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FEAR BASED is Backwards

3 years ago when I started coming out as a 'Healer LightWorker' I was told by my own peer community that these things did not exist and that I was 'fear based'. However the more I stood my ground the more that people who had been affected negatively in many ways by negative aliens, entities, implants, negative a.i. viruses would find a feeling of home, in what it was we were bridging helping them connect to. The KEY out of this inverted construct, “self healing”. We were confirming what they already knew in their hearts from birth. That they were here to be ‘truth seekers’ by exterminating the earth with infinite love light. They too had been told the same,...

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For those strong light workers not afraid to immerse into the dark and be that guiding light out from it. These times are hard for us because we have reached a frequency that required much inner work, which has heighten our sensitivity to our abilities. You are not only hearing and feeling it from your loved ones but also supposed light workers. This is for you. It is ok for you to remove those people from your auric field that allow to be moved around through strings of the puppeteers of the negative aliens/archons.🔥WE DO NOT Consent!  

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I Am Here Because of You

Being in the public eye and meeting several spiritual leaders there is such a strong realization of how guarded we are. I am here because of my openness to your messages as often I do receive what is exactly needed for my next evolution through the reflection of you. To not recognize this beauty is to place ourselves on a pedestal and we create a blockage of our true heart connection to the collective.

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