Tier 9: Quantum Akashic & Alchemy Channeling $222.22


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This tier is a 2 month Tier commitment to become certified through both "Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading" and "Quantum Alchemy Channeling", as they are a package course for the Akashic Certification.

Open enrollment cycles to sign up occur in May & November of every year. 

Note: If and ONLY you are certified through "Quantum Alchemy Channeling" you do not need to pay for the 1st months Tier class. However, we do ask that you review this certification once more to be prepared for the "Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading" Certification class. 

Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading Certification

It is an honor to be sharing "Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading" with the world. This course has been created from a versatile of ancient alchemy teachings stemming forth from Kabbalistic wisdom, Tree of Life/Knowledge, The Essenes, Egypt, Atlantis, Elohim, Angelic's and Ascended Masters. Attuning and connecting you to the ancient sacred teachings of 'The Kabbalah', and how to travel into the Akashic of the 88 constellations and beyond, of yourself and your clients sacredly/safely.

This course includes both "Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading" and "Quantum Alchemy Channeling" certifications, as they are a package course.

Through this profound course you will enjoy venturing into the possibilities and wisdom of the Galactic Histories of the Universe. Traveling through the stars and into the 'Universal Akashic Hall of Records'. Meet a new benevolent alien race every day. Learn about their civilization and how they can assist you in your spiritual expansion and development.

The most important part is aiding others in connecting to their Higher Selves and guides, with glimpses of who they truly are beyond the stars. When others can’t connect, we can provide these peek-a-boo moments that connect them deeper and closer to their memories. When a soul begins to remember itself puzzle piece, by puzzle piece, it experiences divine activations, downloads, and integrations of their universal memory complex. We remember that we have never forgotten ourselves; that it was just the illusion through Earth’s false societal programming. We remember the infinite beauty, strength, sovereignty and how loved we are in the Universe.

What is unique about this 'Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading' training is that you are not just learning how to give Akashic Readings to your clients, but you will also receive:

  • "Quantum Alchemy Channeling" Certification $255.55 Value
  • Attunement to the ancient sacred teachings of the Kabbalah/Tree of Life/Tree of Knowledge.
  • Over 100 sacred never before shared alchemy symbols. 88 of them connecting you in learning how to weave safely in and out the 88 constellations.
  • Learning to travel in the Theta brainwave consciously (same as past life regression) into the Akashic of self and others.
  • Types of Spiritual Architects and how to read them. A coder, catalyst, activator, light warrior, crystal, indigo, empath, rainbow, seer, transmuter...
  • Step by step instruction on how to travel sacredly through your clients past and future lives of Earth’s Galactic History as Lemuria, Atlantis, the 5th - 13th dimension and beyond.
  • To connect your client with their magical friends as dragons, griffins… and their animal totem.
  • Does your client have a twin flame here in this earthly incarnation?
  • The Stars and The Creation Story like never told before.
  • How to connect with the benevolence of creation through frequencies, vibrations, signatures, your senses within your third-eye/indigo & heart/emerald rays.
  • How to activate your clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience...
  • Sacred Alchemy Symbols that you will receive are created for each of these chakras connecting your 12/13 crystalline strand DNA...
  • Bonus - Infinity Viewing Symbol to amplify your clairvoyance at its greatest!
  • Sound and symbol alchemy, through meditation, crystals, mantras.
  • over 8 hours in Classes.
  • Itinerary with step by step guidance.
  • Alchemical breakdown of the Eye of Horus.
  • Invisibility shields and energy force fields.
  • To open your hand chakras & “I AM Source Love-Light".
  • Activate your Merkaba, work with your toroidal sphere.
  • Connect to your psychic gifts, astral travel, telepathy.
  • Sacred Alchemy Symbols that you will receive are created for each of these chakras connecting your 12/13 crystalline strand DNA:
  1. The 6th Chakra, the symbol from Egypt, awakening, activating, and aligning your 6 senses.
  2. The 7th Chakra, the symbol of Creation, creating the beginning of a strong connection to your Higher Self and the Cosmic Gateway of infinite knowledge.
  3. The 8th Chakra, Inner Earth Star symbol, activates your spiritual skills and your divine love. Amplifying your 6 senses.
  4. The 9th chakra, will help awaken your soul’s blueprint, skills, your abilities. It will start awakening memories/knowingness from your past/future lifetimes. It starts activating your clairs. (clairaudience etc.)
  5. The 10th chakra helps you with completion, creativity/creational flow. Helps you gain your sovereignty back.
  6. The 11th chakra. It advances your spiritual skills. This is when you start working with telepathy, bilocation, telekinesis, and astral travel.
  7. The 12th chakra. The Angelic Elohim 12 point star, Elder 13 Keys star. Connecting to the 12 DNA strands, Cosmic Gateway, Earth chakras, Earth’s Ley Lines, Cosmic Webbing, and our Galactic Origin. 

If you are unable to attend, no worries the classes will be recorded to watch when convenient and to keep for your records. 

When you purchase this Tier, it includes Tier 1: Exclusive Videos, once a month Live Q&A with Aurora & Guided Meditations.

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