Tier 2: Extra Sensitive Series & Interviews $8.88

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The time is here! AuroRa will now be delivering transmissions that are too sensitive for the public. Therefore, this Tier is designated for the freedom of speech that is required for the extra sensitive material we will now be delivering. Examples: channeling Nikola Tesla, Einstein, and Remote Viewing 'The Hidden Truths of the Grand Canyon'. AuroRa has acquired extra sensitive material from the inside of Tesla's last home, The New Yorker. You will not want to miss, not one of these episodes.

AuroRa will alternate the monthly episodes month to month, between extra sensitive videos, and interviewing some of the most influential people on Earth.

Stay tuned, every 3rd Friday of the month, at 1pm central time, for 1.5 hrs, to find out what transmission will be delivered. The video will be hosted as a webinar, allowing interaction and questions answered in chat for the attendees.


NOW AVAILABLE! Come Watch the Best channeling of AuroRa's Career Nikola Tesla! Extra Sensitive Series Exclusive to Patreon Members ONLY!

Get ready for 2 hours of enlightenment! In this episode Nikola Tesla shares of his personal life, his mother, romantic life, and most importantly his work. How his lifelong dedication, and devotion for the evolution of humanity was accomplished, but also stolen from him.

✦ His technologies in our modern day.
✦ The truth of the 3, 6, 9 theory, and how it is all that is.
✦ Going into the epiphanies of how he used the alternating currents that none thought they could touch in his time and space.
✦ His different laboratories, and projects.
✦ The equations to life within Creation.
✦ The true creator to The New Yorker Hotel, why New York.
✦ Was he really poor, or a breatharian?
✦ How did he really die?
✦ Are the T family related to him?
✦ What happened to his prestigious lifelong work?
✦ Who was Tesla communicating with his doves?
✦ The beginning of the World Fairs.
✦ The components needed to time travel, and so much more!!!

This Tier option is to support 'Rising Phoenix Aurora' in a continual of creating videos, channelings, and literatures in assistance for the collective's ascension process. The great awakening of the Hearts! This Tier includes the Live Q&A and Guided Meditation with AuroRa, on the 1st Sunday of every month, for 1 hour, at 1:00 pm central time.

Click here to go to Rising Phoenix Aurora's Channels: YouTube, Rumble, Spotify, TikTok, Pinterest, and Odysee to get further acquainted with her work, and to watch a playlist of A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Sessions.

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