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The Sacred 7 Goddesses of Gaia | The Archon Father

Galactic History | The Sacred 7 Goddesses of Gaia | The Archon Father   Live Channeling: YouTube January 7th, 2022.     Channeling the forgotten ones, "The Sacred 7 Goddesses of Gaia". They take us on a journey through Earth's Galactic History and more on the Archon Father. The beginning birthing of the Universes. Come remember and unlock this sacred divine power within you. The elements of the earth, fire, water, air, crystal, organic darkness and womb within.    -------------<<>>-------------   To watch this session transmitted Live on YouTube click the video below. Join us every Friday Live as Aurora Channels Galactic History or updates, Alien Races and Ascended Masters at 1pm USA central time on Youtube, Rising Phoenix Aurora. Hit the bell...

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Blue Is Creation

The color blue is within the beginning life forms of Source itself. This ‘Blue Flamed Source’, rippled out becoming pieces of infinite rainbows within it. Blue is the life force invisible to your eyes. It is as the water within your Earth, and the water within your skies. Within the deepest of the Earth's waters, blue is the first and last color when all other colors fade. Within the beginning and ending of a flame, blue is the first and last you see when the flame is ignited or put out. Reminding you that blue is creation.  These are memory fields of our Universe, reminding you that below and above all around you is a blue organic essence, that is...

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Inner Earth Galactic Guardian Adama

"Galactic Soul History of the Universe" Book 1  CHAPTER 23 INNER EARTH GALACTIC GUARDIAN - ADAMA   Live Channeling: YouTube May 22nd, 2020.   Galactic RA Guardian Adama from the Inner Earth provides the details of the A.I. virus; how it sprung forth and the plan of the second wave to come. What are the most infringed Chakras/Keys on Earth and why? What is the significance of the spiritual commercialized locations like Peru, Sedona, and other locations all over Earth? Details on how we can assist on Earth. What are the Galactic Wars based on, in terms of keeping us constructed and balanced as Unity Consciousness? The pyramids - once again - what is the importance of their presence on...

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Egyptian Pharaoh Osiris The Pyramids

"Galactic Soul History of the Universe" Book 1  CHAPTER 22 EGYPTIAN PHARAOH OSIRIS - THE PYRAMIDS Live Channeling: YouTube May 8th, 2020.    We have included this transmission as it fills in some of the foundational pieces needed for the understanding of how to assist collectively to balance Mother Earth. The foundation and creation of our organic construct - the story of Creation, of pyramids, grids, plasmic energy.    Who is Osiris and what was his role within the beginnings of Egypt, and his connection to Creation and Inner Earth? How can we use the gridding of the pyramids now to aid the collective? What does each one of the pyramids represent? What is the connection to Peru? A reminder...

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