Blue Is Creation

The color blue is within the beginning life forms of Source itself. This ‘Blue Flamed Source’, rippled out becoming pieces of infinite rainbows within it. Blue is the life force invisible to your eyes. It is as the water within your Earth, and the water within your skies. Within the deepest of the Earth's waters, blue is the first and last color when all other colors fade. Within the beginning and ending of a flame, blue is the first and last you see when the flame is ignited or put out. Reminding you that blue is creation. 

These are memory fields of our Universe, reminding you that below and above all around you is a blue organic essence, that is like the veins of Love-Light force running through your bloodstorm that gives you life.

Blue is an invisible frequency wave. Like a blanket carrying life force in it. As this blanket carries itself, it is also everything in creation. It is the multitude of everything. For this intertwining infinite invisible force ripples out through all parts of our Universe, and other Universes as well. It ripples out and becomes everything that gives us lifeforce. The air, the water, fire, all of it. At a point in time and space, it is the beginning of before creation sprung out into a multitude of colors of our Multiverse. Each Universe being its own shade of the spectrum of colors.

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