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I Am Here Because of You

Being in the public eye and meeting several spiritual leaders there is such a strong realization of how guarded we are. I am here because of my openness to your messages as often I do receive what is exactly needed for my next evolution through the reflection of you. To not recognize this beauty is to place ourselves on a pedestal and we create a blockage of our true heart connection to the collective.

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The Bravest of Hearts

I am a Sovereign Being. Do not take my love for weakness as I am far from that. I reserve the right to filter messages addressed to me because they are directly pertaining to me, if they contain hate, judgement, ill intent, energetic attack from your entities, or if you are cabal. I am strong and I know when vibration and intents mean harm. My super power is being an Empath so that I may feel what intents are directed to me in harm. You cannot overstep my boundaries. Teaching infinite love with boundaries.  

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