Meditation Techniques

Follow this link to “Into the Cave of Creation | Divine Mothers Womb”. This Guided Meditation has been created by Divine Mother & the Collective of Angelic's. The intention is to release what no longer serves you for your highest good in order to gain sovereignty, empowerment, and bridge you further to your Higher Self.  

Gassho Meditation


Gassho means “two hands coming together.”  This is a special meditation to attune one to the spirit and unity of both polarities, to bring the negative and the positive in balance. The divine feminine and divine masculine in Union within you. Done daily, this brings you to a state of mind awakened to the truth, opens and expands the heart center. Strengthening your heart discernment. It clears the mind, opens the heart - and other chakras - and strengthens one's energy.  A wonderful stillness will develop inside along with the awareness of increased inner knowing. Practicing this meditation daily will assist you in making a further intuitive connection of mind/body/spirit complex. There will be less cloudiness of your mind and more focus of spirit. 

1. This meditation can be done standing, but most prefer sitting. Ensure your back is straight, feet are flat to the ground or sitting on the ground for a stronger connection to Earth.

2. Close your eyes.  Fold your hands in the prayer position with your fingers pointing up and your thumbs touching the heart chakra in the middle of your chest. This will help the heart chakra energies flow with ease, and expand onto all chakras to aid in balancing.

3. Our breath is our life force. Take a breath in slowly envisioning white light entering, using 100% of your lungs; exhale slowly and fully,  releasing what no longer serves you for your highest good. Be conscious of the breath throughout this meditation.

4. Focus your energy on the point where your middle fingers meet for a couple minutes. Close your eyes when ready to further concentration.

5. If thoughts arise, acknowledge them and then gently brush them aside and refocus on the breath once more. Our minds require constant motion, therefore when giving it a task upon focusing on the breath it aids in the stillness of it.

6. As you continue to practice, you will find that you can hold your attention to the blissful stillness of the mind, for a longer period of time without distracting thoughts arising. This is where you find the beginnings of the connection to your higher self at its best.

7. When you have reached the end of the meditation, take a couple of deep breaths, give thanks in love, honor, and respect, bring your attention to your eyes, and open your eyes slowly.

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