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The 2-3 Worlds Split

  Greetings! In this time in space we channel this transmission with guidance of what is occurring in the now energetically of the 12/12/2020-12/21/2020 portal dates. When viewing from the higher dimensions, we are watching as your and our Earth is energetically splitting through multidimensional spectrums. As Mother Sophia has chosen to ascend further in her ascending consciousness organic process, so to are WE in Creation. This is truly a moment to celebrate as this was the beginning predestined organic timeline we the collective agreed upon prior to birth, and since the fall of Atlantis that we have finally collectively achieved.  We take time now to explain what this means. Mother Sophia/Gaia too as all individual incarnated consciousness has written...

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Listener’s comment on YouTube:  Thank you for making this video ❤️! I was going to stay neutral and not vote until I read your post the other day that said staying neutral will still assist the Archons/AI negative timeline. Can you please make a video on staying neutral? There are a lot of teachings on divine neutrality, is this the same thing as staying neutral?  Aurora: Thank you for this comment, so that it could bridge me to its inspiration to its answer.  We live in a world/dimension of the lowest which is 3D. This dimension that we accepted to enter is the densest collective active communal in Creation. WE the starseeds and light warriors volunteered to incarnate within this...

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The Differences of A Soul

As a teacher. This is one of my favorite teachings. I do this around a real physical bonfire, and watch as each student goes through a transformation within as they try to wrap their minds around why it is that the person sitting next to them would see the fire differently.  The Key to what we are sharing through these sacred teachings. Is to honor one another in the beauties and differences that we all are. For we all have been created in the most beautiful uniqueness that allows for us to view and feel things through a completely different spectrum from one another. The reason why this is so important is: if we all learned to honor and respect...

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Adrenochrome Satanic Church Rituals Children Pedophilia

I AM Aurora🔥 Channeled and written 7/20/2020. I remember when I was young my parents being Catholic had us go to church, and to Sunday school for our 1st communion. I remember listening to the teachers and not understanding what they were teaching us as it seemed all opposite of what I felt right in my soul. I remember being in mass and not understanding why they would have us kneel up and down, drink wine, why dunk the little baby's head in the water or how they claimed we were to worship their religion and God because of his wrath. This was not the God/Source I remembered in my heart. As I grew up I knew in my soul...

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I Had A Dream of President Donald Trump

I AM Aurora of the Galactics🔥 Before I share the dream, let me ensure that I am extremely transparent. If you are unfamiliar with my work I shall start off with that I have no interest nor consent to your false light news connected to News Media such as CNN, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc ... I am not one who cares to listen to anyone or any collective entity telling me what I should believe that someone's character is like. I instead work hard within my heart to ensure I am the ONLY one who decides if a character is false or is working from a pure intent. News Media is the biggest program funded for humanity...

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