"Galactic Soul History of the Universe" Book 1 

Session #43: Recorded in May 2018.


In this online A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session, Carmen finds herself in a life as a Native American woman married to a Sasquatch. How is it that these races lived peacefully together? In this journey, we witness the invasion by the English and the beginnings of Reptilian consciousnesses found within people through A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing. A Sasquatch speaks on how they aid humanity - their abilities, their roles, portal keepers, galactic members. A beloved Sasquatch Guardian shares the importance of embracing the wisdom of being in our hearts. 


“Humans must remember to be in their hearts. We are all one, we grow together as one. We must be one and humans do not remember that. But she is remembering.”
-Sasquatch Guardian


A: [Aurora] Have you landed on the ground?

C: [Carmen] Forest floor.

A: Look all around you, describe what you see.

C: Trees. Big trees.

A: Look down at your feet. What do your feet look like?

C: Hairy.

A: How many toes do you have?

C: Four.

A: Look at your hands, how many fingers do you have?

C: Five.

A: Including the thumb?

C: Uh-huh.

A: What color is this fur that you are seeing on your feet?

C: Medium, medium brown.

A: Do you feel female or male?

C: Female.

A: Do you have any clothing on?

C: No.

A: Does this fur further expand than just on your feet?

C: All over my body.

A: Beautiful. Is there anything you’re carrying?

C: A pouch. A little leather pouch.

A: Let’s look inside this leather pouch. 

C: Crystals.

A: What colors do you see?

C: Pink and blue.

A: Do you just see two?

C: Uhhh… just two.

A: Everything has a consciousness. These crystals are here for a reason. Let’s connect to the consciousness, to the energy within one of the crystals. Which crystal stands out to you?

C: Blue.

A: Let’s talk to the blue crystal. Will you allow for the blue crystal to speak?

C: Uh-huh.

A: Go ahead. We would like to speak to the energy, the consciousness within the blue crystal… Welcome. Greetings.

C: Rainbow. It holds the energy of the rainbow.

A: Is it talking to you?

C: No, giving me images.

A: Oh, very good. The energy of the rainbow. Let’s ask, what does this mean?

C: Portal.

A: This portal leads to what?

C: It’s good, good energy, I feel it in my heart. I should step through.

A: Let’s do that, let’s follow your heart, step through this rainbow portal. Tell me what you see, what you feel along the way. 

C: Teepees.

A: Did you go through the portal?

C: Uh-huh.

A: You are now by the teepees?

C: There’s land and uh, native.

A: Look down at your feet, how do they look?

C: Like a woman’s feet, like moccasins.

A: Look at your hands, how many fingers do you have?

C: Five. Skin.

A: How old do you feel?

C: Twenties. Twenties.

A: What are you wearing?

C: Leather. Dress. Leather dress.

A: Is there a color to it?

C: Light brown. I’m looking at my hands and arms.

A: Why?

C: Looking at my form and shape.

A: Is there anything you’re carrying?

C: No.

A: Let’s move the scene along. What are you doing here? What do you see next?

C: My people. I’m walking among the teepees. I may be looking for something.

A: Let’s look for what you think you’re trying to find, and as you look around, as you’re moving, let me know what you see around you.

C: Forest. The edge of the teepees. Forest people, we live among them. .

A: Can you describe what the forest people look like?

C: Sasquatch.

A: Do you know each other? Do you have a relationship?

C: Yes, we are friendly. Friendly. We build fires and sit. Take their teaching, teaching old ways. Ancient wisdom.

A: Beautiful. Are you sitting there with them now?

C: Uh-huh.

A: Is this what you were looking for?

C: I think I knew this.

A: Let’s focus on some of these ancient teachings that the Sasquatch are showing. What is the sensation you feel they are talking about?

C: Soul. Stay one with the soul. Follow your heart.

A: Yes. Are there many Sasquatch in your village?

C: People and Sasquatch. Yeah.

A: Are there more Sasquatch than people? Or are there more people?

C: I only see Sasquatch walking around, but it is a village.

A: Do they live here in this village with you? Do they have their homes?

C: They live in the forest next to us.

A: Are you still sitting listening to the teachings of the Sasquatch?

C: Yes, it’s a male. Dark brown, we are sitting on a log.

A: Let’s look at his eyes. You’re able to connect to the soul through the eyes. Do you recognize the soul?

C: Friend. I see green, green eyes...husband. Husband.

A: He is a Sasquatch, and you are a human?

C: Yes.

A: Beautiful. He has green eyes. Anything else that stands out about him?

C: He’s moving his hands while he’s talking.

A: Is he moving his lips when he talks?

C: No.

A: Is it like telepathic talk?

C: Yes.

A: Do your people understand telepathy? Is this the way you communicate?

C: Yes.

A: You say he’s moving his hands around. Why do you think he’s doing it?

C: He wants me to understand something.

A: What is it that he’s trying to get you to understand?

C: Danger. Danger in the forest. There’s a darkening in the forest. Like we must get away.

A: Like move?

C: Move, move yeah. Just move.

A: You are able to see what he’s talking about. What is this darkness that he talks about?

C: There’s a shadow in the forest moving through the tops of the trees.

A: Let’s focus on the shadow that we’re seeing, let’s focus on it, why is it on top of the trees?

C: An energy.

A: What is its connection to the land and why would you have to move?

C: I think there are men below in the forest.

A: What are these men doing?

C: Coming to capture. The energy is flowing above them, black, like smoke, but they’re rushing on the forest floor toward us.

A: Are they running away from it?

C: Trying to capture us.

A: Who’s trying to capture you?

C: The men.

A: Do the men have a connection to this energy?

C: Yes, the energy floats above them.

A: In union with them?

C: It’s hunting.

A: Is this energy controlling the men, or the men controlling the energy?

C: No, the energy is controlling them. It’s greedy, it’s fear.

A: What do these men look like?

C: Humans.

A: They are being influenced by this energy to come after your people?

C: Uh-huh. Yes. 

A: Are they of a different tribe than yours? How do they look different than you?

C: They are not dressed like a native. Just like uh...regular clothes back then.

A: Like pants and shirts?

C: Uh-huh. Hats, tall hats.

A: Is their skin lighter than yours?

C: Yes. We can’t understand, why hurt...? Why hurt us?

A: Is their language different than yours?

C: English.

A: Can you understand them? Is there anyone in your village that can understand them?

C: I can understand them.

A: Is it through telepathy or do you know their language?

C: I know their language. They are carrying weapons of some kind and a net, axes.

A: Are there many of them?

C: Uh-huh.

A: Do they outnumber you?

C: Thirty-three.

A: Do they outnumber your village?

C: No, no, no. They’re warring, they’re afraid of Sasquatch.

A: So, they are able to see the Sasquatch that is with you?

C: Uh-huh. Out in the open. Back then we lived in the open.

A: How much taller are the Sasquatch than you or the men?

C: More than half taller than me. Maybe a little less.

A: Tell me what’s going on? They’re coming at you, your village. What’s happening next?

C: I was taken and separated.

A: And your husband? Where is he? 

C: I see a net over him. A net, some kind of net.

A: You said you’re separated from him. How are you separated from him?

C: Grabbed and pulled away.

A: Is it by these several men?

C: The men. Men, yes.

A: Are they doing this to everyone in the village?

C: Mm-hmm, yes, attack on everyone.

A: Separating the men from the women?

C: Mm-hmm, from…capturing Sasquatch.

A: So, what happens to you next?

C: I’m being dragged away; I’m fighting and fighting. I never saw him again.

A: Do you know why it is? Why do they feel the need to capture the Sasquatch?

C: Darkness, darkness over them. Sasquatch are good and’s a plan, a plan of some kind to put out the good.

A: What do they do with the Sasquatch once they capture them?

C: Kill them. They have memories, many memories, many, many...much wisdom.

A: They remember the ancient teachings?

C: Yes, yes.

A: Do they live longer lives than humans?

C: Uh-huh.

A: Approximately how old was your husband?

C: Three hundred.

A: And you were in your...?

C: Twenties.

A: Did you have any children?

C: Yes.

A: How many children did you have?

C: Three.

A: Did you see what happened to your children?

C: I never… taken, yeah, yes, taken.

A: Focus on your children before they were taken.

C: They were taken, they were…

A: They were taken before you?

C: I’m not sure. I just know they were taken; they were, I just see them being pulled away.

A: By the same people?

C: Uh-huh.

A: Did you have females? Boys or girls?

C: Boys. Three boys.     

A: Three boys. Were they young? Older?

C: Younger, not too old... Pulled yes, pulled away, I was pulled away and they were off to the side, but I can remember. I remember they were taken away.

A: What happened next once you were pulled away?

C: I never saw them again.

A: Your children?           

C: Uh-huh. No.

A: Do you know what happened to them?

C: Some died, some were used for work, work of some kind. They were, some imprisoned, I think. Much hatred, misunderstanding.

A: Yes. What happens to you when you get pulled away?

C: I’m kicking and screaming.

A: Do you have any weapons?


A: Were you not able to sense these people coming to your village?

C: We were talking on the log and then there they were. They were coming fast through the forest. We didn’t run, we didn’t run.

A: As you’re being pulled away and you’re kicking and screaming, what happens next?

C: Taken away, far away, and I lived with humans. The 1800s. I hear 18, 18. Married another.

A: You see yourself marrying another of the race that took you?

C: Human.

A: How old do you feel then when you marry again?

C: Thirty.

A: Until then, what happened to you?

C: I didn’t want to. Didn’t want to.

A: You didn’t want to marry him?

C: Uh-uh.

A: Do you have any children again?

C: Yes, little boy, little girl. Wooden house, but my heart is always sad.

A: Because?

C: I lost my family. (sad)

A: Remember to allow those feelings to come forth anytime you feel them so that they may heal… Did you ever hear of them again?

C: No.

A: So now you are married with two children, what happens next of importance?

C: I died. I don’t…

A: You are there now when you are dying, seeing everything and feeling everything clearly. What is going on?

C: No more life there.

A: How old do you feel?

C: It’s a dead-end, no more road.

A: How old do you feel?

C: Thirty.         

A: Are the children with you?

C: Uh-huh. They were little.

A: What happened to you?

C: Fever. Fever.

A: You got sick?

C: Uh-huh. I see myself in a bed. I’m in a bed in a white dress, a white gown and I’m in bed.

A: As you’re laying here, are there any regrets that you have?

C: Thinking of missing my first family and hoping to see them again. I’m ready to go.

A: This husband of yours, was he a man of rank?

C: I see dark hair, dark, dark hair. Light skin.

A: Is he there in the room with you?

C: Yes. It feels like it.

A: How does he feel that you’re dying?

C: He’s sad.

A: Did he love you?

C: Yes, but my heart was sad.

A: Were you forced to marry him? Or you just felt that you had to marry him?

C: I think, forced. I see a uniform, a gray coat, a gray coat, patches.

A: Any last thoughts that go through your mind when you take your last breath?

C: Ready to go.

A: And these little children, before you let go let’s look at them, the boy and the girl. Look into their eyes, do you recognize them?

C: They seem familiar.

A: Look at them one at a time. Focus on the girl. If you’re able to see her soul within the eyes, who does she feel like?

C: She’s sad for me to go. They both are.

A: Do you recognize their souls?

C: My daughter? My daughter!

A: And the boy?

C: Oh! My ex-husband.

A: Are you ready to take your last breath?

C: Uh-huh.

A: Go ahead and take your last breath and tell me what happens when you do it.

C: Floating up, floating up.

A: What do you see?

C: The Universe.

A: Are you up in the Universe?

C: Uh-huh.

A: Look all around you, describe to me what you see.

C: Hills and peaks, dark blue, black, twinkling lights.

A: Look at yourself. What do you look like? What do you feel like?

C: I’m still wearing my dress or my gown, but I’m happy. I’m light, lighter. Very happy.


Later in the session, we connect to a Sasquatch that was her mate in another past life. But it is a different Sasquatch from the one who was captured in the past life. He speaks to us explaining that he is one of her protectors here on Earth.


A: Will you allow for the Sasquatch to talk?

C: Okay.

A: Good. Greetings brother.

Sasquatch: Greetings.

A: We welcome you. Thank you for speaking to us today, it’s an honor. Your people are beautiful. What is your connection to her? I know that she said that you were her mate.

Sasquatch: Yes.

A: Would you share some of your wisdom with us, and the sacred knowledge that you hold?

Sasquatch: Humans must remember to be in their hearts. We are all one, we grow together as one. We must be one and humans do not remember that. But she is remembering.

A: Beautiful.

Sasquatch: Thank you.

A: Thank you. May I continue asking you questions?

Sasquatch: Yes.

A: Is this your home planet, or did you come from another planet?

Sasquatch: Another planet.

A: Do you have a name for your planet?

Sasquatch: No.

A: Why is it that your people came to Earth?

Sasquatch: To help... Guardians.

A: Were you born here, or were you brought here?

Sasquatch: Born here, but memories of home.

A: What is it that you do for human life or all life on Earth? How do you aid us?

Sasquatch: We try to reconnect. We help humans reconnect with their hearts, their souls. We protect Mother Earth.

A: Do you work on us while we sleep?

Sasquatch: Yes.

A: How is it that you do this?

Sasquatch: With our minds and our hearts. We send love and energy. And there are many portals, we help with the portals. We are trying to help so that the portals are good.

A: You are trying to maintain them being good?

Sasquatch: Yes. Yes. We maintain who comes through.

A: You ensure negative beings don’t come through them?

Sasquatch: When we can.

A: So, do you stay near these portals?

Sasquatch: Yes, yes. It is our job.

A: Are you the Guardians of the portals?

Sasquatch: Yes.

A: Beautiful. We thank you for your service.

Sasquatch: Thank you.

A: Are there still some in this current time/space, are you still here, your species, on Earth?

Sasquatch: Yes.

A: Do you hide from the humans?

Sasquatch: We hide. Humans do not understand, they are afraid. But some humans remember. We speak to their hearts.

A: How about the humans that remember? Will you eventually show yourself physically to them?

Sasquatch: Yes, when they are ready.

A: Do you exist in groups? A family group?

Sasquatch: Yes. We travel through portals alone at times, but we live as a group. Back and forth, from this planet to another planet.

A: Are you connected to the Earth’s webbing of portals?

Sasquatch: Yes. We know where they are and we guard them, that is our job.

A: When you travel to other planets, what is the purpose you travel to other planets for?

Sasquatch: Beings. Other beings. Work, meeting with others for the light.

A: Do you work with the RA Collective?

Sasquatch: Hmmm.

A: The Galactics?

Sasquatch: There is a group that we discuss, we speak to.

A: What group is this?

Sasquatch: On a ship.

A: Does this group have a name?

Sasquatch: No, not for now... They are on a ship. We discuss progress, but it is not always work, it is also play.

A: That’s good.

Sasquatch: No names. No names.

A: These beings on the ship are they like multiple different races?

Sasquatch: Yes.

A: Are there many of them?

Sasquatch: It’s a large ship. Yes, many races. They are a Council.

A: Do they have a name as a Council? They are a Council of…?

Sasquatch: No name.

A: What Dimension is your vibratory system?

Sasquatch: Seventh.

A: Though you are in the Seventh, would humans be able to see you still?

Sasquatch: Some humans can.

A: I ask because there are pictures out there of supposed Sasquatch, would someone be able to take a picture of you?

Sasquatch: Not if we don’t want to be seen.

A: So those pictures, are they real?

Sasquatch: Not all of them. We are seen when we want to be seen.

A: For a purpose?

Sasquatch: Yes.

A: In order to be seen through the camera, would you need to lower your vibratory system?

Sasquatch: Yes.

A: What would you need to lower it to be able to be seen in the camera?

Sasquatch: Fourth. Many cannot see us.

A: Would we have to be pure of heart to see you?

Sasquatch: From the heart, in the heart.

A: Beautiful. Thank you for all these answers you’ve given us today. I would love to share these with humanity. There is misconception, and also fear, humans fear what they don’t understand. So, I would love to be able to, with your permission, share your wisdom as the Sasquatch race that you are with others.

Sasquatch: Yes.

A: Thank you. Anything else you want to tell humanity?

Sasquatch: When their heart is ready, they will hear the truth.

A: Let me think if there are any other questions.

Sasquatch: The time is coming that more will believe and understand.

A: Yes. Wonderful. We thank you for all the work and the aid that you give all life on Earth. I honor you, I love you, and I respect you. Thank you, brother.

Sasquatch: Thank you.

A: Blessings.


Later in the session, Carmen’s Higher Self does a Body Scan on her and a Reptilian consciousness is discovered.


A: Can you scan the rest of her body and see what else needs healing please?

Higher Self: Her heart.

A: What’s going on in her heart?

Higher Self: A sadness.

A: That is connected to?

Higher Self: Loss.

A: Is it connected to that life where she lost her three boys and her husband?

Higher Self: Many lives.

A: She holds a collective of sadness?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Are there entities that I need to speak to there?

Higher Self: Energy darker. Darker energy.

A: Do I need to speak to the entities there or can you heal this energy?

Higher Self: It does not seem to have an entity, but energy from an entity.

A: When were these energies, like her feet, placed into her with no entity?

Higher Self: As a child.

A: This entity was never in there?

Higher Self: Once. Yes, it was.

A: When did it leave?

Higher Self: The past year. It left its energy.

A: Why did it leave its energy?

Higher Self: To affect her.

A: But why did it choose to leave?

Higher Self: Uncomfortable. Uhm, cannot see the entity. The color of the energy is a gray-ish black of energy.

A: Did it leave because it wasn’t going to be able to stay with her vibration raising higher?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Is this why it left its energy instead?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Okay. Can you heal that for her now please?

Higher Self: It’s like smoke in her heart.

A: Okay. Let me know if you need me to help?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Good.

Higher Self: Please help. 


Aurora helps channel Love-Light by placing her palms towards the client.


A: Let’s heal that energy and spread that energy down to the back of her heels that you are also healing. Let me know along the way once they’re healed. As we send energy to her heart and her heels, can you scan the rest of her body and see what else needs healing, please? 

Higher Self: Her neck.

A: What’s going on there?

Higher Self: Darker attachment. 

A: Is it an entity?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: That one is? Very good. Can I please speak to the entity within her throat, within her neck? Come up, up, up, up. Greetings, hello?

Entity: Yes.

A: Thank you for speaking to us. Are you female or male?

Entity: Male.

A: How is it that you find yourself in her neck?

Entity: I’ve been there since she was a child.

A: This life?

Entity: Yes.

A: Did you have a body before you entered her throat?

Entity: Yes.

A: What happened to you? How did you die?

Entity: I am not dead.

A: You’re not? Are you coexisting? Are you part of an energy that’s alive then of a vessel?

Entity: Yes.

A: Who are you connected to? Whose energy, are you?

Entity: Lower.

A: But you said you are not dead, so was this someone she knows in her life?

Entity: No, no, no.

A: Okay. Where were you before you entered her throat, her neck?

Entity: A darker plane.

A: So, did you come forth from this darker plane?

Entity: Yes. Others know that I am here.

A: Others like whom?

Entity: The Reptilians.

A: Are you connected to the Reptilians?

Entity: Yes.

A: Are you a Reptilian?

Entity: Yes.

A: Now I know that you came forth from the dark and were placed here in her throat, and I would love to... (client says something inaudible) … Go ahead, say that again.

Entity: Neck. Shoulder.

A: I know you’ve been here a while and you were sent here... I understand the role that you did here. What was the lesson that you taught her here in her throat?

Entity: To be pressure, pressure. To be afraid. Very cautious.

A: So, you are still coexisting in a vessel correct? Is that why you said you are not dead?

Entity: Yes.

A: You are a consciousness of a Reptilian?

Entity: Yes.

A: Well, I thank you for speaking to us, and I view all as equals. I understand that you serve a purpose here. I would love to help you today because we are of the light and we all come from the Creator. Would you allow for us to help you spread your light within you, so that you may be free brother and go as you please?

Entity: Yes.

A: I thank you. I want you to envision that light within you, envision that light within you and I want you to spread it to all that is of you that does not belong to her. All your roots, all your cords, all that is, all your essence; spread it to all light and let me know once you are all light.

Entity: There is a portal.

A: Where is the portal at?

Entity: Her neck.

A: Is this how you’re able to enter through?

Entity: Yes.

A: Would you help us close that off brother?

Entity: Yes.

A: Thank you. As you are turning yourself into light, can we close this portal as well?

Entity: Yes.

A: I thank you. Let me know how it’s looking.

Entity: The portal is gone.

A: We thank you. And how are you looking?

Entity: Lifting.

A: Wonderful. Yes. Once you are all of light go ahead and lift, remove yourself from her neck. Lift, pull all that is of you that does not belong to her, pull it all out, please.

Entity: It’s still a little…

A: Do you need help with Phoenix Fire?

Entity: Yes.

A: Good. I call forth on the Phoenix Fire that’s able to be called forth from anyone that connects from the heart. I call forth on the Phoenix Fire to help our brother here release himself from her throat and transmute those last pieces that are stuck to her.

Positive Polarized Entity: Thank you.

A: Thank you... Are we all good now?

Positive Polarized Entity: Yes.

A: Did we heal everything there? Did we pull everything out?

Positive Polarized Entity: Small.

A: There’s something small there?

Positive Polarized Entity: Yes.

A: Can I focus on that with the Phoenix Fire and clear it?

Positive Polarized Entity: Yes.

A: Good. I’ll keep focusing on that. While I focus on that can you answer a couple questions before you go? 

Positive Polarized Entity: Yes, yes.

A: Good. Thank you. I appreciate it. Now that you have released yourself, this consciousness from her neck, what happens to the - you said that you were still alive. What happens to that Reptilian there?

Positive Polarized Entity: Go back to the group.

A: He will go back to what group?

Positive Polarized Entity: His group. His…

A: His Reptilian group?


This was before we had discovered that we could connect to the Reptilian body who had attached their Reptilian consciousness to the client. We now can connect to the Reptilian body, convincing them of the light that they are to help them positively polarize. The more that we do this work every day, the Earth and the Universe becomes lighter by aiding to Ascend the race that held the biggest density of this Universe, because of its quantity in numbers. 


Positive Polarized Entity: Yes.

A: What happens to you? I know you will go to the light.

Positive Polarized Entity: I’m not sure.

A: Well once you turn yourself into light, you are able to go be free and return back to Love-Light, to that existence there. Therefore, was there any harm to this Reptilian when we removed him and turned you into light? What happened to him?

Positive Polarized Entity: No harm. He went back.

A: Back to his group? And his duties?

Positive Polarized Entity: Yes.

A: Okay. Do you have a message before you go?

Positive Polarized Entity: No.

A: She said she saw a Reptilian man when she was in the bathroom, was that you?

Positive Polarized Entity: No.

A: Who was that? Do you know who that was?

Positive Polarized Entity: Someone watching.

A: Someone watching her?

Positive Polarized Entity: Yes.

A: Why are they watching her?

Positive Polarized Entity: Because of her light.

A: Why is it that they are able to connect to her if she is trying to raise her vibrations and shield?

Positive Polarized Entity: They can no longer.

A: They can no longer connect to her?

Positive Polarized Entity: No.

A: Wonderful. What is it that changed this?

Positive Polarized Entity: Removing the consciousness.

A: So, this was also connected to the portal, this was how they were able to watch her?

Positive Polarized Entity: Yes.

A: Oh, thank you. This is wonderful to hear. Any last message you have before you go, brother?

Positive Polarized Entity: No.

A: Okay, we thank you for allowing for us to aid you, and may you go with the Love-Light of the Universe. Blessings. Thank you.






As of September 4th, 2020, we are on our #301 A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session. We humbly thank Carmen for being one of the first sessions bringing the awareness of how Reptilian consciousnesses are able to attach to beings all over the Universe. At the beginning, little by little through each session we were given pieces of how to aid the clients, and the different negative alien races that have been trapped in a wheel of dark agendas. These puzzle pieces come together to help heal through each subsequent session in a more grander mass scale, as we progress through these collective Galactic Journeys. 


We have often wondered about the true history of the indigenous people of the Earth. Once being the majority, now the minority. What was it that drove these conquerors in Earth’s History to destroy families and ancient fertile developed lands? We now understand what was fueling their determination to possess. For example, like that dark entity collective attached to these conquerors’ aura, influencing their natural ability of choice. It is as if they had no say other than overthrowing, possessing, conquering and killing. Once they allow the negative side of ego to enter and reign with power, these types of dark collective entities are able to attach and influence others in this manner, because they are now a match frequency to its host, that being the conquerors. 


We take this moment in time as we read, to send love to the Indigenous People, who once were the beautiful race designated as the caretakers of this Earth. Living as one within the natures and elements around them, to cloth, feed, shelter, and their families. They honored all parts of what they took from their environment, for example, all parts of a hunted deer were treated with respect and nothing ever wasted or spoiled. Who honored and talked to Grandmother Moon, Father Sun and Mother Earth. Who understood that the stars spoke with divine messages for our souls and villages. For reminding us that they were not alone, because they had guides here with them in the physical as the benevolent race of the Sasquatch. We honor them for paving these paths for us. 


When people as Carmen’s tribe were robbed from such a harmonious life, we can imagine the trauma this could cause to a soul. To have it all, shelter, nourishment and love, and for it all to be taken away from people you have never met in your life who act with no reason and with violence. And how Carmen was forced to marry this unknown man after she was taken hostage and bore children. Always in deep sorrow and mourning for the family she once had, and intimately loved. We send our love to these beautiful and resilient ancestors of the past. 


This session reminded us of how the dark energies and entities have been controlling humans throughout their times on Earth, by separating communities. Looking at where we are on Earth, it is glorious to watch the Starseeds incarnated and the people who were stuck, now breaking through otherwise repeated unbreakable cycles of trauma - which in turn is activating others to do so as well. It was also an honor to hear from our brethren race, the Sasquatch, and what it is that they guard. We are grateful to them for showing us their loving and gentle manner, and how they view us as perhaps their younger appointed brethren, we as the children of the Earth. 


The importance of these portals the Sasquatch spoke of. We provide more information about the significance of these portals, in Chapters 22, 23 and 24. In the time and space when this session occurred, it was not yet safe enough for the Sasquatch Guardian to share more on these Councils they were affiliated with and why it is that these portals are being guarded. This shows us how much we have raised our frequency in the NOW, as a collective in such a short amount of time. It is now safe collectively and energetically to share this sacred information that has always been guarded heavily prior. If this sacred information was shared when the collective frequency was not high enough, it would have created possible targeted infringements to these sacred locations. We have now reached the critical threshold of higher vibration and light for the collective, thanks to all the beautiful courageous souls anchoring in the Love-Light and to the Love-Light warriors out there awakening hearts wherever they go. 


“To honor Creation: to feel and fall in love with the warmth of the Earth beneath your soles. To look upon the Sun and become ONE with its infinite healing consciousness. To be touched by the Water, and to allow for it to absorb you. To respect the strength of the Fire, and its renewal. To hear the whispers of the wind as it embraces all that is of you. To silence in mind, through connection to all life within Spirit.”



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  • Muman

    Hi, thanks for the transcript, I really appreciate being able to read rather than sit through a video presentation. FYI the ‘Mars Records’ has a really good article or two regarding the Reptilian implants as described here and solutions similar to what was implemented in this transcription. Much love.

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