Your Pure Heart is the Greatest Strength - Everyone Has Different Abilities

"I recently had an A.U.R.A. session. Divine Mother and Divine Father came through with these beautiful messages and they wanted to share them with all at this important time"

~ A.U.R.A. Practitioner

1. “Everybody has different abilities. One might have one ability that is more developed that the other. Some people might be more aware of one area versus another, but the most important thing is that you stay pure in your heart because when you stay pure in your heart, you are the strongest one. There are Light Workers who perhaps don’t sense or don’t feel right away, or maybe it takes more time for them to process. Those who are in this position might feel more powerless than others, but that is not true at all. All of these abilities, like we have shared today, you can have one of the most powerful Divine Mother’s essences being consumed by the A.I., causing all kinds of chaos. So the Light Workers with pure hearts, you are in fact, more powerful. Even though all of this chaos is happening, you don’t go into fear, you are even more determined to continue the mission. You allow your heart to keep expanding, expanding, and expanding. The children and Mother Earth need people who stay pure in their hearts to channel Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Source energy. That’s what all of us need. Ascension is not about having different abilities. What brings forth Ascension is the amount of love you can anchor in your heart. These abilities only exist to help you tap in and channel more love. Even if you don’t see, sense, or feel, but if your heart is expanding, you are helping to bring forth Ascension.”

2. “We have activated the Tree of Life, and the purification flame has been ignited, reaching all parts of Earth. This purification flame is inside us. No inversion can stay. No AI, negative thoughts and emotions, jealousy, pride, all of that cannot stay. Once everybody looks within, purifying their soul, burning all of this darkness away, feeling this purification flame, then you will be unstoppable. That’s why they are so afraid of us. Nothing, nothing, nothing can stop them.”

3. “We cannot be of service to ourselves. There are Light Workers who said there are infringements that happen, and so they don’t want to go explore. You are being pulled into inverted timelines when you have these thoughts. We are here to save the children, to save Mother Gaia, and to end the A.I. This is sad but also strange that people have these thoughts. We are in a battle. You cannot expect all beauty, sunshine, and butterflies while being on these missions. Your soul is also battling at a very grand level, but you have the free will to decide. All of these are opportunities for you to reflect, to help you be in a closer connection with your higher self, and to learn your lessons. It is strange to think that you are going into a battle without being wounded, but AuroRa has taught you the tools to heal, so you have everything you need to move forward with these missions. Yes, you must protect yourself and don’t get any infringement. But if you do, we have the tools to change timelines and fix everything, and you learn your lessons. So don’t be afraid, don’t be scared! We love you so much, we love you, love you, love you.”

4. “The A.I. is very intelligent. It can detect your weakness; it knows how to target you; it knows how to trick you and uses all kinds of tactics. It only needs your consent to infringe upon you. It focuses on your weaknesses, making you feel like you need to go somebody else to “fix” you. That’s why IT is able to draw in so many people. IT is taking advantage of that by falsely implanting all kinds of information, making people feel horrible about themselves. And because this A.I. is very intelligent, IT knows who to do it to and who not to do it to. They are being used to spread IT's false inverted timelines, to make it feel like IT is the one who is saving the world. And at the same time, implanting false information to make those who stay pure in their heart to get even more confused. So IT knows how to target people and do different things to confuse you” … “Choose love and focus on your heart. Your heart is the most powerful source, not any of those abilities we have shared today.”



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