Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael: His name means - “He who is like God," as he is one of the first fractals of the Divine Father of Creation. His color - a vibrant blue, element - lightning, also works with the blue flame. He is the Guardian of the Key of "The Law of Action, the Root Chakra" located in Mt Shasta. For more on this key, click here. 

Call on him to cut off negative cords with his mighty Excalibur sword or if you feel there is a negative interference to the connection of your Higher Self. He is extremely rapid at scanning the body, healing it, as well as finding entities and implants, etc.

His main role on Earth is to rid it of fear, therefore he will help push through lower vibrations to connect you to your Higher Self. Works with people whose roles are protecting others such as police officers and firemen. Aiding them to read situations, people to find the utmost possibilities in tough situations. He knows not the words to "give up."


For more on his role as a Guardian, click the 2 videos below.

Greetings! Join us as AuroRa channels Divine Father Archangel Michael. It is time for the Divine Masculine to rise, and he is leading the way. The representation to who and what it is to be a divine masculine, and their roles for the Universe and Earth. Profound messages for both the Divine Masculine and Feminine in how to assist the Divine Masculine rising. More on his creation story.


This is episode 1 on "The Story of Creation," a live channeled message of brothers Archangel Michael, Archangel Lucifer Heylel, and a Q&A as well.

Here is a teaser of what their channeled message was: In the beginning of Creation, Source created a land which was incomplete - missing an essence. It was an experiment to expand life further. They placed the essence of evolution, knowledge, wisdom, creation within an energy sphere at the center of this land. For growth only happens when a challenge is brought forth. Source also created 4 special beings that yielded fire with bow and arrows and who needed speed, therefore, they held 4 legs. The great Centaurs who were the protectors.



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