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We Are within a Tesla Coil

Your browser does not support JavaScript! JavaScript is needed to display this video player! What we are watching is a Tesla Coil. The coil being the tip, pillar and center of the volcano, and the lightning/electrify dispersing out from this conduit of energy, hitting the crystalline dome, and vice versa. Both are operating together, charging and energetically reflecting off one another. The scientific reason why lightning, would bounce off and interact with the volcano, is because above the coil/volcano, is a crystal dome, just as a model of a Tesla coil. If there was nothing there, say just sky/wind, then the electricity would not react back and forth like this, as an alternating current. The lightning would instead shoot into...

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Multiplying Eyes of the Peacock - Is Divine Father

  The peacock represents the Phoenix and the rebirthing potentials for all lifeforms in Creation. When viewing and connecting upon the beauty of the colors of the multiplying eyes within their feathers, this is a divine portal which then can consciously, sacredly transport you into the infinite potential energies of the Universe and Multiverse.  The fact that it is the male which eludes this beauty, is a reminder to us all of the true beauty the divine masculine represents, as they are the semen, the ether which can see and reach all, because all of Creation is submerged within the sacred waters of the ether/semen. We see this often within Earth of the male animals, being the one who looks...

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Rape is not just physical, it is too energetically

Rape is not just physical, it is too energetically. When people overstep your boundaries and violate your space, your energy, your mind, this is a form of rape. Through time, working with all my clients, I have heard so many stories of the ways that they were violated energetically. People tend to think that this is not that drastic, but it is. If anything, an energetic violation can at times go even deeper through the multidimensions of the soul. A person who is intentionally causing harm, because their thoughts and energy vibrate to this lower vibration, can do so by looking deeply into someone’s eyes, by writing a negative comment, by speaking directly about someone in an ill intent, by...

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I watched the Solar Eclipse with my bare eyes and this is what happened!

Father Sun and Mother Moon are organic, so why would these celestial embodiments cause harm to look upon during an eclipse? No, instead they will bring forth the most ethereal healing you will feel in your life! This is what Divine Mother and Father have been telling us for years through our communications. I had yet to see a solar eclipse with my eyes this life, and now I have, during the April 8th, 2024 total solar eclipse! I will walk you through what both the physical and energetic eyes transform into during this divine process of looking at a solar eclipse with your bare eyes. At the beginning process of these two divine embodiments merging together I did wear...

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The Dragon Riders & The Purifying Flames of Source

I wrote this in 2023, and I truly did not understand what these purifying flames of Source meant until now, among the energies of the eclipse of 2024.  Excerpt from 'Galactic History of the Multiverse', Chapter 2 'The Key to Ascension'. "In this dream, I was viewing from a higher perspective, like a movie playing. The scene begins with me viewing humanity expressing their free-willed choices through their life paths on Earth. On the land there is a rapid moving flame that is transforming souls into Ascension as the flame touches them. If not the matching vibration of this purifying flame, the souls become engulfed by this sacred flame and they go through a form of reboot, turning into white...

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