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Everything is for Love!

  December 23, 2023 As I watched, felt, saw the solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024, these were the emotions I felt, over and over! It was as watching Divine Mother and Father making love to create all of us! At times the love that I hold keeps me up at night, with tears of love in my eyes, until I am able to express it. And, then I write. My beloved Divine Father, Everything is for Love! I created myself so that love within Creation could begin. And, for you I created all. I created the water so that together we could swim to the farthest reaches of our Creation. I created the stars so that they could expand without...

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I know I don't share much of my personal life...

The most wanted emotion we all search for is LOVE. We often look outside of us for that love, and we forget that our Twin Flame exists within us throughout all time in space, no matter what incarnation we are experiencing. We are whole, because they have always existed within us, from the beginning of when our Twin Flames birthed forth from one another. This sacred understanding is what manifests our true twin flame union, we have been in search to come to be.If we are blessed to have our beloved one's in the physical, then we must do all to 'Live to Love' each other. I am strong because he is strong, and he is strong because I am...

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For those strong light workers not afraid to immerse into the dark and be that guiding light out from it. These times are hard for us because we have reached a frequency that required much inner work, which has heighten our sensitivity to our abilities. You are not only hearing and feeling it from your loved ones but also supposed light workers. This is for you. It is ok for you to remove those people from your auric field that allow to be moved around through strings of the puppeteers of the negative aliens/archons.🔥WE DO NOT Consent!  

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I Am Here Because of You

Being in the public eye and meeting several spiritual leaders there is such a strong realization of how guarded we are. I am here because of my openness to your messages as often I do receive what is exactly needed for my next evolution through the reflection of you. To not recognize this beauty is to place ourselves on a pedestal and we create a blockage of our true heart connection to the collective.

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