't me. Ah, oh...

A: Did he let go?

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes, yes.

A: Good, if we can ensure that the Angels take him to light and help him transition into Love-Light please without harming anyone anymore. Thank you... How is she looking now?

Luna’s Higher Self: She is shaky, but she is good, she is good, she is good. 

A: Aww beautiful, yes!

Luna’s Higher Self: Oh, she's so beautiful!

A: Can we all just send Love-Light to her and just embrace her with Love-Light right now?

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes! (crying)

A: Thank you. 

Luna’s Higher Self: Thank you, yes. 

A: As her Higher Self, how soon will she be able to release her father?

Luna’s Higher Self: One week. I'm allowing her to see him and hear him and feel him.

A: Good.

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes.

A: As his true form?

Luna’s Higher Self: As his true form.

A: Will you be there along the way whenever she needs that reminder?

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes, always here. 

A: Yes, of course, thank you. Are there any other messages that you have for us or TeRa?

Luna’s Higher Self: Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for releasing and allowing, thank you. I love you! 

A: Thank you, sister.

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes.

A: Thank you for all your aid and can you connect us to your sister Melissa’s Higher Self? 

Luna’s Higher Self: Yes.

A: Greetings. 

Melissa’s Higher Self: (bubbly) Hi!

A: Hi. You are beautiful!

Melissa’s Higher Self: Ah, thank you! I love this! 

A: We are connecting with the mother's request, TeRa, she asked for help to heal her daughters. We helped heal your older sister with the Higher Self's permission at this point. Now how can we aid you as the Higher Self of Melissa? Is there anything we can assist you with?

Melissa’s Higher Self: Oh yes, I have been waiting for them! Oh, they are beautiful, Oh I have been waiting for them. I have clouded myself. I am done clouding. Oh, so much more energy yes, yes... Um, I need help releasing the cloud in my brain. I think I did too well. (laughs)

A: Can we go ahead and heal and transmute that cloud now out of her brain? Archangel Michael and the team there as well, if you could aid RA, whoever would like to aid there. 

Melissa’s Higher Self: I'm almost afraid to say what I see!

A: Tell me?

Melissa’s Higher Self: Ok. Hmm, oh my goodness it's like I don't belong here, I am so much light! Ah yes, I had to dense down a lot, oh my goodness... Aaaaah, there we go yes.

A: Are we removing the cloud?

Melissa’s Higher Self: Yes, yes! Thank you.

A: Good, thank you. Is there anything else that we can do for you?

Melissa’s Higher Self: Hmm, I finally feel my body. I'm okay again. May I ask, why am I here though? I densed down so much!

A: Higher Self, can you tell Melissa what is her soul purpose, why is she here?

Melissa’s Higher Self: She is attracted to music so I will tell her in music. She is an Angel that flew too close to the ground. She felt the pain. She is here to lighten the world. She has so much lightness and that lightness scared and terrified her family. She densed down. It is a little scary to lighten back up again knowing that there is that choice and people won't understand... Hmm, she is feeling light again, thank you.

A: We thank you for being an Angel brave enough to come down even though you felt the pain. 

Melissa’s Higher Self: Thank you.

A: That's very brave. 

Melissa’s Higher Self: Yes. 

A: Do you have any message for TeRa or for the daughter?

Melissa’s Higher Self: To TeRa, I always see you as who you are and you feel this, and I know that. Thank you. And to my sister, I forgive you, I understand, and I release it. 

A: Beautiful, are you all healed from the cloud?

Melissa’s Higher Self: Yes, oh I see beautiful again thank you.

A: Thank you. Are we all done with you?

Melissa’s Higher Self: Yes, thank you.

A: Thank you, thank you, sister. My love to you and I honor, I thank you, and I respect you, blessings to you... If I could speak to RA once more, please. RA, if I can ask a question about this month, it feels very different. I know that we were able to heal 1000’s of entities. Is that something that is different from this month that we were able to do so or could we have done this in past months?

RA: The light is big enough that it is more dynamic. The changes in the energy are changing more so we are able to lift more darkness from the planet than we have in the past. It's part of the waking up, it's part of the understanding. It's part of, the more people release their trauma rather than run from their trauma, get healings like these, we are able to heal on a bigger scale. It is like when a waterfall first starts. Little trickles at first and then once the water flows right over, it's huge and it's dynamic. This is where we are in right now. We are in that large energy wave. And it has been going on yes, but it has changed as of recently yes. People feel it now, they are feeling more than hearing and seeing. And that's where we need people to be using feelings. But people have been traumatized by their past and they're afraid to feel it, yes. The feeling of which will allow them to release it and feel what is true.

A: Thank you. Should we continue to hopefully see, for example, the Schumann Resonance and the waves occurring? They are very high. Will we see this continuing for the rest of the months?

RA: Yes, yes, very strongly. Some people might feel it as a sickness, but it is not. It is not a sickness; it is not anxiety. It is them feeling their energy finally. Feeling, pulsating the power of the Oneness within and it shakes them and moves them. That we haven't been taught as a collective, this collective hasn't learned that. They are learning, they are learning. People are opening up. But yes, the Resonance will get stronger and stronger.

A: Would you say that those who resist this are feeling it as anxiety?

RA: Yes, and that is why more healers are opening up quicker and why people are searching and they're searching in the wrong directions. So, you are a beacon of beautiful light and more beacons of light are opening up and soon people will feel and see and hear the difference. And the Resonance will be felt differently, they will be vibrated towards you. They will be vibrated out of their blindness. They are being vibrated out and it is a joy to watch, it is a joy. 

A: Yeah, that it is. 

RA: Yes.

A: If we can continue her body scan RA, tell me what else needs healing in her body, please. 

RA: Her heart needs to open.

A: Yes, can you scan for an entity?

RA: (sigh) What I'm feeling is a circling of energy, a vortex, uh, what is this? It is is a magical spell on her heart. Those are the words. 

A: Where did it stem from?

RA: From Egypt, yes.

A: Did somebody place that on her?

RA: Yes, before they took her baby, they closed her heart. She was too big of a fighter.

A: They did that as a form of black magic type of curse?

RA: Yes, yes, yes. 

A: Can we go ahead and start removing this from her, please? Should I use the Phoenix Fire?

RA: Yes, yes. 

A: Ok, using it now... 

RA: Oh, this awakens her Twin Flame too, oh he feels this! There he is!

A: I feel it too, it's beautiful.

RA: Yes, oh yes, okay... Very good. 

A: Can we expand it now, expand it as big as it can be in this time and space?

RA: Yes.

A: Thank you. Can we have Raphael work on anything he needs to work there in her heart, please? Is it removed?

RA: Yes, but there is one light that is not the right color. It is a phosphorous green and it should be purple. 

A: Can we have Raphael switch that for her, please?

RA: Yes, thank you. . 

A: Now, can you scan her body once more RA and tell me what else needs healing?

RA: The last one is in her brain.

A: What's going on in her brain?

RA: She has had many, the epileptic seizures were ways to put blocks in. Again, she is a fighter and she fought. And they had to find new ways to block her. Releasing these blocks releases her energy, she is free again. 

A: Beautiful, can we go ahead and transmute that out of her head now?

RA: Yes.

A: May I use the Phoenix Fire?

RA: Yes.

A: If you could tell me, does she still have epilepsy?

RA: No, no she fought that off, it's just the blocks. 

A: Ok, so we're transmuting those blockages there? 

RA: They were like black fingers, cords. Yes, releasing.

A: Good. Can you tell me why she had epilepsy?

RA: It was to close her off, it was to stop her from awakening. 

A: Was that a contract?

RA: No, it was against her will. 

A: How does epilepsy look in the brain? What does it look like? You said they were like black...

RA: Yes, the black fingers. Like black strings that were blacking out.

A: That took the form where it was stuck? What about at the form where it is active and it's giving her seizures?

RA: Hmm, she no longer has them. It is free flowing; it is light again. 

A: Beautiful.

RA: Ahhh! She was allowing blackness in there, we have it. She no longer allows that. 

A: Good. Have we healed it?

RA: Yes, yes.

A: Lovely, thank you. Scan her whole body once more RA and make sure there are no more entities in her please as well as any negative implants, negative hooks, negative portals. 

RA: She is clear.

A: Ahhh, lovely RA. I know that you said she is part of you as a Higher Self consciousness, does she have an individual Higher Self that we can speak to now?

RA: Hmm, yes. 

A: RA, it has been such a beautiful honor to speak to all of you today. Do you have a last message before you go?

RA: Thank you, I love you, and I honor you. All you do, (sigh) it is needed right now and thank you, yes. 

A: Thank you, I love you all so much!

RA: Thank you!

A: I will talk to you later, I love, honor, thank, and respect all of you, thank you. If I could speak now to the Higher Self of TeRa now?

Higher Self: Yes?

A: Greetings. Oh, such a beautiful fractal you have of yourself here.

Higher Self: Thank you, this is beautiful.

A: It is so beautiful, infinitely beautiful. You as her Higher Self may I ask, do you have a name?

Higher Self: I don't know my name.

A: Have you not given yourself one?

Higher Self: I always just called myself RA. I am delighted. 

A: Do you not want to have a name? We can continue to call you RA.

Higher Self: I would really like that.

A: Beautiful lovely, may I ask you questions?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Did we heal the teeth, the jaw, the neck issues, was that connected to the throat chakra?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Is that all healed now?

Higher Self: The jaw is healing, it will heal. 

A: Good.

Higher Self: Oh, it's having my voice.

A: She said vagus nerve in there? 

Higher Self: Yes, yes. That has been healed.

A: Thank you and also in her gut. Is there anything in her gut?

Higher Self: No, it has been healed.

A: Good, and she thought that her ex was poisoning her, is this accurate?

Higher Self: Yes, he was. 

A: How was he poisoning her?

Higher Self: He was poisoning her with liquid in her food.

A: Wow, what kind of liquid?

Higher Self: It was a power steering fluid and other things he kept trying. 

A: Why did he do that? What was the purpose to that?

Higher Self: She outlived his purpose; she was just money. She ran out and he thought that he could get money from her death and sympathy. It was his way out; he didn't know any other way out. He is also part of that entity that was trying to destroy her. This is why he went straight to her daughter and he is at it again. He has learned that this is how he is going to make it. But it is not with her anymore.

A: Did we heal the effects of the poison?

Higher Self: There is something in her left thigh right now. It is wanting out. 

A: What do you mean wanting out, is it an entity or just needs healing?

Higher Self: It's an entity, it is part of what she drank, it went into her muscles.

A: Can we go ahead and just help it out?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Good, thank you. How is she doing? I know she's been in there a while.

Higher Self: She is okay...she is good. She had been preparing herself quite beautifully for this.

A: This is a beautiful example of an A.U.R.A. session where the client is ready and is working diligently and preparing themselves for it and the possibilities that are available in doing so. 

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Thank you for helping her in her preparation. 

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Is there any past life trauma that we can heal, or current trauma that we can heal now? 

Higher Self: Yes, the past life trauma is also what has caused her now trauma. The reliving of the experience of being hurt and killed. She is done with that now.

A: Yes.

Higher Self: She recognized she was punishing herself through others.

A: Can we go ahead and heal that for her, please?

Higher Self: Yes. 

A: Thank you, and then also can you check her chakras, how are they doing?

Higher Self: Oh, very clear, very nice. 

A: Good, how about her auric field?

Higher Self: Yes, there is something to the right in her auric field, I'm not sure what that is, it clenched her jaw. 

A: Is it an entity?

Higher Self: Yeah, it feels like a claw.

A: Can we go ahead and transmute that out now? 

Higher Self: Yes, thank you.

A: Good, using the Phoenix Fire, sending it over there. Can you age regress her ten years, please?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Good, can you scan her body one more time? I want to make sure there are no more entities hiding in there, or implants, hooks, or portals, please. Scan for that one more time.

Higher Self: It all feels clear. She just still has something in her left thigh. It might be something different.

A: Can I use the Phoenix Fire on it?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Good, okay. And can you scan her for Reptilian consciousness, please?

Higher Self: It is gone, he is angry. She is protected now, he is gone.

A: Good. Now, are there any fragmented soul pieces that need to be rejoined to her?

Higher Self: From Egypt, yes.

A: Can we go ahead and do that for her now, please? And if you require any help, but you are part of RA so you should do a wonderful job at retrieving it, thank you.

Higher Self: Yes, thank you. Hmm.

A: Very good, is it retrieved?

Higher Self: Yes. 

A: Good. If we could just have Raphael just to scan the body and just make sure there are no parts of her that still need filling in of light, please... Okay, so at this point, we've done the whole body scan. Higher Self, can you scan her whole body and make sure she is good to go?

Higher Self: She is good to go, yes.

A: Lovely, she is going to be brand new!

Higher Self: Oh, she is, oh she is. Beautiful.

A: Very beautiful. She has a couple of questions here and she wants to know - when she was younger, she had a lion pet, what was that about?

Higher Self: Yes, this is part of her in Egypt, she had a lion pet. She loved it dearly and it broke his heart when she did what she did. And he's come back, and he guides her. 

A: Beautiful. And she felt a connection with Nefertiti, why?

Higher Self: Yes, she was the daughter of, not Nefertiti but, she was the daughter of one of the wives and Nefertiti loved her very much.

A: Let me understand that, so she was the daughter of one of the wives?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: The wives of the king?

Higher Self: Of the king, yes.

A: And Nefertiti was the wife of the king?

Higher Self: Yes, she was the main wife.

A: Was this when they were positive?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Okay, beautiful. What happened to Nefertiti?

Higher Self: She was killed, it is the same entity. He took the whole family out, he had to, he wanted to control, and he wanted to end the dynasty. But he did not. 

A: Who was Nefertiti's husband?

Higher Self: Akhenaten.

A: Yes, very good thank you. Now let's see she has more questions here. What can she do to connect to her Higher Self and guides and such?

Higher Self: She knows she must feel it more and she must meditate more. She has been told to come to Thoth cleanly. Which means she needs to eat better. This vessel does not live on what she eats. She knows this. It's her diligence that concerns us. I believe as she gets guidance, she will know what she is doing and be more diligent.

A: Very good. And when she basically begins eating the right way she will connect further? 

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Is it because when she eats bad it makes her dense and then she can't connect high enough?

Higher Self: Yes. The nervous system in this body had been through a lot. It is healing now. It needs a lot more energy to sustain the energy that is coming through the body. As it is getting more and more powerful and the energy is getting higher and higher in vibrations and it needs more.

A: Therefore, higher vibrational foods would give it more of that high vibration she needs?

Higher Self: Yes, yes, yes.

A: She wants to know is she on the correct path for her career? How can she do better at what she does?

Higher Self: Yes, as you said taking your class, she is guided here. She is in the exact moment she needs to be, and she is doing what she needs to do. She feels when she makes a change in the energy system of others. She knows. She now has to accept that. When she accepts that she can move on to the next step. 

A: She wants to know when her finances will finally be full in abundance instead of lack? 

Higher Self: That is her choice, she has to choose differently and allow herself to be who she is. Allow it, because at the moment she is denying people from coming to her and that causes lack.

A: How so?

Higher Self: She is blocking them because she is afraid. She has been afraid.

A: This vibration of fear is what's blocking them?

Higher Self: It had been her fear of going down the wrong path, of becoming what so many have become, her fear of that has blocked her. Now she knows otherwise. 

A: Are we talking about for example, the Light Workers who have gone through more of a service-to-self path?

Higher Self: Yes, because she had that choice, she made it through that choice, yes.

A: Thank you. I love how it all intertwines with her session and even though I know you said it's to be shared, may it guide many and help them to see this path of Oneness and Love, infinite for one another, thank you.

Higher Self: Yes, thank you.

A: She wants to know, anything else you can tell her on how she can help the collective?

Higher Self: Yes, opening. This was part of this moment of opening her heart. She knew it was blocked; she could not figure it out. We have helped her, it is open.

A: Was it not enough for her to help 1000’s of spirits today? (laugh)

Higher Self: Yes, yes. (laugh) Yes, she wants more of this! This is who she is, who she's been training to be, yes. 

A: Beautiful, beautiful session, beautiful messages that came forth, it is truly a beautiful creation today. That we intently created. 

Higher Self: Yes. 

A: Is there anything that I could have asked that I haven't asked?

Higher Self: No, everything feels so clear and light, thank you, yes. 

A: Thank you. May I bring her back now?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Yes, thank you, sister, it has been such a beauty to connect to your soul! 

Higher Self: Thank you.

A: Thank you for leading her heart to mine and as well thank you to the beautiful RA Collective that shared such beautiful transcending, needed information for the collective in this time and space. May it empower many to find their love and sovereignty once more within them.

Higher Self: Yes, it will.

A: Thank you to Michael, thank you Azrael, Isis, and Thoth as well and anyone else who aided today and all those beautiful spirits who are now of light, blessings to everyone. I honor you, I thank you, respect you. Thank you, everyone.

Higher Self: Love you, thank you.  






This fascinating session was full of surprises, as a never-ending gift box. You open one gift, and another is inside, you open the next and another… The gifts being spiritual wisdom that sings to our hearts and helps us understand the inner knowing already within us. Till this day, my clients mention to me this specific session and the catalyzation their consciousness and heart experienced when watching it on the Rising Phoenix Aurora’s YouTube Channel. There has been mention of the RA Collective through different forms of the Spiritual Community, and through this session we were able to grow a bond with the immensity and strength of love that they are over anything else. In the sessions to come you will hear more from them from time to time. 


What they have explained through the Rising Phoenix Aurora’s Live Channelings on YouTube is that they are all of us. You are RA and they are RA. They are the collective group construct of this Universe and infinity, as Creation is infinity. The collective benevolence of races of Councils that are working together for the Ascension, for the collective of life. They were the original benevolent founders and seers of Egypt, and the stories of Creation that are told through the hieroglyphics on the walls of its sacred pyramids and temples. 


As we learned through this session, the Illuminati has been working relentlessly to reign over sacred times in our Earth’s history, including Egypt. Wanting to possess the sacred wisdom and knowledge that created Egypt from the beginning of times when the Divine Mother Isis birthed forth, to set the organic foundation of what this Earth was meant to be. A beautiful world where many races throughout the Universe could be in one location communing together as the brethren that they are. The beauties of Creation all in one, expressing their multitude of beauties. 


Since TeRa’s session, we have continued helping heal negatively polarized entities and Reptilian beings in the 100’s, 1,000’s, 1,000,000’s and 1,000,000,000’s throughout Creation. Every session becomes easier for us and the message of this being possible for negative polarized beings continues to spread throughout the Universe. 


At the beginning, when we started discovering Reptilians within people attached, we were lucky if they would speak to us with just a “yes” or “no” answer and with much convincing on our end, they would finally agree. Nowadays as soon as we talk to them about positive polarizing, it is as if they are and have been ready, waiting an eternity to finally do so. The word keeps spreading throughout the Universe and now we are helping other races of negatively polarized aliens to positively polarize and ascend as well, not just Reptilians. 


The knowledge the RA Collective shared in regard to soul replacement, is a beginning glimpse for us into the understanding of how valuable a soul is. It is pivotal to be aware of the targeted infringements used for negatively harvesting souls, which we will receive incremental details spread out through the rest of the Chapters of this book. A soul is made up of the same type of light consistency that a star is, as we are birthed from the stars themselves. Therefore, there is infinite power and light to a soul. This vast light energy can be used for negative purposes if not honored. Therefore, it teaches us to find value in how precious our own and all souls are. We have been programmed on Earth to not find the value of our souls and how uniquely beautiful we are, which then allows for infringements to enter by us not emanating the required sovereignty of the soul. Honor thy soul, honor thy heart, and honor thy reflection of all souls. Learn to fall in love with yourself, as Creation has fallen in love with you, the instant you were birthed from the stars.


The more that we continue to do this work, the more the Earth becomes lighter. Which in turn, brings forth Ascension closer to us on Earth collectively and the Universe. We learned through this session how we too can connect to our children's Higher Selves, and with their permission, we can provide the adequate healing for them for their highest good. We must understand that healing family groups is vital for Ascension. Worldwide today, we have more than 100 A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing Practitioners certified who have answered the call. If that practitioner goes home and does a healing session on their spouse, children, siblings or parents, think about the ripple it creates on Earth in just this family alone by removing entities, implants, A.I. viruses from one family. As cleared vessels, then whoever they connect to or pass by in their daily tasks at work, school, or shopping at a grocery store will then be activated. The people who contain a lower density, of not being a clear vessel, will feel an activation and remembrance of what a soul with such lightness and clearness can feel like. They will feel a remembrance of what we were meant to be here in this Organic Matrix Simulation, as the fractals of our Higher Selves fully embodied at its highest Source organic light quality. One light frequency brushing up against another light frequency. And just like that, the light within them can light up like a light bulb to begin their future awakening and Ascension process. When someone is that deep in darkness and density, it is as if they have amnesia in remembering what it can feel like to be of such clear sovereignty. Therefore, we who hold this clearness are the light activators of the world, touching hearts kept in darkness wherever we go with our lights. 


It is explained to us that the Reptilians hold the biggest density in the Universe due to their numbers and because of how much they are hated throughout time and space. The more that we learn to forgive and love others no matter what they have done and who they are, including the Reptilians, the more the density which holds them enslaved to continuing the negative polarization role of harm loosens up. It is when we send love to the root of the matter that we amplify the shifting of the Universe. This is truly what we ALL have been waiting for all our lives! 


In the next Chapter, we will develop a deeper understanding of Reptilians and their role in Creation.


“We as a multitude of races truly have no name, as the different races work in higher dimensions and frequencies of no names… we choose to not label for this is when separation begins to occur.”
The RA Collective, channeled by
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