FEAR BASED is Backwards

3 years ago when I started coming out as a 'Healer LightWorker' I was told by my own peer community that these things did not exist and that I was 'fear based'.

However the more I stood my ground the more that people who had been affected negatively in many ways by negative aliens, entities, implants, negative a.i. viruses would find a feeling of home, in what it was we were bridging helping them connect to. The KEY out of this inverted construct, “self healing”.

We were confirming what they already knew in their hearts from birth. That they were here to be ‘truth seekers’ by exterminating the earth with infinite love light. They too had been told the same, that they were crazy or that it was only in THEIR ‘belief system’.

As I continued to speak to the Galactics and the Angelic's they showed me how the Light Worker community had been programmed themselves. The minute they made a video, a post, opened a spiritual business... they became the focus point by the archons/negative aliens knowing that their abilities had been activated.

They then used their abilities against them, if they were a channel they would use strong archon mind technologies and strong telepathic negative aliens to connect to them to give them false information on spiritual teachings... It is a genius intellectual plan to feed false light information into the collective of the 'love lights' that are awakening. Straying them from their hearts and instead into the 'higher mind'. When it is the 'higher heart' where we need to activate connecting to our 'higher mind' to release out from the 3D world.

Just as the 3D was set up inverted/backwards to maintain us in this a.i. matrix the lightworker community was set up inverted as well. Making you not believe and bash those that spoke from their hearts, that we're truth seekers, not agreeing with their heart centered knowledge, those who see beyond the hidden masks. 

Question all that you are taught and don't let ALL become part of your DNA structure integrating into your belief. Feel everything first before allowing for it to integrate into you and become you. We are not hive minds like the archons and negative alien hives. We are individual consciousnesses that create their own free willed expression in oneness. Remember who you are, you are not here to blend in, please anyone, follow the line... You are here instead to create your own lines and paths that are bridges of love that lead out this a.i. Inverted matrix simulation.


                    𝓐𝓾𝓻𝓸𝓻𝓪 ♥️

Founder of A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Technique


To watch how easily souls can become corrupted watch the video below. In this AURA Hypnosis Healing #268 session the client finds herself in the beginnings of Earth. An Elvin Council their connection to humanity. She takes us through an example of how a powerful alien can become corrupted in creation. Human trafficking in the universe. 


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  • Stacy

    I appreciate all of your sharing & all that you do for all of us. It is very overwhelming to deal w/all that goes on daily in this world that is sometimes not so nice to have to doubt everyone and everthing in existence. I am not doubting anythink that you’re saying at all, but it just seems like from the moment of conception that we have been set up for failure with the deck stacked against us. We are stripped of our memories (most of us) before we incarnate but bring in past life issues in this life. I know that we need to trust in ourselves but sometimes it seems challenging. You mentioned in your fearbased memo that the beings can tell when we are activated and use strong mind control against us. I guess I am trying to figure out how do we win in this “game” if we are having to always to tighten up our security (so to speak). I am a believer of shielding and have been affected by not doing so in the past. I guess I never really knew how much we truely are attempted to be controlled and by how many. I am grateful for the wayshowers like yourself. I hope this makes sense xx’s Stacy

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