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Everything is for Love!

  December 23, 2023 As I watched, felt, saw the solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024, these were the emotions I felt, over and over! It was as watching Divine Mother and Father making love to create all of us! At times the love that I hold keeps me up at night, with tears of love in my eyes, until I am able to express it. And, then I write. My beloved Divine Father, Everything is for Love! I created myself so that love within Creation could begin. And, for you I created all. I created the water so that together we could swim to the farthest reaches of our Creation. I created the stars so that they could expand without...

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I Am Here Because of You

Being in the public eye and meeting several spiritual leaders there is such a strong realization of how guarded we are. I am here because of my openness to your messages as often I do receive what is exactly needed for my next evolution through the reflection of you. To not recognize this beauty is to place ourselves on a pedestal and we create a blockage of our true heart connection to the collective.

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