Yeshua The 13th Key


Call on Yeshua if you are looking to awaken and activate your heart chakra in finding self love, compassion, and love for all life in creation. He will help you tap into your infinite love/light source energy in your everyday life and use this forcefield to heal all around you. When you are in times of despair and have lost hope, he will come to you to remind you of the great beauties that you are of the fractal of creation you are.

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Greetings! The long and awaited divine time has come for AuroRa to channel Yeshua once more. It's been two years since AuroRa went into channel with Yeshua for 1 hour long. An immensity of growth has come into fruition on Earth since, and Yeshua is ready now to share further sacred knowledge that will blast our hearts wide open and leave us with tears of love in our eyes. You don't want to miss this one!



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