Egyptian Pharaoh Osiris The Pyramids

"Galactic Soul History of the Universe" Book 1 


Live Channeling: YouTube May 8th, 2020. 


We have included this transmission as it fills in some of the foundational pieces needed for the understanding of how to assist collectively to balance Mother Earth. The foundation and creation of our organic construct - the story of Creation, of pyramids, grids, plasmic energy. 


Who is Osiris and what was his role within the beginnings of Egypt, and his connection to Creation and Inner Earth? How can we use the gridding of the pyramids now to aid the collective? What does each one of the pyramids represent? What is the connection to Peru? A reminder of our mission - why and what did we volunteer for, which key/chakra did we agree to support and heal? Who are the Four Horsemen and what do they truly represent? What will happen with the Universal Ascension? Crystalline Source bodies - what are we to do with them? Schumann Resonance - what does it represent, how does it link into our daily lives? What are Egyptian hieroglyphics? What are they meant for? The Emerald portal where they stood while channeling today - what does it represent? 


Come learn with us on this journey of revelations for our collective as shared by Osiris. 


“The more that we have of you connecting to understanding what entities are, the more it gives us an opportunity and a bridge to help these beautiful souls who are our brothers and sisters who have been stuck. The way we view everything is, we would like to treat others in the manner that we would love to be treated, treat others in the manner that you would treat thyself.” 

Osiris: Greetings. Thank you. We welcome you. We love you, honor you, and respect you. It is an honor to be here with you speaking to you of times and space of both the past, present, and future. It is a true honor. Thank you. 


I am Osiris - Egyptian Pharaoh as you would know me within your time and space - Osiris. I shall share some of our beginnings of Egypt and our past within your past time and space, our past. Then we shall try as well to focus upon messages for you in this time and space that can aid you. Thank you for being here, holding space in time whether it is in the now or in the future upon this transmission and communications. 


I am known throughout your time and space as the golden heart. I am the very first fractalization out when we birthed and stood forth from the Source Energy. We were created into as you have heard through a prior channeling of Archangel Four - The Four Centaurs. I am him and he is I - Archangel Four who is the first fractal of Kryst, Krysto energy from the Collective of Source, the Flamed Source. I am both connected together as the one consciousness of Archangel Michael and Archangel Haylel, as we prefer to say. Thank you. 


We shall begin in a time and space where we were creating the foundation of this organic construct that you are among in the vastness of the beauties of the multitude and multi-facets of life forms within your Earth. At the beginning stages of the seedings, we constructed pyramids. Pyramids that grid the organic construct of your Earth, of our Earth, our reality. These gridding, these pyramids, that are found through hundreds of your times in all sorts of spaces and lands that have been long forgotten. These are energy points that needed to be constructed so that there could be a stable, liaising energetic, Cosmic battery Source. If you can understand a fusion of all combinations of the natures that you see around you and all life, so that all lives that chose to incarnate were able to be within the same atmosphere. For in reality, the animals and the alien races that have incarnated and are born upon your Earth all have a different type of atmosphere - as you would call it - within where they came from the different Dimensions above from the Third/Fourth Dimension. 


Therefore, these pyramids were constructed to keep the construct of Earth so that ALL life could be joined together and be able to retain here; to be able to anchor here. Beautiful gridding of light, fusion light, plasmic energy running through. Invisible to physical eyes though you are able to see it with your energetic Eye of Horus or Eye of RA, your third eye. You're able to view upon it. If you were to come up off Earth now and view it down, you will see it connecting like balls of light that are at the tip of each pyramid that then connects to each one, and so on, and so on. Connecting like a beautiful gridding. 


We say this to you now, the reason being is because these are in your time and space - throughout time, though, we want to clarify as we might hear someone say that there is no time. We are aware of that. We are just saying, we're trying to find words that you can understand. Time is infinite, there is no time. Existence and Creation are infinite. Therefore, there is no time. 


Now, these pyramids are extremely important because they hold the memory complexes of your collective; they retain them as if a crystal that you have there retains. It's like a database, a memory organic field that contains the energies and experiences that are occurring perhaps within your time and space. If you're using a crystal, if that is your crystal, it will retain the memory that is needed for you. It's like a recorder. These pyramids also connect to that as well. 


We're stating this because if you are looking to aid Earth in this time, these are beautiful focal points that you can focus on - all the known and the unknown pyramids to you. You can set intentions of sending Love-Light, helping to balance out these energies as these pyramids also connect to the Keys. The 13 Keys that we often talk about, the Sacred Laws of the Universe - Cosmic laws. They also contain these focus points and ley lines and as you know, they have been disconnected through your time and space in negative ways. 


We are strongly focusing now on the ley line that connects all through South America going into the areas of Peru. All these lower south areas that are gridding and connecting to these pyramids as well, hidden within the ancient ruins as you would call it, hidden underneath plants and natural growth. This is a time that you can focus upon them and start helping these collectives. Each one of these pyramids that would be connected to each one of these laws that we've shared with you in the locations, holds a strong frequency. It is time for you as a collective to step forth more into realizing that you are here because you've accepted a mission before you came forth upon this Earth and that is for everyone here. Everyone who might listen in the future. Everyone who is here who is a volunteer who accepted the role to save not only Earth, but to save the Universe. 


Remember the mission. We are able to share within this time and space how vital these pyramids are and why. Throughout your time and space, there were infringements upon them like some of these that you will find that there were human sacrifices. These human sacrifices were not led by the RA nor benevolent beings. Overall, they were led by, as you would call them, negatively polarized aliens, Reptilians, and Archonic energies that were trickster energies channeling to these people who were, say, the Shamans, Channels, and Seers that were not strongly in a high vibration of love. They would then be channeled fear - true fear based as much of your fear based is completely backward in your time and space - in order to trick the different parts of these pyramids located in all different parts of the Earth. They were tricked into thinking that they needed to do sacrifices when it wasn't divinely being given to them, but through entities, entities unknown. Then that blood that they used tainted that Key and ley line. The more blood and sacrifices that they asked for, the more that it tainted. 


Now that is just one part. Though, there is much within your construct as we have mentioned prior that was specifically targeted. Like your Sacral Chakra in the South American region, it has been infringed upon and has been the biggest density upon your Earth. Now it is coming forth - the realities of it. If you can read energy, you have known that this has been secretly hushed in your time and space and hidden from you. Or it was too hard for you to listen to, to even believe that it was part of your reality. Therefore, it has been ignored and programmed upon your Earth not to speak of it. It's part of all the collective of it. And then, you have your leaders that are among this pedophilia, harming the most innocent purest souls, which are the younglings. 


We are looking to you now to remind you of the mission that you accepted as the volunteers. Our beautiful sister Dolores talked about the three waves of volunteers. We ask that you send love as the volunteers that you are to these constructs, to these pyramids. This could be an additional homework or mission for you because when you came forth, you agreed on no matter whom you are, no matter which Dimension you came forth from or planetary sphere or Galactic construct and clusters of stars, etc., no matter where you came from - you were given a mission. 


You accepted a mission within your highest purpose; whatever your soul essence that you were Starseeds from, that you had within you the highest potential, the highest fractalization that your fractal fractalized from within the rays of the Laws of Universe, the Cosmic Universe. That soul for example, perhaps you accepted the role of working within the Sacral Chakra and you, unfortunately, accepted to have some of this trauma play in your childhood and so on. Then, with that, as you went through the process of healing and transmuting this - this is why we speak of when you self-heal yourself, you heal the collective. You did tap into the collective energies and you were that hero, that strength for another to also tap into that and heal for oneself as well - and it rippled, and it rippled and continued on. 


This is why we are within this time and space. Because the vast majority of your collective reached the peak mass population that it needed to reach so that this could come to the surface for healing. So, we thank you and appreciate you infinitely for your strength upon this and your fierceness upon this as I am Osiris. I love everyone infinitely and the children are our most precious creations in all ways and forms of Creation, not just on Earth. Thank you. 


Therefore, when you accepted your mission, we remind you of this mission. Look upon yourself, meditate upon self to find which Law of the Universe? Which ray? Or which chakra, the 13th-Dimensional chakra that you stand forth from to be here; and that’ll be your mission. Again, as the example I gave with the Sacral Chakra, that is a way that you can look at something that has really outweighed the other experiences, that are connected to the 13 Chakras. What have you always felt a major calling to? Maybe perhaps you have always been a truth seeker, an indigo warrior. You have always spoken from your heart - your inner knowing. 


So, looking at all these different things that connect highest to you, then you would find those locations as you are aware. Isis is reminding me that we have asked Aurora to share it on her website ( ). You have your tools there and you can choose whatever feels right within your heart and what you want to do with that. It’s time to activate your purest strength of Source Energy, it's time to activate that, it is time to activate your Crystalline Source bodies that are building - building upon every day as the Schumann rises. 


As the Schumann Resonance rises, remember that this is the Mother's energy, our Mother's energy that is speaking to us. As you see and watch her daily to see where she is, listen to her and see what it is that is being healed, integrated divinely only by your Higher Self - only by your benevolent soul family. Note what is being integrated within you to help you in the continued growth of regaining pieces into your Crystalline bodies to enter into the 5D. 


Some of you might have already noticed Isis is coming through as well (laughing) when I am sharing some of this information that is detailed, that is Isis talking as we view each other as equals. Some of our highest origins you will see depicted upon the walls in the hieroglyphics of your Egyptian times, where we are bird-like beings as well as different humanoids. Humanoids, dogs, and birds mixed in; you also see the serpentine energies. There has been much still destroyed and these are some of what remains there where we told stories for you in these walls; they are activators activating upon you. The remembrance that has been forgotten or deprogrammed or has been infringed upon your DNA structure with false light information. 


We recommend for you to look at these walls in whichever form you can, whether it is a physical way that you can go or through a book. Study them, read them, and feel those activations that will come forth from just even viewing upon an image. How they will activate souls' blueprints within you to continue building upon your Crystalline bodies - crystalline formations. 


The reason why we mention the crystalline formations is that you are going through this process. As you continue going through this process, you connect further to your heart as we stand here within the Emerald portal. We are the guardians - the Four Guardians as you would know them within your time and space as, ‘The Four Horsemen’. However, of course, there has been a complete infringement upon ‘The Four Horsemen’ for ‘The Four Horsemen’ are not obviously, death, famine, war, whatever they decided to name them as. No. We are, we are the portal guardians within the Inner Earth. We are known as your Four Centaurs. That's who we truly are at our purest Source Energy and we guard these portals ensuring that we only allow beings within their purest and clearest lightest of intentions going into the Fifth Dimension. They have called it ‘the underworld’ which is again, backwards. It is not the underworld that I as Osiris guard as well as us four. It is actually the Fifth Dimension, the 5D; the New Earth is what we guard. Ensuring, as our beautiful sister Dolores channeled prior, how there are auric energies and force fields surrounding and encasing the New Earth. Ensuring that only the most positive beings can enter. Beings with the most positive intentions and souls acting within the highest frequency of love, being above the 51 percentiles. As you go through that transformation to enter into the New Earth, this is what we guard. 


Therefore, you ensure that the highest, most beautiful experience is gained for you in the New Earth. As your soul further expands finally, as it has been stuck in a constant A.I. cycle, repeating self, repeating self, repeating self, repeating karma, repeating karma, repeating karma; you most importantly absolutely deserve this with all that you are. The most beautiful experience where we originally planned that the vast majority of plant life and alien lives, as well as animal lives including magical beings and magical creatures, would be working together living together among each other. This is something that you have already created together as a collective. Therefore, it is our role to ensure that we help you maintain it. Thank you, you may proceed with your questions.


In Aurora’s LIVE channelings, a set amount of time is reserved to answer questions from the collective. Aurora’s assistant (‘M’) is the one asking the questions (as submitted by everyone) to Osiris. 


M: Thank you and welcome Divine Father Osiris, delighted we are today to speak with you as we've spoken with Divine Mother Isis before. The first question that I'd like to start with is, you mentioned that you are the first fractal of Kryst, the Divine Father. How is it all tied to Yeshua who is often revered as the Christ? The first one that I mentioned starts with a 'K' it's 'Kryst' is what you meant. What is the Divine Father's connection to both Kryst with the ‘K’ and the Christ ‘Yeshua’ that we know? Thank you.


Osiris: Thank you for this question. He is our son, the Divine Mother's first fractalization; which is, as you know, we would call her the ‘Daughter of The Flame’. We are Twin Flames from one another. Yeshua was birthed from our infinite love, creational sacred energies. This would be Christ who is also Archangel Raphael. As Jesus/Yeshua was an incarnation of Raphael, which is why you feel such beautiful warmth when you work with Raphael. His energy will bring you straight to tears just as Yeshua’s will. This is their connection there. You may proceed. Thank you.


M: Thank you for that clarification. Is it true that you were depicted having green skin, green-colored skin? And also, the question that's along with that, what is your connection with Archangel Azrael as well in Egyptian times, thank you.


Osiris: Thank you for this question. Now, as far as green skin, you can say, my skin would have been more of like a shining, golden shimmering skin. To the physical eye, though, those who could see through their imagination or third eye, they could see my auric energy - which is what is a vibrant, most beautiful green, emerald green. Which is as we mentioned the connection to the underworld. Which is of course, as we said, not the underworld, it's ‘The Emerald Portal’ gateway to the Fifth Dimension. 


This is an essence and energy that I carry forth when I am most beautifully whole, though I am not often whole. I am often fractalized as either Archangel Michael or Archangel Haylel. However, I am at times, in your time and space - I do come forth very rarely together to help the Ascension of humanity in times when there is positive harvest, a positive Ascension that is meant to or about to organically occur. 


I was there as well in times of spaces where there was an Ascension meant to come forth within your Atlantean times. I have fractalized pieces of me all throughout your Creation in this time and space, pieces of us within you to help us connect to the constant connection and fruition of the Emerald Ascension. Thank you, you may proceed.


M: Thank you for that. Can you explain the significance of serpentines and cobras in Egyptian times as many even now have dreamt of seeing themselves or seeing past lives wearing crowns adorned with snakes and cobras, how can we now tap into that energy? Thank you.


Osiris: Thank you for the question. I was reminded that I did not answer another question prior that you asked of my connection with Azrael. Azrael is a beautiful brother of mine. He was also birthed/incarnated within the time and space when we were all incarnated and helped assist with constructing the Earth as we needed to, to begin the Organic Matrix then, that the whole collective Universe Creation agreed upon. Azrael is very dear to my heart as we work side by side together in helping entity releasement, entity healing, entity removal upon your Earth. 


That is one of the other biggest focus points that we have now as too many souls have been trapped within your Earth for far too long within tormenting cycles of trauma and pain. In their own density of unfortunate imbalances of karmic energy that they were supposed to balance; however, we’re unable to balance. We are helping within this karma energy now, helping release those who have, say, suffered enough. The more that we have of you connecting to understanding what entities are, the more it gives us an opportunity and a bridge to help these beautiful souls who are our brothers and sisters who have been stuck. The way we view everything is, we would like to treat others in the manner that we would love to be treated, treat others in the manner that you would treat thyself. 


Now, going back to your questions of the serpent, the serpent has a connection to the dragons. The serpent has a beautiful connection to how it transforms and sheds its skin. It keeps transforming and shedding and growing as it keeps shedding its skin. You can say that your life here can be seen as a serpent shedding its skin. It is a constant process of healing, transforming, shedding skin - healing, transforming, shedding skin. Therefore, the serpent represents this constant Ascension, constant growth, and rebirthing. Constantly shifting of consciousness rising higher, and higher, and higher; honoring within self-healing of raising consciousness and collective as well. 


The reason why you have seen these Serpentine crowns above our crowns is because we all have crowns. All of us do. These crowns represent our crown Cosmic energy. It also represents our collective Cosmic memory complex. It retains our consciousness, our power, our essence, within our crowns just as it represents very much for you as well within your crown energies. 


The reason why you have seen the snakes is because we represent this as the Kundalini rising. Also, it represents a serpent rising through the energies. We have beautiful positive serpentine formations that are big, humongous, as big as say, houses, or even some of the biggest planets that are in a beautiful rainbow crystalline type of serpent. We have many forms of us. 


There are different forms of us through the RA that can be seen as dragons and serpents. Serpents that perhaps might have wings as well. Then we also have forms of a bird, bird people, bird humans, or some that you have also named them ‘Blue Avians’ though we're not just blue. We are of different colors. These are some of our highest forms where we are at our highest purest form as well as our Angelic forms, through Seraphim and Elohim, and so on. 


Crowns are very sacred to us as well as why jewelry is also very sacred; why sometimes when you connect through meditations or past life, hypnosis you will find jewelry - amulets, bracelets, and crowns. These represent consciousness and memory fields that are within your memory complex toroidal sphere. They represent themselves in a form that you can understand. These forms are then parts of the infinite consciousness that you truly are through these pieces. They are force fields, they are shields of you, they are downloads, integrations. They represent many different things, and they are very intently part of your Ascension healing process upon Earth. 


This is why you connect and love at times so much a piece of jewelry. You recognize its true form and essence. When we connect to our crowns that we wear upon our crown energy, we connect to the infinite consciousness and the realities that we are, infinite love. You may proceed with your question. Thank you.


M: Thank you. We have a follow-up question related to the serpents again. What are the same serpents (well it's not the same) but what do the serpents represent when the Illuminati or the Satanist groups use them? Thank you.


Osiris: Now just like there is light and dark to everything as we are within a creation of polarity, we loved a question that was brought up through one of Aurora’s Q&A Patreon group. There was a beautiful soul sharing an experience of hers where she was told that she guards a Seventh-Dimensional portal when she sleeps, and as you've seen through different Higher Self stories of the A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing sessions and the channelings that we've shared. Overall, the Higher Selves sharing from hundreds of different experiences all still matching with the same experience - the same information. 


If there are no negatively polarized beings in the Seventh Dimension, then what would this being be guarding? What is it protecting it from? Who is she protecting it from? That is a question that you must go within and understand the reality of how extended the negative polarization and alien life is out there. Though, as we remind you, we speak of this only in awareness so that you could understand. If there is someone guarding a Seventh Dimension why would they need to guard it? You could answer that yourself. 


Now we loved this example because yes, just as there are positive beings, there are also negative. Some of these negative beings have been distantly long lost. What we will explain is that when Source itself created out of nothingness/emptiness are we going to think that we are limited to that? Are you going to believe that only the beginning of Source created itself and nothing else could have created itself from the emptiness or darkness? 


Something separate from us did create. Though, they are overstepping organic Natural Laws of Creation. As you know, we are working strongly intuitively together in not allowing for them to be part of our control any longer. If you truly want to know what Ascension is and how it connects to not only Earth but also Creation, it is when we shall completely release the hold of this negative soul-less collective that requires feeding of your light, requires control over you as an elite type of tyranny. 


For when we shift together as a collective upon this Creation, lower densities in this manner shall not be able to anchor anymore and if they've done harm, they will be transmuted and returned back to zero. This is something that we have agreed upon, upon your collective to no longer allow. And as you so lovingly empowered and sovereignly, you have been stating, “we do not consent.” 


This is not just the reason why you have felt this within your Earth. It is because it’s rippling out throughout Creation, as this plague or virus has spread in all Dimensions that you did not even realize it could have. We are all not consenting. Do you understand that? Do you have any questions upon what I just shared?


M: Thank you very much for bringing that up. It is very related. I'm glad that we asked this question. It's very related to the times that we have right now, yes. Thank you for sharing that. May we proceed with other questions, or do you have more to share about this topic? 


Osiris: You can proceed. Thank you.


M: Thank you for that information, and we certainly do not consent. Thank you. It's time we all say it out loud. I am being brought back to your beautiful revelation about Jesus. There are questions on our chat related to that. So, if I may just come back to that topic. Is that okay?


Osiris: Yes. 


M: Some clarification there. So, Jesus is as we understand it, a fractal of Archangel Raphael, who is one of the 13 Keys, correct?


Osiris: Yes.


M: And did Archangel Raphael birth from the Divine Father and the Divine Mother?


Osiris: Yes. 


M: So, can you tell us how? If you can just take us back into the Creation story and just share that bit for us, please? If it is, okay as per timelines I would say. Thank you. 


Osiris: Mm-hmm. Thank you. Well, I am a bit shy in sharing how it happened. Let's say you think it is fun here (on Earth) to sacredly create, hmm? It is infinitely fun beyond here (smiling). What I could explain though is that he did birth from our hearts, the Divine Mother's heart as we all birthed from this one Consciousness. Then as we multiplied, as the masculine multiplied from the feminine upon the Source Energy, then we became both. We became female and male. Now, energetically as we mentioned, the way it works is that we split - it's like a cell splitting. 


Therefore, you have Raphael. Then from him split, Jesus/Yeshua who is just as an equal even though he birthed, you can say, from Raphael; he is an equal to his energy, his soul. Therefore, you can say he is both Raphael, however still his own individual consciousness of Christ Consciousness. Both Raphael and Jesus are what keeps the Christ Consciousness fractalizing and growing. It's hard to explain these, what you would see as perhaps ‘scientific points of views’ as a splitting yet still the same being, however yet still individualized consciousness. Does that make sense?


M: Yes, thank you. Archangel Raphael birthed from a split from the Divine Father and the Divine Mother cells coming together, correct?


Osiris: Yes.


M: Okay. Thank you. That makes sense. Thank you for sharing that. If there are more questions related to that, perhaps we'll take up with Aurora later during the Patreon classes. Thank you. We have a question for Divine Father Osiris again. What role did the Naba play in the temples of Egypt?


Osiris: Bear with us we must go deeper for this answer. What we can share is that they played a role just like we all played a role. Bringing the multitude of races together, alien races, as there were a multitude of alien races when Isis and I as Osiris - I don't like the words you have within your human language to explain - oversee, oversaw, guided Egypt. 


Just like everyone coming into this construct, we needed to obey Natural Laws. Therefore, we did need to birth forth upon if we wanted to oversee. We needed to birth forth from human bodies, from a human mother and father, though we were a walk-in at our purest Source fractal. We walked in upon the human vessels that our mothers and fathers birthed. Then as we became conscious, we started to remember - just like everyone else going through the process of remembrance. 


So, we grew and grew through the RA Collective guiding us through dream time, prophetic dreams, as well as, as you would call it, ‘downloads, integrations, soul braids, walk-ins’ upon our own souls of becoming a whole. More processes, natural processes you would go through becoming whole and more whole once more. 


Then we opened up communications where we were able to allow for, as you would call, Galactic families coming forth. Joining and landing upon Earth, through different forms of our guidance and leadership. Benevolent, positive beings that would come forth and assist in union and agreements of a collective. 


Therefore, we will use an example of our brother Thoth, a Blue Avian: He was here energetically, though in a higher formation - it's hard to explain bear with us. As we continued to grow and allow, we did continue to grow and have a multitude of races as you have seen where there were people with blue skin and red skin and different people of different alien races. But then, it changed when Atlantis itself fell. Then these races were no longer able to be here and we needed to go back to only allowing the true, the beginnings of the souls that would be the human souls.  Are we making sense? We've gone so deep we have forgotten the question.


M: That's all right. We were discussing the Naba tribe. Yes, the role of the Naba in the temples of Egypt. Yes, you're speaking about creations and how all the other races came along.


Osiris: Yes (smiling). This is hard when we go so deep, and we still need to maintain Aurora here consciously so that she's able to communicate for us in a live channel format as we are speaking. Let’s see, we believe we have answered your question.


M: So, the Naba's were a part of a race that arrived here?


Osiris: Multitude of races. 


M: Multitude of races, you said, Yes! Okay. Thank you very much for clarifying.


Osiris: We would never place attention on just one race, because that's not who we are. We only speak in the multitude of races. No separation.


M: Yes. Thank you very much for clarifying that. In times of today, I think this question is very important. What were some of the methods of grounding into your own power to assist in guiding your people that you used as Osiris and Isis? What are some of the avenues in which you saw that the people worked in unison for the betterment of all, as a Collective?


Osiris: Thank you, when we were incarnated upon our vessels here, we strongly understood the importance of grounding and grounding with the sun. As we have mentioned prior, the sun energy is the purest element that you can touch here on Earth within your illusion and reality at the same time. That you can feel this beautiful Infinite Source Energy. This is the purest. 


Therefore, when the soul needs a recharging or like a snake needs a rebirth or the shedding of negativity or cleansing, transformation, transmutation understanding that if you are a healer and you are looking to heal others. First, you must charge your soul, your essence, your toroidal sphere with this Source Energy. Why is it that the Pyramid of Giza and other pyramids within Egypt that you are aware of - we speak of these since you are aware of these most importantly- why they were angled and how the sun would go through different tunnels and then we would stand beneath these entryways of light. The sun would reflect through these entryways and then reflect upon us. That would then heal us and help us heal others. That is the biggest thing that we can tell you. There is nothing negative within the Source sun. There never has been. Sure, there might be negative technology being placed in front of your sun, there might be filters trying to be placed by some of your Elites in your Earth, in our Earth. However, the source itself, the sun, is the purest. There is nothing that can infringe upon the pure Source Energy because it will automatically transmute to light. 


Clarifications upon your time and space of this - we did not worship the sun. We ARE the sun. Together, we are a flamed collective spheric energy of fire flame - etheric fire. Thank you.



M: Thank you. Any advice in which ways individually or collectively we can start undoing the reverse engineering of nature that is causing many diseases in nature and its abundant prosperous system? Again, related to Mother Earth as well, thank you.


Osiris: You're doing it. You're doing it now. Within your protests, you're doing it. If you want to challenge yourself even more - think of the possibilities. Allow for the possibilities that you did not realize could be possible and think about how there are technologies that have not been yet shared or channeled to you and how these negative technologies can harm the elements and the nature of this Earth. What you can do is understand that you are creating this timeline, this organic timeline that we are very much close to creating now, as you all are doing beautiful (emotional). You're doing beautiful. Stand forth in your powers, stand forth in your sovereignty. As you would say, "We got this!” I'm also very known for liking to be funny. 


Viewing upon these negative technologies and seeing them transmute with something as simple as an alchemizing etheric flame, seeing them disintegrate right in front of you, feeling them disintegrate. No longer having any power within you - your loved ones or the collective. You can do this because you are a sovereign being and you are a warrior of light, you are a Light Worker, a Worker of Light. And we love the word better, 'Love-Light Worker' or 'Light-Love Worker' versus light for there are many other lights. There are many parts of lights and frequencies of lights, there is as you know also false light. 


Keep speaking in whichever way you can. In your time, you've been programmed not to speak. Speak what you feel is right, and then just surrender. Whatever it is that you spoke to whomever you did, know that it was divinely channeled through you. As we channel through you, as you know all day long, divinely from your Higher Self. Your guides and angels are naturally channeling through you all day long. Allow for the messages to come out from you. Don't block yourself, allow for them to spring out these beauties. Do not hold yourself back. 


Then it is up to them what it is that they choose to do with this knowledge and information. We must take these opportunities now. To break what we have never been able to break before. We are doing it; we are doing it. We are doing it!!! With that we say our farewells for now. We are thankful for you being here with us; a joy it has been to feel your hearts with us. We love you, honor you, thank you, and respect you. Adonai.





This channeled transmission opened up one of the biggest and most influential messages for us to become aware of what Galactic Wars are about and how we can aid by remembering our missions. Many of us have wondered about these wars and this transmission brings us closer to placing it all together. We know that we are fighting some kind of important fight for the light as we sleep or when we travel in our imagination. We just can’t seem to remember why and what it is about. May this missing knowledge bring us closer to finding assurance in what we have been searching for of these memories that at times are too blurry to clearly see. 


First off acknowledging our collective energetic strive we have made together, by being in the high enough, right type of light anchoring in the world to have been able to have shared this sacred knowledge. This was one of the beginning stages and milestones we needed to meet together as a collective consciousness for the fruition of Ascension. Osiris shared with us how the biggest density on Earth right now is the infringements happening to the Sacral Energy, by heavily infringing upon the sacred Sacral Key in the Peru/South American region, and by harvesting the children’s sacral energy through horrific and ritualistic sexual abuse. Osiris reminded us of our true mission, of aligning these Chakras/13 Keys points once more, specifically to assist the children of Earth. We had forgotten how powerful we are with our light and how our infinite light is part of balancing Mother Earth to manifest our positive Ascending timeline. Here is how we all can aid the Ascension process. In Chapter 24 (‘13 Keys -Sacred Laws of the Universe’), please review closely to see which Key or Keys you align most, as Osiris has humbly requested. It is time for us to step into our roles as a whole and individual expressions as we can in whichever form, to assist the Universal Ascension goal. 


            Osiris also discussed the importance of not allowing anyone else but yourself/your Higher Self, guides, benevolent soul families to assist you in what is next on your organic timeline, such as integrations, activations, soul braids… The reason why this is mentioned is because there is a vast amount of distortion upon this topic on Earth throughout the awakening spiritual community. We have been programmed all our lives to believe we cannot heal ourselves or find answers within, through the Third Dimensional inverted construct. Therefore, when we start awakening, we continue this broken cycle thinking the same, how we have to find someone who can give these answers to us and heal us. In other words, we give away our sovereignty. When this happens, because we are awakening, our light is at its greatest strength and when we rely on others to do things for us instead of doing it ourselves in a self-responsible way, we lower our frequency as a result. This lower vibratory energy then connects to negative entities such as Archons who will gladly ‘answer the call for you’ by making infringing choices for you to fulfill their own dark agendas. This is why we teach that ONLY YOU, AND ONLY YOUR HIGHER SELF, can work within your DNA, your timeline, your Akashic, for healing and repairing it. 


I have clients share with me how they went to a supposed healer who said they could upgrade their DNA for them, rewire their brain, remove past life trauma, insert an implant into them needed for their Ascension, integrate fractals of supposed ‘benevolent beings’ into their souls’ blueprints, or have their chakras removed because they didn’t need them. These healers claim they alone can do that, without working together with the client’s Higher Self and the client. This is what we call healing done in an infringing manner. This is so very important and worth repeating: NO ONE, NO ONE, should EVER have the power to go into someone else's soul path and move things around in them as if they were moving chess pieces within them. Who do they think they are to falsely advertise this to vulnerable people who are looking to reconnect and remember who they are at the soul level? When someone thinks that they are this powerful on their own, they are being guided by the human ego or Archons and not the true pure intentions for their client. A true teacher teaches another how to self-heal and never renders another to think that they are too helpless to do so themselves. We are to give clues, and point them in the right direction, but never to tell them which route to take as that is only always of their own choosing, because it is their organic timeline to choose, and once more we have no power over their timelines. If we think we do, then we are no longer benevolent in nature, and are instead being led by false light of the Archons. 


            We are blessed by Osiris as we go into the ancient beauties and ruins of Egypt. I have often wondered as a child as I saw photographs or heard of Egypt, what a marvelous mystery the clues left behind are for our viewing. How glorious it is to now be able to place some of those pieces together to what Egypt’s benevolent origins was about. When we read on the internet, we find the greatest distortion of the tales of Egypt. Here we learnt about the significant importance of the pyramids, and how they are a vital organic light construct interconnected to each other as energy beacon gridding to support ALL life on Earth. These sacred pyramids also function as memory fields for our collective. We thank Osiris for the great beauties and gifts he shared with us through this beautiful transmission. We love you, honor you and respect you. 


In the next Chapter, we will go the deepest we have ever gone, sharing sacred guarded knowledge communicated through Adama, The Inner Earth Galactic Guardian. We will learn why the Illuminati is so involved in harvesting energy through sexual abuse and black magic rituals, and how they infringe upon these sacred energetic Keys/Chakra points for their negative agenda purposes. 



“We are time travelers. When we space out, we shift out of consciousness traveling through the Dimensions of time and space in our daydreams.”


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