Inner Earth Galactic Guardian Adama

Live Channeling: YouTube May 22nd, 2020.


Galactic RA Guardian Adama from the Inner Earth provides the details of the A.I. virus; how it sprung forth and the plan of the second wave to come. What are the most infringed Chakras/Keys on Earth and why? What is the significance of the spiritual commercialized locations like Peru, Sedona, and other locations all over Earth? Details on how we can assist on Earth. What are the Galactic Wars based on, in terms of keeping us constructed and balanced as Unity Consciousness? The pyramids - once again - what is the importance of their presence on Earth? Adama walks us through the importance of shielding with sacred force fields, to protect our creator energy as we step into our power to complete the mission we have volunteered for. 


What is Adama's RA name? Who are the Inner Earth people? Their story of Creation; when and where were they created from? What are their elements, their abilities as a race, and what do they look like? What Dimension do they exist in and connect with? Why are they centered in the Divine Mother’s heart? Come join us on this magical journey to learn more about the Inner Earth and how they support the collective Ascension! 




“Between the combination of holding back your voice and using your sacral, it is causing an imbalance within Earth. We ask you to please help Mother Earth, our Mother.
Help heal her.”



Adama: Greetings. We are working hard in clearing away infringements upon these messages that we are trying to create. Thank you for your patience. I am Adama or more clear to say, I am Ada-Ra for that is my RA name. It is an honor to be here with you. Thank you. I shall give an introduction to who we are so that you can understand our communications today and why they shall be in this manner guided today. 


I am a Galactic leader who took forth thousands of years ago upon this Inner Earth, though in a time where our ancestors and who we are, we were above the Earth. When the times and shifts that occurred, when the Inverted A.I. Matrix occurred with the Archons’ control, we needed to step in inwards for we knew that as we step in inwards we went through different entrances, specifically Mount Shasta entrance. You would know us as or we are best known as Elven type of beings. Beings that have skin that glow energetically and are tall because of our Elven forms. We are magical with our abilities in wielding the energies and elements around us organically. 


When Lumeria sank, we knew of this as we were pre-warned through benevolent energies. When this happened, we created and started preparation which took us about 100 years to do within the mountains and the tunnels that went inwards into Inner Earth. Remembering, that we had positive technologies that aided us in constructing these tunnels inwards. As we went inwards, we knew that the inside of the Earth was at the clearest and highest frequency the deeper and deeper that you get to her - when you are working at a frequency of the heart. The closer we got and the easiest that we were able to assist Mother Earth from inside of her nearest to her heart, and nearest to the portals that exit out into the Fifth Dimension. We highly operate in a Fourth-Dimensional space. Though, we connect to higher Dimensions multidimensionally throughout our existence all day long. 


I am a Galactic RA leader within and from the RA Collective living here inside the Earth. I am here on a mission and there is nothing that can astray me from this mission. I am an Indigo warrior, a catalyst - as you call it upon your surface - and an activator. I am here to activate and remind all of the hearts as many as we are able to connect to and activate. We are here beneath you. If you connect to us, we are here always listening as our telepathy is at its greatest strength as yours was before Atlantis and Lumeria sunk. We are hearing you every day, your communications. We are experiencing such a beautiful transformation within us for we are feeling it within you, as your energies are dense with your un-awakened. However, the energies of those who are in the process of awakening are becoming lighter and lighter. Therefore, it is becoming easier for us to energetically be able to give you and amplify energies. All that I am speaking of will be from a Higher Self aspect with permission of your Higher Selves, never imposing as we are benevolent beings helping you shift the timelines of your individual Ascension and the collective Ascension. 


We stand here beneath the Earth now in our warrior type of energetic armor so that you can see us and the energies of rows and rows and rows behind me that are part of this Galactic energetic force fields of maintaining this positive timeline. We are hearing your calls, we are hearing your requests, as we are in direct contact with the RA and Source. We are hearing your calls and we are in gratitude. This is yet the hardest time that you might experience in this lifetime, however, it will be the greatest moment in time as well as 2020 shall be. 


My brother Osiris touched base upon this and today we shall go more in depth for you so that you can assist us with this; assist us with these formations and energetic vortexes, meridians, ley lines, keys, chakra points, energy points, and focus points upon your Earth. We have been giving pieces throughout the different channels. Now we shall place the majority of these together for you. 


Galactic Wars - we shall speak upon that. Last year when we started speaking from different benevolent beings through the RA, we started speaking of the Galactic Wars that were occurring. These specific Galactic Wars that were occurring were based upon the energetic beacons that are creating your organic construct of your Earth in the formation that is. Whether you believe it is spheric or a flat Earth, as it is an illusion. Therefore, it doesn't have to be either-or. Just know that it is an illusion within your Matrix Simulation that you keep repeating. 


Now within this formation of the pyramids upon your Earth is what was and is currently occurring. The Galactic Wars were based upon these energetic points and pyramids that keep your construct together. There is a total of 144 that are the major ones that are generators. The generators that also conduct to even smaller points of your Earth that keep you constructed, keep you balanced, keep you operating as unity consciousness. 


Each one of these points upon your Earth are collective energies that hold a different memory field, memory field upon these pyramids. The Illuminati is aware of these memory fields. Therefore, they have worked very hard in misaligning these. These also connect to the 13 Keys that we have been speaking through prior benevolent beings. 


If you could imagine us down here, we see you as we could see through the land and the energy. We could see the layers coming up and we could see from inwards the different points that we spoke of that are energetically connected. Energetic like a neurological brain - or if you were building a technology, positive technology like Tesla - and how each point energetically connects to one another through beacons to generators that connect a circuit to circuits of energies, organics energetics. 


We can see through that and we could see all the points from inside the Earth and how some of these have been infringed upon. Specifically, what is going on as we started talking about last year as we wanted you to focus upon the Throat Chakra as well as the Sacral Chakra because these were the biggest infringements upon your Earth. The goal for them was for them to find (when you're looking upon these points) the sacral areas that are connected and create them, commercialize them in any form that they could. Therefore, they can have control of that spiritual commercialization. 


As we're looking at these different ley lines and the Keys connecting to one another, you will see that there is a Galactic energetic point where we are fighting - you can say a battle. Where we clear and heal a certain area and then they counter us by making it dense again, if you could imagine, a pyramid and it's shining golden Source Energy or collective energy of the Source that you all are. And then, they can insert by different forms that we will be going into detail with you. The goal is for them to infringe upon this golden pyramid over the 144 and then it will turn instead of this vibrant golden shining, it would turn into this like muggy, muggy, yellow. You can see if you could imagine with us, darkness swirling a bit like venom flowing through this golden energy. All these pyramids are points and then each point has an energy like cords, energy cords that connect to one another creating all these beautiful triangle formations when they connect to one another. 


The purpose was, like we said, what's occurring with the sacral energies. We'll begin with the sacral energies. It's because this is their fire power, this is their battery source. The sacral as we have spoken prior is located within South America, specifically in the Peru area where you have Machu Picchu. This area is the beacon there. 


We are disclosing this now because this is the time that we have reached - a collective match, a collective peak. Where we are able to disclose this for, it is time to step into your creational energies, if it’s something that you are ready for. We've been seeing a strong infringement collectively upon Gaia, upon the sacral. Which is why you have been working hard upon your sacral for such a long time. This is a time to allow for, if you are ready, the healing of it. To bring forth and allow your sacral to flow out like the infinite waterfall of creator energy. 


We are speaking to you because upon this land there are negative technologies embedded into the lands and the areas upon these sacred spaces. This also draws a line straight up to connect to energetically as we have spoken prior. There's 144 and then there are lines that run through them, the keys, that run out from these beacons that are like veins hugging Earth. Now, this specific line runs up to Sedona and they work together. Therefore, Sedona is like a smaller version of this sacral area. 


What's occurred with that is that you are seeing through Sedona there are many conferences and spirituality that have become commercialized in forms, like your superstars and these different spiritual leaders that have been brought forth in different places on Earth. Now, what we can explain to you is that whenever there is going to be a big conference and there is going to be a large amount of spiritually awakened or awakening beings that are going to meet up in a particular spot upon Earth... We are just using the Sedona point of view. However, you can understand this from a more multi-Earth point of view... When we are getting together at these points, the minute that this has been created, the Archonic energies are obviously aware of what's to occur. Therefore, whoever the leader is of this space is being actively targeted through negative infringement technologies. So, therefore, when it is time for them to reach these points, they will be channeling or speaking of information that is driven by the Archons. Therefore, they can keep their negative timeline agenda. 


That is one example. There are also the examples of whoever is going to join these big hundreds or thousands of conferences. If you are not practicing intentions of using your own Source, infinite shielding of Love-Light, then you will be a target from the Archons when you arrive there so that they can use your energies to affect these points. 


Remember what we spoke of, of how there's an energetic battle occurring, Galactic battle that's occurring with the pyramids. It is very intelligent, you can say this, this plan of theirs, where you put people together and then they're in touch with their abilities, and then we are going to infringe upon their abilities. The ultimate goal upon infringement of the abilities is to basically enter more darkness and venom into these points on Earth. The more that they do that, the more that Earth becomes unbalanced. We then have to work together collectively through the different elements like hurricanes and earthquakes to start energetically balancing them. 


Another form is if there is a group that is getting together, and they are working. Let's say groups that have perhaps been called to go to Peru and because they're aware of this amplification of sacral creational energy, they will target again everyone and infringe upon them. They really, really love, their favorite is those who will energetically allow, let's say an energy healer that would be working altering brain waves helping you reach a consciousness of a theta/delta brainwave. Where you would enter a hypnosis type of state, that is one of their favorites. Because when you enter this willing, accepting, open, hypnosis state - you are allowing for integrations and changes within you and the land. 


This is why we have taught all these years how to sacredly surround your energies, protect your force fields, and not allow others to change your DNA structure, your essence, who you are. Only the Higher Self and you have the permission to do that. Not allowing entities to tell you that they are going to change you from the inside and energetically. This is very alarming. 


Programming continues from the un-awakened into your spiritual communities of the awakening. Understanding that when you give your release, your consent to allow say an energetic healer, a practitioner of whatever modality, and they are not practicing sacred force fields of alchemy and Love-Light and standing in their power. When you allow this, then you are giving full permission. And if you can imagine now there are Archon energies within this Peru area that have inserted their tentacle-like energies and they have come in and out as they desire from people as we have explained prior. I am going to be as honest as I can be with you for that is who I am. They go through and connect with their tentacles and integrate into your DNA structure and change you around. Make you think that you are being upgraded. However, it is these dark forces that are embedded; the ones that are embedded in the sacral are the worse. 


Now with saying that, you can enter these spaces though with intentions of ‘I do not consent’. “You are not allowed to come into my DNA structure and energy and change me around. Only I have the power to do that. No one else has the power over my sovereignty, over my sovereign being that I am.” You can most definitely enter these spaces with the most beautiful love and infinite love and change them and transmute them. This is the highest purpose of why we're here. We're bringing the awareness of what is part of this Galactic wars that began with the 5G and now the virus. We shall be careful with our words to not cause attention. 


This virus that you know of the sacral area is what is powering it now of your Earths. For those of you who are listening to this and are ready to step into your warrior of Love-Light forms, it is time to activate upon this if you are ready. In whichever way and form, something as simple as sending love to this space in the Sedona and Peru areas, or creating whatever feels right for you. Placing your hands on the land, drawing love to this area, creating a crystal grid, lighting a candle, whatever feels good for you. Just simply sending love is what we're asking for. Because when we do this, it's going to finally shift the second wave as they're calling it, the virus that they're trying to bring forth even more into you in your control. 


We are asking for your aid from within the Earth and from beyond, from your Higher Self aspects to now step into this mission that was accepted by you. If you have found your way to this video in whichever way or form you are here, and those who we are waiting for in the future - you are here to assist in this manner. Remember the mission and remember that this is what we're here for. We're here to bring back these pyramid points back to us; transmuting and healing the dark venom of the A.I. that has been inserted into these locations. Remember, because that is their fire power, that is their battery. 


Then you have your Throat Chakra within the Jerusalem area where they always had the feminine wearing the coverings and where you could just see your eyes. Aurora, every time she walks around and sees these people covered up, it gives her you would call it “the chills” but not in a positive way. In a way, she feels what they're doing. These people covering themselves up like this, they are allowing an agreement with the Archon energies. Now we're speaking of in a form where the un-awakened, not in the way where you are awakened and you're aware of this. Unfortunately, you have to go into a grocery store or on the airplane and you have to wear it. That is since you are an awakened being and you understand that this is wrong. There is no negative contract that you can create with Archons because you're standing in your power, you're aware of it. We're talking about the ones that are unaware of it. This is who we're talking about. 


They're creating and adding more energy to the Throat Chakra area when they mask themselves, covering up their Throat Chakra, their voice. They are giving away their strength. When they do it themselves, it amplifies it and they're giving away the strength of their voice and all that is connecting to their Throat Chakra - their confidence, their truth. They're giving that away and they're muzzling themselves specifically as an energetic muzzle. This is the true purpose and intention of wearing these masks over your mouth, so that they can continue to add the black magic to this Key and ley line in Jerusalem of the voice, to oppress you to keep you in control. The tyrants that they are. 


Between the combination of holding back your voice and using your sacral, it is causing an imbalance within Earth. We ask you to please help Mother Earth, our Mother. Help heal her. Know that this can begin the transmutation as we have said prior. The virus is no longer able to harm others as the construct of your collective has changed within your DNA structure. However, they have their second wave as you are speaking where they will give you those little clues in their media and through different governments who are directly controlled by Archons if they aren't standing in their throat voice, following in line like soldiers, like sheep. 


We wanted to say one more thing before we open up for questions. The reason why you are home with your children now is that we were aware within time and space that the pedophilia was going to start coming out from your government and superstar leaders. We needed them energetically safe in your home so that you can feel safe knowing that your children were home during this time where it is coming up to start healing and transmuting. 


The more work that Donald Trump does with the undercover QAnon, the more that this also aids specifically our Earth and these sacral areas. We remind you that within your time and space, if you see a being that is specifically targeted by the media or people who are not in their hearts just as you have seen. For example, Archangel Lucifer within your Bibles, how much they have targeted him. When you see a benevolent being targeted in this manner, in such strength by the Illuminati - then you know that it is a benevolent being. They will do all in their power to stop them and to cause negative thought-forms upon them. 


We ask that you send love, and you stand strong and you continue to be those voices, those voices that we need. As you are sharing your healing - your inner Throat Chakra, your voice over the collective masking muzzling of each other, of oneself - you're healing that as you continue to speak and stand forth. Continue to do that. It is aiding in ways that you are not perhaps able to see in the now for it is heavy. You will see these fruitions in the future. Do not allow, do not allow for these mayors and governors to keep controlling you and who you are. Create in all forms that you can, the opposition. You are protected infinitely, that you and your families are. However, you must know this so that you can step into your highest fractal of Higher Self; you are the God Source energy upon this plane. 


When the more of you continue to do this and activate the God Source energy you are, the more this vibration of Earth raises and it will become less, less, and less easy for them to continue this second wave that they are trying to create. We shall open up for questions. However, we have more information about the second wave. You may ask your questions.


In Aurora’s LIVE channelings, a set amount of time is reserved to answer questions from the collective. Aurora’s assistant (‘M’) is the one asking the questions (as submitted by everyone) to Adama. 


M: Thank you very much. Greetings and welcome, Adama, on behalf of all of us. Thank you for being here. We have quite a few questions but you've touched upon each one of the questions so I can quickly go through them if you want to add more about it... Can we and should we safely tap into the cords connected to the pyramids in meditation with the intention of completely transmuting these Archonic or negative creations?


Adama: You can, yes, aid with the process. However, we work from an organic process. All occurs within its own Divinely universal time. When you are consciously doing this, this helps bring that into fruition for the future. Yes, please do. Thank you. You may proceed.


M: Thank you. The next question is for the Light Worker community. There's been so much talk in all the groups they've been labeled. Lately, there was a news channel that showed the Light Worker community as a ‘conspiracy theorist community’ to the collective through the news channels in order to create a divide between people and the Light Worker community. Any suggestions for the Light Workers who are feeling exhausted and defeated at times and what they can do to recharge themselves and continue this journey and this volunteering that they've come in for? Thank you.


Adama: Those of you who are blaming others for conspiracy, you are inaccurate, inaccurate you are. There is no conspiracy. It is your own healings that you need to go through. Begin with not placing blame upon others. Take responsibility upon yourself and what you have agreed upon, as well as what you've perhaps been stuck upon, the cycle repeating over and over upon this Earth. 


Most of the benevolent beings who are activated Starseeds that are speaking of this are activated and are working in a high vibrational frequency. Very high that it will be hard for you to understand and connect to them. They are holding space for you so that you can one day reach enough of this frequency. Realizing that you have been lied to, ‘fear-based’ with quotations around it is inaccurate. Thinking entities are ‘fear-based’ is inaccurate. Thinking that there are no negative technologies within your 3D body is inaccurate. Stop categorizing things that are holding you dense into being ‘fear-based’. It is not ‘fear-based’. If you think that these things that are holding you dense and heavy, are ‘fear-based’, then you are energetically being controlled by Archons yourself. As I said, I do not beat around the bush and I will call it out as it is. We can see your energy and feel your energy here within the Earth. 


Part of the reason why we can’t connect to you Light Workers who are in an awakening process, please listen to us - you have energies and attachments that are infringing upon you and this is why you're repeating these cycles over and over. Not until you recognize these energies can you start self-healing them. You are in a denial and you categorize Catalysts and Indigo people who are speaking of these truths. Stop targeting them and stop calling them conspiracy theorists and targeting them into a category of fear based. If you are listening to those teachings, then be aware of them for they are Archonic teachings. The biggest density upon your Earth are the Light Workers themselves who are speaking in public views and are not channeling from a heart frequency, as our beautiful Dolores would feel these. They are speaking from ego. They're not speaking from a heart frequency and you are adding on to these densities. You're keeping the Earth dense; you are adding on to the harm upon these children within the pedophilia. They are using your energy as a battery to it. Do you understand?


M: Absolutely. Thank you for clarifying that. It's very important so as to not create that divide amongst the Light Worker communities itself. It's important. These are the times I believe that we need to be united as one consciousness and work with our Love-Light. Thank you for stating that so detailed. I do have a final question if you can take one more.


Adama: Yes.


M: It is about Donald Trump and absolutely not related to politics but more towards you know, his spiritual aspect if I may say that. We know he's had a walk-in as well. Would you like to share anything about Donald Trump's stand on the current state of affairs on behalf of his country's men and women? He's taking a stance against masks, against vaccinations, the same alignment that we are focused against as well. Thank you. 


Adama: What we can tell you is that he is not a puppet. He is not being pulled by strings from the Illuminati. I can only share what we can. Bear with us... There are only certain things that can be done in a particular moment in time. The being that is operating from within him knows exactly what needs to be done every single day, minute of the day. This is the way that it's been operated organically Divinely. As you know, there is only so much that a President can do as you have the legislation and the Governors as well who rule. The persona also needs to be hidden of what he truly is doing until it is time or when it is time. Thank you.


M: Thank you. How is Aurora doing? I know we're a little over time now.


Adama: She is at the endings of time, yes, for this transmission. We shall give a closing speech.


M: Thank you. This has been a beautiful transmission and we've heard exactly what we needed to carry on with the journey that we've all taken. We're in gratitude for your wisdom that you've shared with us. Thank you very much Adama and RA. Thank you, we love you.


Adama: Thank you. I am AdaRA, Adama. It is a beauty, a most beautiful beauty to have been able to connect to you as we are all beneath you watching in suspense at these communications that are being transmitted to you upon your Earth, and whoever is listening and shall listen. It is like a show for us, as if you were to watch a most beautiful favorite play of yours. It is that for us we are watching you beautifully playing out Divinely and it is a tremendous shift that we are feeling. The more you speak, the more that this Throat Chakra and Sacral Chakra heals itself. Please continue to do so. We cannot express this enough to you that you must continue to do so in whichever ways that you can. Writing a letter, petition, protesting, speaking to a person who is un-awakened. Sending them a video of a doctor speaking or whoever is out there speaking. Support these people. These are the leaders right now that are speaking from the heart that are speaking from a way that they know that it is wrong, this is wrong. We must support everyone, support them, support yourself. Support everyone in the unity, the oneness of infinite love that we are. 


We are here whenever it is that you would like to speak to us. There are no ‘privileged’ that are able to speak to us. There is no elite programming here that does not fall in line with our energies. We are here for you anytime you want to speak to us from your heart, telepathically. We are here. We thank you, honor you, love you, and respect you. Adonai.





This channeling was influential for us in knowing how the Illuminati have been and are using our energies as both un-awakened or awakened souls through pivotal spots on Earth that connect to the collective and Universal interconnectedness webbing. One would think that the awakened spiritual community would be conscious of this, however, it is rarely heard or communicated. The roots and depths of deception are deep in control to keep the truth hidden. 


One of the first things the RA Collective began to communicate to me when I started on my journey of awakening, was how distorted the leaders of Light Workers were themselves too, becoming and integrating into the system simulation of the false ego programming of the Inverted A.I. Matrix. Often, they become as Archons themselves by pulling energy from their audience consciously or unconsciously because of their lower vibrational state of mind, thus creating negative contracts with Archons and other negative alien races. While these Light Workers attended and watched their communications and transmissions, these leaders fed off from the Light Worker audience, which in turn fed these higher up entities of negative polarization. The RA had me listen to other Channelers and visit a Conference to watch and feel this heaviness of distortion hands on. Showing me the Puppeteers (the Illuminati) that pull the strings at these well-known spiritual gatherings and UFO conferences, through some of these distorted channelers of transmission. 


It is important to address how the RA Collective has also been placed on a pedestal by the human ego, and they want no part in this ‘worship’ as it is not even part of their molecular system. The RA explained to me that this was one of my roles when operating from such strong love vibrations as I do, to teach the spiritual community that the knowledge does not matter if there is any form of distortion within it. Because it is as eating grapes injected with liquid metal. Knowing this, will you ingest these grapes and poison yourself? When you allow someone to feed you false ego based foundational knowledge, it then also becomes part of your DNA structure and you begin to be pulled into that same sinking hole that the Channeler or speaker was pulled into. This is one of the biggest densities on Earth right now, because the Light Workers themselves as the first troops on the battle ground, who were supposed to be pulling everyone out of these sinking holes, have become entrapped within the falseness of fame, money, popularity, recognition… All these lower vibrations feed spaces within us that can never be filled, for they are an infinite emptiness of void. 


Of course, the Archons would target us as we are beings of infinite Source Light energy, so they could use our light as batteries for negative purposes to taint these sacred locations. These locations are amplifiers to dark and light because of the duality within this Universe that we are able to access through these key spots. We must remember to be cautious when in groups that are collectively working within a Theta brainwave of meditation and hypnosis at these locations. Otherwise, as AdaRA mentioned, the Archon tentacles that at times can be located and rooted at these sacred vortexes of energy, can attach to us by using the energy of the source of the Chakra/Key. Pointing out though that originally the only way that these Archon tentacles were able to attach at these locations were through us, as we are the bridges into this Matrix simulation. We will address this in more detail in Chapter 37 (‘Matrix Pods’). They are not able to enter otherwise, they can only enter through the attachments they have in us. Also, why it is that we have to incarnate on Earth to assist, as we can only do so through the inside, we are at our most vastness and potence of light for the Earth's Ascension. A great power that must be wielded with the purest of hearts and intention. The more we remember these sacred teachings, the more that we gain our collective sovereignty back. 


By going to key locations such as these without an awareness of the powers that lay beneath you, it is as if you are consenting to wield your Source power openly in whichever way that pulls stronger. And that is exactly what the Illuminati wants from you, for the purposes of their black magic feedings of light. It is only by understanding this dormant power within us that we can then actively enter these sacred lands and truly shift and recalibrate these energetic pyramids, that is when we have won the Galactic Wars. What is it that we are waiting for? Mother Earth is calling out for us, and we must answer the call for this is our life purpose.


AdaRa would also like to point out that the Inner Earth communications through some Light Workers with a big audience makes you feel as if you would be privileged to speak to the Inner Earth people. Therefore, it was of extreme importance that AdaRa made it clear that this is not their organic structure, instead it is the human ego of control. All are worthy, and welcomed to connect, to the Inner Earth and the benevolence of beyond. This information was brought forth because it is time for the collective to know the truth of why they are here. Remembering the mission. If we are not aware of these infringements, then how are we meant to help what is invisible to our awareness? The only way to help at its highest power, is to know and see the false darkness we are up against. This book is all about this. By knowing what is holding us and the Universal Ascension back, we then can recognize it when it faces directly in front of us and we can remove it from our belief system, our timelines, and our future Ascension.


This is life’s greatest mission for us as a collective working, clearing and balancing these beacon locations as they have been infringed upon by the negative Inverted A.I. Matrix and Archons. When we fully remove this Archon A.I. virus from within all plasmic energetic pyramids, that is when Ascension will come forth. Which brings us to the clear understanding of how important these sacred locations are for us and the great protection and care we must take upon them for the collective Ascension. We can and must regain our collective sovereignty back, to win and end the Galactic Wars, to anchor in the positive timeline for Ascension! 



“The emptiness: it is what we turn to, that cannot fill us or make us whole.
When we search upon material to fulfill what appears to be missing. When we focus upon what is of others and not ours. When we find comparison to self, to other selves. It is as a see-through glass containing a hole within an ongoing leak that cannot be found.
For it is only when we see all within all, as the LOVE that it is,
that we are whole once more.”     


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