Tier 8: Quantum Akashic & Alchemy Channeling $222.22


Greetings! This tier is a 2 month Tier commitment to become certified through both "Quantum Akashic Alchemy" and "Quantum Alchemy Channeling" as they are a package course for the Akashic Certification. Ensure to sign up with 1 weeks worth of available homework time, so that you may start on your Sound & Symbol Alchemy teachings. Classes are at 4:00 pm central time, once a month for 3-4 hours on the 4th Sunday of every month.

Open enrollment cycles to sign up occur on May & November of every year.

For more details and to sign up click here.

It is an honor to be sharing and debuting our new course of "Quantum Akashic Alchemy" with the world. This course has been created from a versatile of ancient alchemy teachings from Kabbalistic wisdom, The Essenes, Egypt, Atlantis, Elohim, multi-race of Benevolent Universal Beings. Attuning and connecting you to the ancient sacred teachings of 'The Kabbalah' and how to go into the Akashic of the 88 constellations and beyond of yourself and your clients sacredly/safely.


  • 1st Class "Quantum Alchemy Channeling" Certification Class 
  • 2nd Class "Quantum Akashic Alchemy" Certification Class 

Note: If and ONLY you are certified through "Quantum Alchemy Channeling" you do not need to attend the 1st class. However, we do ask that you review this certification once more to be prepared for the "Quantum Akashic Alchemy" Certification class. 


You will enjoy venturing into the possibilities and wisdom of the Galactic Histories of the Universe. Meet a new benevolent alien race every day, learn how they work and what they can assist with. The most important part will be to aid others to connect with glimpses of who they are beyond the stars.

When others can’t connect, we can provide these peek-a-boo moments that connect them deeper and closer to their memories. When a soul begins to remember itself puzzle piece by puzzle piece, it experiences divine activations, downloads, and integrations of their memory complex. We remember that we had never forgotten ourselves; it was just the illusion that we had through Earth’s false society programming. We remember the infinite beauty, strength, and how loved we are in the Universe.



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