Alchemy Healing Classes: “13 Keys Star Archangels” “Magical Creatures” "Crystals Candles Oils"
Alchemy Healing Classes: “13 Keys Star Archangels” “Magical Creatures” "Crystals Candles Oils"
Alchemy Healing Classes: “13 Keys Star Archangels” “Magical Creatures” "Crystals Candles Oils"

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The 13 Keys Star Archangels Alchemy: $88.88 
Now Availble to the public! Come join us in learning more on the beautiful Race of The Elohim/Seraphim, The Angels! Exclusive knowledge never shared, Alchemy symbols lost in time. Learn to work with the same 13 Key Angelic Star Jesus/Yeshua himself work with and taught his 12 main disciples. The beauties of Ancient Sacred Teachings! Which Archangels do you work with already looking to get to know them even more or do you want to learn how to work with their Infinite Divine Healing? Are you a healer looking to further expand your healing modality for your client? Receive a Certification of Completion! This is a class you don't want to miss whether you are looking to heal yourself or heal another. 
Class will touch base on:
  • 5 hrs of prerecorded classes
  • the 13 Key Elder Galactic Council Star connected to the Universal Webbing, and their responsibilities
  • Jesus/Yeshua's 13 Key Star of the Universal Gateway of Love
  • the 13 Archangels connected to each key and what "key" you may feel you align and work with
  • Archangels, races of Angels, 7 rays of Earth, their colors
  • what they each represent, elements, overseeing roles 
  • Angelic Alchemy Symbols to connect to their frequencies and energies for healing on yourself and others
  • what chakras the 12 Archangels are connected to and keys on Earth 
  • Sound Alchemy in combination with Sacred Alchemy symbols working with guided meditation, chants, spiritual basics with crystals, chakras
  • teachings on how to use your "I AM Source Light" force fields, Merkaba, Invisibility cloak, and toroidal sphere
Magical Creatures Alchemy: $55.55
Come discover the magic of building relationships with benevolent, high vibrational, mystical Beings! Journey into the Land of Beautiful Creatures!  Spiritual Development with a combination of Sacred Alchemy symbols & techniques. Learn Ancient Teachings from Lumeria & Inner Earth! Consisting of 2 part training videos, 4 1/2 hour total.

“The Land of Beautiful Creatures" will touch base on:
  • 4 1/2 hrs of prerecorded classes
  • explanation to how the Inner Earth will shift for the splitting of the New Earth 
  • connect to the realm, where you will meet Griffins, Dragons, Fairies, Gargoyles, Unicorns/Pegasus, Chimeras, Leprechauns, Elementals, Elfin, Nifflers...
  • Adama from the Inner Earth shares what beautiful Special Creatures Live with them & an Inner Earth Alchemy symbol 
  • work and be attuned to the “Sacred Phoenix Fire” energies & Alchemy symbol with technique (same attunement as A.U.R.A. Certified Practitioners)
  • 101 on Dragons and how to work with Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Source/Star, Metal, Ether, Lava, Snow/Ice, Crystal Dragons...
  • Guided Meditation Lead by Aurora to "The Land of Beautiful Creatures”
  • Meet your very own Creature Companions
  • each Creature/Races individual Alchemy Symbols to connect to
  • work with their energies and magic on a daily basis
  • 101 on the elements that consist of them, their roles & their dimensions
  • fertility, transmuting, energetic rebirth, clear negative energies, awakening souls blueprints, elements, natural disasters, portals, abundance, heart healing & all Chakras, manifesting...

Crystals Candles Oils Alchemy: $55.55 

The art of Alchemy, a combination use of Crystals, Herbs, Oils and Candle Magic! Place some of what you have learned from past Alchemy Classes, through the use of alchemy symbols to learn how to heal and manifest with your creator energy! A blend of teachings from each alchemy classes Aurora offers.

Class with touch base on:

  • 4 1/2 hrs of prerecorded classes
  • 6th, 7th, 8th chakras with sound & symbol alchemy
  • Archangel Raziel & Uriel's alchemy symbols
  • "Dragons", "The Moon "and the power of "The Pyramids" Alchemy Symbols
  • Eye of Horus Alchemical Breakdown
  • Sound & Symbol Alchemy Technique Spiritual Development 
  • 10 Total Alchemy Symbols
  • cleanse, charge, connecting to crystals, crystal grids, crystals not of this Earth
  • manifesting through the elements



Alchemy Healing Classes: “13 Keys Star Archangels” “Magical Creatures” "Crystals Candles Oils"

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