Archangel Metatron


Archangel Metatron: He is the color purple/indigo, and all Elements. He is connected to the number 1111 representing new beginnings and he is the creation of the Metatron Cubic Star. He is located with his Twin Flame Archangel Jophiel in the "The Key of Shambhala" and within the 13th key "Heart Chakra". For more on these keys, click here. 

Call on him when you need additional clearing of energies with his Metatron cubic star. He is great at getting the flow of energy through the third eye and crown chakra. Can aid in opening or expanding the Third Eye chakra. He is associated with the Merkabah, also known as Metatron’s Cubic Star. 

He exists within all geometric and repetitive shapes of creation. Loves to find solutions to all that is deemed impossible. Metatron is also considered the helper of sensitive children in maintaining their abilities open and clearing children from the harm of immunizations, and aids those new to spirituality. Works with prophets, timelines, is a bridge holding space for those to enter into the New Earth. Ask for Metatron’s help when you want to understand the mysteries of the Universe.


For more on his role as a Guardian, click the videos below.


This is the first Channeling of Archangel Metatron who has a message for all his brothers and sisters through this Live Channel! You won’t want to miss this one! He shares how he was created, who he played since the beginning of time, his true twin flame! The role for humanity he plays! Hope, love, strength, oneness! What role he plays with “The Event”. He will open your heart wide open, with his own heart!



Aurora channels Archangel Metatron. In this time where our souls are singing out for a freedom and liberation. Teaching how to alchemize into freedom of the soul. His connection to children from the time of creation to birth and even after to aid with their gifts. His guidance to parents, the infringements to be aware of and ways to avoid them. We are all data to the illuminati. How to aid these star children - really all children. Details on where and how to birth your children - what to watch out for? Hospital births - what is happening in the background really?!



Illustration of Archangel Metatron created by Dana Grozdanova at

"Dana Grozdanova is a clear channel of the wisdom from Spirit. She creates intuitive art to connect people to  their highest self and to help them feel their own pure essence. Each painting is infused with healing and with the powerful energy of their own divine self."


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