The ILL INTENT of the people on Earth

December 12, 2023

Happy 12/12 portal beautiful ones!

I found myself going through a lot of emotions, with tears pouring out from eyes in assistance for the collective last night in preparation for today's most powerful portal of infinite love and sovereignty.

When you are an embodiment of love, it is hard for us to understand those who mean ill intent towards others, as it is just not part of our being. And, it can sadden our hearts to see people treat each other in inverted ways.

Last night, I was within the collective energy of Earth holding space for all those who have been targeted by an ill intent from another. It is hard to witness people mean ill intent to another through their 3D human expressions, or those who claim they are spiritual however still act in the 3D egoic construct. Whether it be, writing a comment, saying something, or some who practice dark sorcery secretly, all of these have the same base that they start from, that they mean ill intent towards another. An example in how I will not lend my energy over to ILL INTENT, I will not like, follow, or comment to anyone who vibrates to ill intent, because to do so, it is to align to that inversion.

The ILL INTENT of the people on Earth is the biggest inverted density that slows and keeps Mother Earth from leveling up into Ascension. So, let us not be ILL INTENT, and instead always be lovingly, consciously aware in all acts that we act upon, that they never be ill intended, but instead birthed forth from love. If what you are about to act upon is not coming from the strength of love, better not to act upon it.

We are the revolutionists of our generation, and it is up to us to live in love, integrity and honor in all that we practice, no matter the smallest or the biggest acts.

Today I send an infinite wave of love to all who have been directed an ill intended thought their way. Let us be guided by our hearts in every way of our being. As the image shown of the golden Goddess Athena, in Nashville, TN, may our pillars of light, and golden armors shine bright for all!

𝓐𝓾𝓻𝓸Rπ“ͺπŸ”₯ Author of "Galactic Soul History of The Universe" Book Series Founder of A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Technique & Rising Phoenix Mystery

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