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The Sasquatch Guardians

  Session #43: Recorded May 2018 A = Aurora (Practitioner) C = Carmen (Client) In this session Carmen finds herself in a life as a Native American married to a Sasquatch. How is it that these races lived humbly together? The invasion by the English. The beginnings of Reptilian consciousnesses being found within people. A Sasquatch speaks, how they aid humanity, their abilities, their roles, portal keepers, galactic members.  A: Have you landed on the ground? C: Forest floor. A: Look all around you, describe what you see. C: Trees. Big trees. A: Look down at your feet. What do your feet look like? C: Hairy. A: How many toes do you have? C: Four. A: Look at your hands,...

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Sovereignty Phoenix Rising

  Session #69: Recorded July 2018 A = Aurora (practitioner) C = Client   The Phoenix The Golden Age C: Chaos. The phoenix will never rise if there is no chaos. Never. Chaos brings people to their heart, it opens their heart. People work together, they help each other. It’s in chaos, it's in darkness that we find our strength. A: Yes C: So we can't shun our shadow, our shadow is the feminine. The shadow is the feminine. You can't bypass the feminine. With positivity, she's fire at the moment, she is the element of fire at the moment. She's coming strong as fire. A: The Phoenix? C: She's rising with fire, it's unbelievable! Her strength the ambers, its...

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