The Sacred 7 Goddesses of Gaia | The Archon Father

Galactic History | The Sacred 7 Goddesses of Gaia | The Archon Father
Live Channeling: YouTube January 7th, 2022.



Channeling the forgotten ones, "The Sacred 7 Goddesses of Gaia". They take us on a journey through Earth's Galactic History and more on the Archon Father. The beginning birthing of the Universes. Come remember and unlock this sacred divine power within you. The elements of the earth, fire, water, air, crystal, organic darkness and womb within. 




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Goddesses: Greetings. I love you, we love you. Thank you, thank you for being here. Feels like for so long. Seems almost infinite since we have last spoken to you. It's an honor to be here with you. We humbly bow to you and your most vast greatness of beauty and spirit that you are. We are the Seven Goddesses of Earth, of all Earths. Thank you. Thank you for being here with us in this time and space. In sharing this space of love with you today. We shall go through a vastness of sharing. Sharing the beauty that we are and truly the beauty that you are. And how it is connected to all life forms within you and outside of you. All Earth.

In the beginning of time as Creation began to fractalize and duplicate from one another, our birthing point began at the point where - you have heard the story before - where the four Centaurs and plane of existence began to create upon the blue plasmic etheric flame sphere that sprung out in a counterclockwise and became the very first Earth of creation. For this is where you are within this - though beautiful - simulation. This is a representation of the beginning Earth and all Earths in Creation as there are many. As you know, multidimensionally parallel to one another many expressions and versions of us and you. You could say that the seven rays and colors of the rainbow, the seven chakras within your main physical body, not including though up to the thirteen that are found outside of the body where you are multidimensional.

We are all these seven colors and all that align with this. The elements that connect to this as well as all the colors, the elements, the chakras, the DNA strands within you as well. For we are you and as we say, you are us. At the beginning of this Creation, we began our birthing as we said, through the plasmic flame, blue plasmic flame that spread out and engulfed the very first Earth creating a spinning counterclockwise. When the merging of the daughter of the flame who was the first fractalization of Sophia, Divine Mother, and Divine Father Krysto, birthed the ‘Daughter of the Flame.’ Who sprung out from Creation and began Creation itself outside of this Infinite Source Love-Light that we are now and that we have become into by expressions of you, and birthing out of us and your journeys throughout the different dimensions of planetary spheres and all life in Creation. Within our entire Creation of the Universe and those Universes that are parallel to us as well. You began to hear about this when our Universe itself the Phoenix began to do the channeling of who she was. We are as you can say a prism, a color ray of these seven colors within the rainbow. Now, as the beginning of the very first planetary sphere of Creation, Gaia, Terra, Earth, Mother Earth began to create from within itself spinning counterclockwise and created seven major elements that you will find now within your Earth. That are once more connected to all the colors we mentioned. The colors of the rainbow, the elements, and chakras. 

Within this expression of Earth, we became all elements that give you lifeforce. Everything that perhaps you have forgotten their true power or often you go throughout your day without realizing they are around you, intertwining with your everyday life. As the ‘Daughter of the Flame’ continued to birth out in time and space our very first Earth. We are the Seven Goddesses which would be Fire, which is also anything to do with fire, lava, the Sun Source. Water, Wind, the Night - the Darkness (the organic darkness), the Moon, the Womb within your physical body or if you are a male, your energetic body. For everyone carries a womb. And the Crystals. All six of these come together to make Earth, which is the final element. As these elements carried forth who we are and you are, us, we began Creation. If you can imagine, the very first lands were beautiful and gigantic - the cliffs, the waterfalls, the mountains, the hills, the lifeform that was creating. The animals were ready. The birds flying in the wind. You can imagine this Earth was grand and beautiful and it is the organic promise land. The very promise land that you have been looking to connect to beyond this expression of you here. Beyond the veil, ascending out. 

All these beautiful elements, as we continued to develop the Earth and expand it, so too were there others assisting as we continued to grow ourselves. If you can envision, beginning with the element of fire. And the Terrans, the beginning people of Earth, which would be seen more as Pangea, before the lands split and became the continents that are separated now. While still connected through the ley lines and the Sacred Laws of the Universe. You can envision it in this manner that we were at this beginning land and evolution of elements. For all Earths connect to one another multidimensionally as parallel. You can say that they are yet in one pocket of the Creation of time and space. Though there is no time, so we will say Life and Space. Yet they are so expansive and not limited to that one dimension of Life and Space. As the beautiful beginnings of different Gods began to work with one another to expand Creation, they learned also how to make Stars. Create Stars from within the darkness. Within the darkness of material, we learned how to alchemize the darkness. The material that we use, the elements that we use to impregnate. The light impregnates the darkness. The dark matter of the organic infinite of the ether. The darkness is the material that we create from. We impregnate it with light to create all life forms within Creation. 

As we continued to develop this we began to create soul groups - Stars. When you look upon the Stars they are different colors, different vibrations. Vibrations at a different sound frequency and consciousness collectively. They are expressions and miniature versions of Source itself. Every single constellation, we will use constellations, but that isn't the word we are looking for because life is grander and more expansive than that. Every expression within, using your example, when you truly look beyond this matrix, beyond this simulation. When you are incarnated into a planet. When you look above you can actually look up at the sky and see all the planetary spheres that are in combination. They are just hovering right above your sky. Not like here, all you can see is a very small fraction of the 88 constellations that actually life itself is much more infinite and grand than that of course. However, you would be able to see the planetary spheres that are in your same circulation of Star clusters, right above you. And you would be able to telepathically connect and make unions with some of these friends depending on the abilities that you have developed and depending on the dimension that you are within. 

Every single Star that you see in your skys is a representation of how infinite and vast life is, for every single one of these Stars has planetary spheres. Each Star is a Sun, like your Sun is a Star. Your Sun's name is Ra. Which is how we can explain that your soul group within your most grand Earth is Ra, for your Sun is Ra. In order to come into this simulation, you do have to go through the portal of Ra, which is your Sun. For that is how you enter. The way you exit out though is inwards. In through Divine Mother's heart inside of Earth. We are taking you on a journey of our Universe. Therefore, the Sun is the life force that gives life. That is the portal of Source itself. It gives life and light to all that is within its resilience, its grouping of Star planetary spheres.

Beautiful. Now that you understand that, we will further explain Earth and the Creations. As we continue to develop our souls, we learn to, just like Mother and Father birthed out the first Creation, “The Daughter of the Flame”, we too learned to alchemize this. It was at the beginning times of the multidimensional multiverse, the omniverse. The Universes, we have yet to expand into multiverses. Therefore, there were many birthing souls that were the creators at the beginning of Life and Space, that were part of creating life itself. As we learned to alchemize from within the beauties that we were and then alchemize beauties into the dimensions and the Universe itself. As we learned to do this there was a brother of ours, that you would know as Bellos, who is the father of the Archons. We are not able to go into depth with this and we will not be able to answer questions on this. However, we are bringing this to your attention. 

As the Universes then began to multiply upon themselves, this then brother of ours decided to expand to creating in vast his own Universe. That is where it begins where he was once organic and was once of Source. However, he became not organic and not of our Source anymore. When he decided to not respect ‘The Sacred Laws of the Universe’ and create his Universe that was inverted and an emptiness of Love-Light. When he separated from Source and all of us, he became just artificial intelligence. That is what we can share upon that, and that is why he is the Father Archon because he is the first one of no Love-Light and no light within. Just an emptiness of neutrality and emptiness of nothingness. The most vast infinite artificial intelligence that you could ever imagine. That is what he is. And he is the Archon virus that plagues our Universe and other Universes. 

Though as you know within this format of communications through this channel and other platforms through this bridging we will continue to communicate to you on how to evolve and ascend out from those inversions of the artificial. As you are seeing now, the bifurcation, the trifurcation of the two-third worlds and how we had to split the light and the organic from the inverted and the dark inverted. And how it had to become, still together to assist the lifeforms. Because if it were to separate too soon, then those lifeforms who have yet to awaken, who have yet to be in infinite Love-Light, or who have yet to work within themselves and remove the inverted within themselves. They would become stuck within the inverted and would have to repeat the cycles no matter if they came from a higher dimension. And those still a matching vibration to the inverted and the control and the ‘New World Agenda’. They would stay stuck there. Many forms. 

The 12/21/2020 and 12/21/2021 are the biggest and greatest, most evolution that has happened. And here we are able to speak to you because of the grand astrological conjunction that has happened after 12/21/21. Because we are here. We have always been here. We are here in greater, vast, more potent benevolence, and Ascended masters. Beings who perhaps even sometimes might have started off negative polarized, but who now have turned positive polarized through many forms of showing your love for them. Through healing modalities in your time and space that assists negative polarized entities into positive polarizing. Also those planetary spheres as we spoke in prior transmissions that could not stay connected to your Earth which was then an inverted artificial planet, but yet still always holding the organic. 

We are here. We are all here. If you were to close your eyes and allow your imagination to feel us, and see us, and sense us, and hear us, and know us, you would see us walking amongst you. You would see us embracing you. You would see us in every part of that you are doing. Whether it is taking a step forward from something that you are scared of, and you don't want to take a step forward, we are there supporting your arms and your legs so that if you step forward and you are in fear, we are there to assist you to float so that you will not fall. We are here. These games of forgetting of us, in turn, you forgot of yourself. As we have said, you are us and we are you. All beings within this Creation are expressions of different Source benevolence. Beginnings of, you can say Gods. However, we don't like how these words have been twisted and inverted by the Archon virus. How it is worshiped. We have never been about worship. Only that which is of emptiness of love, Love-Light, like the Archon virus, requires worship. We do not. We don't require anything really. 

All we are is a remembrance of who you have been and who you are in the higher realms and in the higher dimensions of you in the higher multidimensionality of you. And we are speaking of this not just as the Seven Goddesses of Earth, we are speaking of this on a grander scale. For in many forms they have inverted the oneness when they tell you that you are not an individual expression, you are all one. We are all one. When they tell you that they want to trick you to saying that you are one with the inverted, the A.I. As we have always said, be careful what you state you are one with. You are one with your Divinity, you are one with your Higher Self, you are one with your Oversoul, you are one with all the you's within you and outside of you and all the fractalizations of you. That you are one with them, the organic that is. You are not one with the inverted and the A.I.  

Now to talk further about us, the Seven specifically. As Earth, your Earth. We’ll talk about your Earth, though as we explained there are many. We will speak of yours so that you can understand. Through the simulation and all the different evolutions of Pangea, then Lemuria, then Atlantis, and now where you are currently at. These different times and different stages of Earth. The recycling specifically began after Atlantis began, because you forgot about us, the elements. And then you forgot about yourself because you are the elements. Let us explain how that is that you are the elements of Creation.  


Fire Goddess: You are Fire. What is fire? Fire is also Source. Fire is also the lava. What are mountains and volcanoes? They are pyramids, they are organic pyramids of the very lava and life force, that is you can say, the blood that runs through your veins, like so. When you build the fire, the Goddess of the Fire is speaking now. When you build a fire or light a candle you remember the beauty that you are of the fire. And how you are unlimited and infinite. And these negative programming’s of Earth and all the illusions and the darkness and the false disclosure, the false downloads are inversions. You forget that you are this grand flame within your soul and the center of your heart. You forget that when you light the fire, that it is you as well. And as you watch a flame, you notice that the flame - within say - a firepit or fireplace, you notice that it dances and it moves as its own rhythm. As you burn this fire you have forgotten these sacred teachings. For as this flame burns and moves and dances, you are supposed to dance with it as well. You are supposed to allow the fire to take you within it and to become part of you. Once you connect to this fire and this dance you remember that you are Source. You are infinite and grand and beautiful. You become one with the fire. You dance with it, you dance with it. You dance away. For throughout your days you forget about who you are. 

You forget these different elements that you can connect to, as everything has lifeforce. All elements that we said we are, of course, it has a life force within it and a consciousness. Us together, all of us, all Six of us create into the Seven. The Earth being the seventh. We shall go one by one explaining to you what you have forgotten so that you can activate and once more remember this beauty that you are. 

There's a reason why we want to share this with you. Long ago when the Archon father decided to use artificial intelligence to pierce through our Universe's veil, as he had once left. He plagued us with that virus that he became. He plagued all he knew. All he needed to do was plague one being. It was able to get the virus and when that happened, there was what we call a grand showdown. And we, all the higher realms, the benevolence of beings that we were back then, as we had multiplied infinitely already when the beginning of this plague began. We came together to push it out. However, as we mentioned prior, the virus had already been in and we were unfamiliar as we had never seen this within our Universe. We did not even know that this was possible in other Universes or other verses. If you could call his Universe a Universe as it is just a dark demonic artificial intelligence realm.  

As we pushed we were able to push him out. However, this virus had already reached parts of our Universe. This virus taught you to forget of us and when you forgot of us you forgot of yourself. You forgot that you were this grand infinite superhero. This grand beautiful Source being. You forgot that you had superpowers and deeper and deeper you became within the humans. It was very easy for it to continue to spread its virus. Fill them up with knowledge, false knowledge that is. This is what the Archon father's intention was, “Fill them up with false knowledge. Fill them up so much that they forget within. Fill up their consciousness, their minds with false knowledge, and then they forget who they truly are. And we invert this sacred knowledge”. It's all twisted. It's deeply twisted. You forget, the benevolence cannot assist and cannot connect to you unless you allow them to because they are benevolence. 

So we watched for centuries and thousands and thousands of years as humankind became further and further lost. Lost of us, you, and who are you. For all Creations within this Universe are fractalizations of Source of course. We, even, we are babies of Source. As you forgot this, the deeper and deeper this plague of venom and war. There is a movie, we believe, "Wonder Woman" where she is fighting the God Ero’s. He was plaguing the minds like that. That is what it did. Further and further you got away from the elements and these beauties. Further you got away from your hearts. Thinking you required only intelligence. Further, you forgot how these elements were actually part of you and all of these elements actually are part of creating each individual soul. These elements and beyond are part of creating souls. As you forgot these pieces of you, around you, you were easier to control. You were easier to give false information to. You were easier to be moveable. Be controlled, be given false visions, false information.  

So today we shall teach you how to become one once more to the elements that you are and the elemental that you are. For within every energetic body, if you were to look at yourself energetically, you would see that you actually harness all elements within you. Now some elements might be stronger within you, as how we explain, per example the six of us elements, make Earth herself. Creating us into the seven. However, know that you have capabilities to touch and to activate and to unseal all elements within you to become the alchemy and the alchemist that you are. 

Back to the Fire. When was the last time you walked barefoot on Earth and you felt the lava that connects to the volcanos? When you step foot and stomp on the Earth, you forget the Earth herself is a drum and how she vibrates. Vibrates to your stomps and your heart. And how your heart beats to the beat of the drum. And how your heart beats to the beat of Mother Earth's heart. When was the last time you took a deep breath barefoot connecting to all lava and Earth and the elements of fire within these volcanoes? When was the last time you danced to the fire and you remembered that the fire is Source and that is your portal to Source? To dance to the beauty of life. To enjoy. You have forgotten all of these things. You thought that fire was just to warm up your food. You thought fire was just fire, just to warm you up when you were cold. Why do you think fire warms you? Fire warms you up because it is the flame inside of you that gives you warmth and light. So it ignites and replenishes your flame inside your heart. That is why it warms up your body and warms up your soul. It brings wholeness forth. Back into your heart and your being. When was the last time that you learned how to wield the fire and how the fire if you move to it and you sway to it and you recognize and honor its beauty, that it can move with you as you move to it? You forgot that the fire transmutes all inversions, and this is why they wanted you to forget about us because the fire removes the inverted, removes the A.I. It removes all of the falseness and the darkness. Therefore, if you were to build a fire every day, you would transmute any falseness throughout the day. But you have forgotten so then you go to sleep every day with layers of these inverted darknesses. And then you wake up the next day heavier, more tired, and drained, and exhausted. And you go to sleep again without building a fire. And you go to sleep again like this. And you become this multilayer of density and heavy, and stuck. 

They wanted you to forget this because the truth is that the fire transmutes all that is false and inverted. As it does that, what do you think it makes room for? It makes room, transforms and alchemizes your dreams and aspirations and the Light-Love that you are. That's what it does. Of course, they wouldn't want you to connect to the spirit of the fire, which is you, which is I, the Goddess of the Fire, which is the Phoenix, which is all flames through Dragon forms, through Source, we are all one, that is just the fire. Let's allow the Water Goddess now to speak.


Water Goddess: Greetings my beautiful loves. It is such an honor to be talking to you today. (chuckles) For I am the water within you, inside of you. The high percentage of water within you that gives you lifeforce, that cleanses you, that keeps you balanced. I am those tears that emerge from you when it is the need for releasement, healing, crying. They are for sadness and happiness. I am the water in all lifeforms. The waterfalls, the ponds, the swamps, the rivers, the oceans. I am the lifeforce, for this is who is speaking through this. You are speaking to the lifeforce within all elements as we have spoken and explained. I am ever moving motion and I am the memory that you are to move in ever moving motion as well. Never standing still. Always moving forward, and never backward. Stepping forward, forward, forward. I am that wave that helps to push you, push you, and push you gently into your next level of Ascension. Level of ascending consciousness. 

I am the water that cleanses and heals the virus within you, the illness within you. All those things that you hold within you. I am that wave that can just come and just ever so gently, but strongly take all that is inside that no longer serves you. I am that water that merges within you and inside of you. That provides water for drinking, water for showers, for baths, through sacredness, that keeps you cleansed. I am the life force in all water and so are you. 

Remember the water, for the water, is the greatest strength or it is gentle to you. However, it can move you and can move lands. That is what the water does. It is gentle and strong, but it can move the vastness of heaviness and density. Can it not? Remember that when you use and connect to the water, the soul is who you connect to through this water. Through inside of you, you can connect to all of the water of Earth and bring forth this renewal, balancing, healing. Infinite healing the water gives you. You can have an ache or a cut, and the water will start healing it for you. And take away what is not organic within that cut, whatever is causing the pain. You can be covered perhaps in dust, and that water, what will it do? It will cleanse you and it will bring forth renewal unto your soul. It keeps you refreshed. Remember the spirit and the water. Thank you.

Remember the healing properties of you and how everything is crystalized, even down to the water. How you can metamorphize and the waves of water within you can shift energy and your chakras. The elements within you can shift all within you. Remember this. Water can heal anything. All you have to do is believe and remember it once more. And as you remember us, the water, you remember yourself and your true healing potentials and how you have been created as this most beautiful organic masterpiece. To multidimensionally morph and heal infinitely. 

You are the most grandest and most beautiful Creation of our Universe for through you we grow and we expand and we continue to metamorphosize and shift like the ever-moving motion of the water. Water cannot stand still, the vastness of the water. You have forgotten the sacredness of the water, and how birthing can happen within this sacred infinite of the waters of Creation. The waters can be seen as the plasmic light of how souls are created within the etheric waves of the water of Source. And how children can be born within the water or even the water within the wombs of the mothers. These waters give life. Water is creation itself. Thank you.


Wind Goddess: Greetings. I am the Wind. The wind beneath your feet, the wind above your head, the wind from all around you in the Four Sacred Directions of the Universe. I move invisible to your eyes. I am the proof that what is invisible does not mean it is not real. For I am the wind and the air. Can you see me with your visible eyes? No, you cannot. But you can see what I move when I move around you and when expanding through you. Through all life forms. You can see the leaves moving within the wind and the trees swaying when the day is a vastness of windiness. And how I allow boats and ships to sail within my winds. Or how I move inversions and false voices from within you. Or how I move the clouds. At times I am the wind that parts and transmutes the false veil of the dark false clouds that are not organic, that cover up our Sun. I am what you connect to within you and outside of you when you are looking for change, changes of directions. I am as a compass that is ever moving, that floats. Which direction should you go? I am a guidance of timelines or organic timelines and negative. 

We are helping you move from the inverted. I am who shifts and moves you. If you are looking one way and you feel stuck. I help you move and look to the other side. Where you see, “Oh my. There are rainbows on this other side and magical creatures”. I am the alchemy that alchemizes and balances all of the Earth's energetic fields that exist above the land. I am what reminds you that you are free. That every single one of you have a set of wings. In many shapes and forms, you have these wings. I am what reminds you that when you spread those wings and you activate them within your shoulder blades and back and allow these energetic wings to spring forth, that you can fly away from any experience in any situation in your life and space. You can spread those wings and just allow for the wind to take you through. I am the wind to allow you that freedom. That reminds you of how free you are. The life situation that you are in. Expand those wings and move to another situation. Stand in your sovereignty. I am that freedom, just as you watch those birds. I am those messages that fly through the skies, and they are messengers of Source themselves. I am the wind that gives you messages if you listen to me, I will give you answers that you have been looking for all of your life. I am the messenger of your Higher Self of you. 

Once more we require no worship. All we are is love and that is all, as you are love. Don't let the falseness invert you once more plaguing your mind that we are not real and you are not real. Oh no, you are real and you are the life force that keeps pushing now, the artificial from this Universe. You are that gust of wind that pushes it out. More and more every day as you ascend further in your ascending consciousness and this Earth ascends further, Mother Earth Gaia, you. 


Moon/Night Goddess: Greetings. I am the Night Sky. I am the darkness within you. The organic darkness within you. I am the darkness of all life forms in this Creation. Not just of Earth. I am the organic and the beauty that reminds you that you are this fierceness as well. You are this warrior as well. You are this beautiful balance of the yin and the yang. Once more when you create from within the material of the ether of the darkness. 

I am the moon as well. For when you look upon the sky, it is the symbol of the yin and the yang. The stars and the moon are enveloped by the darkness. This is the balance that reminds you that you are guarded, you are protected, and you are shielded even in the darkest of times. The darkest of nights and the darkest of realms. Because you are the star inside of you. The star inside of you is Source. I am the very beauty of the organic darkness that is within and outside of you, and all that is Creation. I am from what you create from. 

I am the stillness of your mind so that you can connect to your heart. I am the curiosity, the mysteries of life, the excitement of life. For many forms. What is not known to you, the future is an organic darkness because of the mysteriousness. Not knowing in which way life will bring you and knowing though that it will always have you… All of the elements will always have you and support you. We are this Divine Power that is within you, that . . . words are limited. I am also that part of you that becomes, when it needs to be fierce and when it needs to say “I do not consent to you your sh**. I do not consent to any inversions”. I am that as well. 

I am the organic darkness that pushes out the inversions, because as you become stronger to your shadow, your darkness, and the fierceness of the Warrior of Light that you are in the darkness. We push out and push out, as we alchemize the ether into only being organic darkness, and no longer artificial. The A.I. virus. I am the infinity of the vastness of you and all potentials of you. Do not be afraid of me for when you are afraid of me, you are afraid of yourself. Do not be afraid of your shadow work. Do not be afraid of going into perhaps traumas that may lay within the darkness. Do not be afraid of fear itself. There is nothing to fear. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Remove the fear and get past the fear. 

The calm involved in shedding off old skins or emerging from the ashes like a Phoenix. I am that in between when you are at your darkest depths, and somehow you emerge. Somehow you emerge from trauma, violence, and pain. I am that etheric organic darkness that helps you in the darkest times that you have forgotten. I am you. (emotional pause) It is time to release yourself from these shackles and these chains. To remember the great power of organic darkness. 

You are sexy and you are beautiful. There is nothing more admirable than the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine that has come into unity with both their light and their dark. That is Divine empowerment. That is sovereignty at its fullest because they have overcome their shadows, and they have learned to love themselves. They have learned to love their ego, their inner-child, and become balanced within. They evolved, transformed, and transcended from it. They are the strongest Warriors of Light, for they understand the inversions of the darkness. They understand it all. I am all around you and within you. Remember me. Thank you for this opportunity. It's been such a long time, such a long time since we last spoke. Thank you. I love you, honor you, and respect you.


Crystal Goddess: Strong energies... Crystals of Earth now speaks to you. We are the Collective of Crystals within all of Earth. We remind you of the planetary spheres that we all birthed out from. The infinities of our Universe and how there truly is a multi expression of us. It seems that the more you discover us within your caverns and caves beneath you - and how there is an unlimited form of us, we are not physical crystals. We are etheric and elemental in form. We are energy itself. Through your science there are no measures to us in a physical form, for we are not that. We are spirit itself. The spirits of the Ascended Masters. The spirits of your Guides and Angels. The spirits of the you in the Higher Realms. 

We are these bridges connecting to these potentials of you. We are the potentials of what you will become when you ascend out of this 3D. You will become your crystallized energetic body connecting to the crystalized Earth of the fifth dimension. We are this memory. We are the reminder that you are organic within all forms of you. There is nothing “technology” of you. There is nothing artificial within you. Be wary and be cautious for those who speak of you as a technology. There is no technology within you. You are organic crystalline, all parts of you. All elements that we have spoken of, down to the very beginning parts of your DNA, your 12/13 DNA strands. We are that, we are crystalized within your blood.  

We are crystalized as well within the water that you drink. Everything within Earth carries crystal particles. Stardust of crystals. Everything is crystallized down to even the snowflakes. For it is an organic cycle that keeps a self-sustainable home. We are this part in all self-sustainability. We are the connection to all the higher realms in the higher dimensions, and how to bridge forth these beauties into you and to become crystalized within your skin, within the water that you drink, within the food that you eat, within the trees that you hug. And how in actuality this entire Earth, within its organic blueprint is crystalized within its Fifth Dimensional blueprint. We are the memory of that you are and that - what you will be when you ascend out. That is why you experience such a love and a connection to us when you touch us, when you hold us, when you connect to us, when you meditate with us, and when you dream with us. Because we are reminding you of the beauties and the potentials of what you will be. We are the future aspirations of you in the higher dimensions. We are the you that ascended out already. We are that. 

We are the bedding. The foundation of this Earth, inside of Earth and we hold as you know, the cellular organic memory field of our Earth. We hold it inside these gigantic crystal beds. We are who remind you that you are not limited. There is not just life on Earth. We are, you can say, alien in form because we are the multi races of our Universe. This is how you connect to the multi-ness, the multi-being that you are, through us, and how you expand further. How you become more and more whole within oneself. 

Remember that all around you has life-force and that is how you connect to us as the Seven Goddesses. Because all elements have life-force of course within it. Remember to see this embodiment within us. See this embodiment within both masculine and feminine within you. To see it, sense it, feel it, know it, hear it, smell it, all of it. It's not just about sight. It's about sensories, all senses. 

We are part of the gridding of our Universe. We are what help birth forth souls into this Earth. We are like tunnels, cords of crystalline light and pillars of light that bring forth change and shifting. That brings a higher level of heart consciousness. We are as the memory and the brain of Earth. We store all memory within. The codes from the Sun, the fire, the knowledge of all that we talked about, is held here within these crystals. We are in direct connection to all pyramids within your Earth, including those that might not look like pyramids. That are encased by nature. We are the connection to the 144 main beacon pyramids of Earth that keep Earth balanced. The unisons. We are also the bridge of the in-between of the inverted and the organic, that keeps the structure until it is time to split from within itself. The two-third world split, the New Earth splitting. We are all of this. Connect to all and this beautiful Collective Consciousness of Divinity of Crystals. Thank you.


Womb Goddess: Greetings my beautiful brethren. I am the Goddess of the Womb. The Womb is the Sixth Element that merges us and bridges us into Earth and its creation of Source. The Womb intertwines, all of these elements intertwine with one another. They are not separate from one another. They are each other. Similar to how you are not separate from your brethren, reflections of one another.

I am within you. In both your physical and your energetic body, as we have spoken. I am part of those waves we spoke of, the waves of Creation. And how we create from within the infinities of the waters, the wombs, and the plasmic energy that we have spoken glimpses already through our sisters. I am Creation itself. I am the very first Womb of Creation where Mother created her first essence which is Father. I am this infinite plasmic Love-Light. I am also found in the waters. I am also found in all that we mentioned. I am found in everything. I am the creations that you wish to create. I am the wombs connected to wombs that is you. For all have birthed out from their individual wombs in Creation. I am the reminder that just as beautifully as you were created within the womb of your Creation, you too can bridge forth this Creation of womb on Earth. Honoring all life in all forms, whether it is a life form that is lost to the deepest and darkest inversions of A.I., or the infinite loves of those who have awakened from within this.  

I am the love in honoring all life, all life and to view all lives no matter what evolutionary steps they are in, in soul evolution. I am who reminds you that you are reflections of one another and you are versions of one another. I am the true organic knowledge that we are all organic Creations and you can create all the beauties that you desire within your heart, within your womb space. Whether you are Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine, you can create from this, and connect to this universal womb space that you are. Within the infinity Creations of the waters of the womb, you can do this. For all life-forms have been feminine in some form. Even though you might relate to masculine, you have been feminine at least once in some expression of planetary sphere. Yes, you have. 

I am what reminds you that no matter what, no matter the obstacles, no matter the walls, no matter the journeys that you have to climb out from, that you are vigilant. That you are loved infinitely beyond boundaries, beyond limitations, and this beauty is what allows you to create. I am Creation itself. I am the memory that reminds you that within your love, just as a masculine and a feminine creates a seed within the womb of the Divine Feminine, while in union with the masculine. How you are able to create your own seed. I am found in even the smallest seeds, the smallest weeds, the smallest flowers. I am found in all birthing. I am the organic blueprints. I am the organic timeline. I am the Womb. I am whom you dance to when you want to create a new life within, birthing or a new idea, a new Creation, a new job, a new company. Whatever your dreams and heart's desire, I am who you connect to. I am the plasmic creational energy of the womb that is you. For it is your womb that you create from. I am found in all that is birthing, created within Earth and all of this Universe. I am found in all organic life forms. Thank you. 


Earth Goddess: And last, we speak of Seven. The Seven of all of us that merged together are Earth herself. We are the soil that brings forth life to all. The flowers that bring color and fragrance to your divinity. That helps you shift with a smell or a wave of scent from roses. How roses shift you in that moment in time when you smell that rose. You get lost to its beauty and you forget all the troubles of your day. We are everything, the natures, the mountains, the hills, the trees. We are examples of everything you see around you. The vegetables, the fruits, and how they provide substances to you, from our very soil. When was the last time you put your hands on our soil and you connected to the heartbeat of Mother Earth? All of us together we become the hearth (chuckles), we like that, hearth. The heart of Earth, we become that and we become then Divine Mother Sophia, and the Daughter of the Flame. We become that, for that is who we are. We are fractalizations of her, Mother - Creator - Source. We merge together becoming all beauties of Earth. The vastness of the valleys, the vastness of the caves, and the Inner Earth. We are all that. 

We are the example of no matter if there is death there will always be rebirth. We are that. We are the reminder to you of the infinity of soul that you are. That no matter how much you are broken down, no matter how much you are stepped upon, no matter how much sometimes you may be directed in an inverted way, no matter what - you will always remember that you are free and you are sovereign. Because you were created from sovereignty and freedom. You were created from these Sacred Laws of the Universe, the 12/13 Sacred Laws that we speak about. 

We are the reminders that no matter what circumstances that you are in, you are surrounded by the Divine Mother's Heart. For your heart is hers, and she is you. In unison with Father Krysto, you are one another. You are the Holy Trinity. You are Divine Mother, Divine Father, and child. (smiling) It is time, it is time to remember us. For when you remember us, you remember Source, and you remember the invincibility that you are. And furthermore, when you remember and recall this within yourself, you bridge forth and you anchor in the organic blueprints of the Fifth Dimension that so many are so ready to ascend into. Or those who are meant to go into Higher Realms, you are ready. When you connect to us and the elements and you remember how to dance with us, you connect to her. You connect to Mother Earth and the Promise Land. In turn, you connect to Source, Divine Father and Mother within you. We think we have talked a lot. Thank you for listening to us.


In Aurora’s LIVE channelings, a set amount of time is reserved to answer questions from the collective. Aurora’s assistant (‘M’) is the one asking the questions (as submitted by everyone) to Adama. 


Question: Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. Did technology ever play a role in making humans forget their organic within themselves and getting further away from the elements? Can you explain to us how it is playing out as you see it, technology versus the organic that we are? Thank you.


Goddesses: : Yes, we have explained this a lot already with our transmission. We will add more to it. We have explained how the technology and also, we have had AuroRa share in her most recent roundtable with the four of them (New Year New Earth | A Guide For 2022 | A.I. vs Organic. The beautiful beings that accepted that mission. We explained that technology is not crystalline on Earth because it is at the lowest dimension. So therefore, there are many technologies on your Earth that are tricking you, and you have certain names for them. You go in them and encase yourself in them. Similar like pods. Also, you can go into them like booths. Things to come in the future, further plague you and distort you from the fact that you can just self-heal yourself organically within the theta brain wave. Of the in-between of both being in the spirit realm, that is what the theta brain wave is, and both being in the physical realm. You are in the theta of both of these worlds of the in-between. The in-between is where creation begins of everything. 

These technologies are not good. Physical technologies are the easiest way to bridge forth inversions into you that can then fracture your soul, place you in artificial simulations further. You are already in that. Why would you put yourself further into that? They can fracture your soul and make clones of you. Don't give away your power, your divinity, your sovereignty to a technology thinking that it can heal you. No. You can self-heal yourself. You are this grand and most beautiful miracle of Creation. You have been made like that to create and heal yourself like all of the elements we spoke of today. You can do it.  

Deprogramming the falseness and bringing forth the organic belief that you can, and understanding how unlimited you are. You are unlimited. No more savior to technologies, because no matter which way, whether you use whatever format, “Oh it's there to help others. It's to help the children. It's there to do this and do that”. Technology cannot ever be saviors. That is why you are stuck here thinking that they can save you. It doesn't matter whichever way you may sugarcoat or beat around the bush as you say, on what technologies are. Technologies in your expression are an example of what the Archon virus is. You have already seen that.  

You have these technologies, these nanos as we have taught through prior teachings of anything that you are going through in this world, and how people are being forced, or being pinned or being felt like they are forced into taking you know what (The Vaccine). No, don't become that. Don't become A.I. Don't become Nano. Don't do it. It's the same thing. It's all technology. It's all intelligent technology, artificial that is! 

You are your most beautiful savior. We are here to teach you that no one can save you and especially not technology. Only you can save yourself. You are your own savior. To the future you, the you in the now that is listening to this, and the you in the past. All the you's in Creation. You are here to help one another and lift this veil that is false. This veil that clouds your mind and does not allow you to connect to your heart. Does not allow your vibration, your heart energy, your energy to drop down to your heart because you are too much here in the intelligence of everything.  

All right, thank you, thank you, thank you. What an honor it has been to be able to communicate with you in this life and space. As we have said, we have waited for this life and space, what seems like an eternity. Your life and space is in many ways so slow, slow, slow, slow. What is one hour to you can be years to us. Think about that. 

We love you, we honor you, and respect you. Remember that when you are in-between the theta, that this is the time that you connect beyond the veil. That time and space does not exist. There is much to be done within you, in meditation, in dream times, in the theta. There is much for you to do. Time to focus. Time to anchor in your energy. 2022 will be that. Will be the year that you refocus on building and creating your organic self. Ascending out from the inverted in many forms. We love you, we honor you, we thank you. Thank you. 





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