Certification- Quantum Alchemy Channeling
Certification- Quantum Alchemy Channeling
Certification- Quantum Alchemy Channeling
Certification- Quantum Alchemy Channeling
Certification- Quantum Alchemy Channeling

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Certification- Quantum Alchemy Channeling

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When picking your date and time the calendar will adjust to your time zone. Please check the Booking details for important details before choosing a date.

"Quantum Alchemy Channeling" Certification is a beautiful course focused upon Sacred Symbol and Sound Alchemy working and activating your 12 strands of DNA, and 12 chakras. Created with the sacred intention of teaching you to self heal and activate your crystalline bodies formation into the 5D/The New Earth of your organic timelines of ascension.

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Teachings stemming forth of forgotten sacred knowledge from The Essenes, Egypt, Atlantis, Greece, The Inner Earth. It is a beautiful collaboration in union with a diverse team of Benevolent Guides from Sophia/Kryst, Arcturians, Archangels/Elohim/Seraphim, Inner Earth.

It is a powerful Spiritual Development course, consisting of 8 hour training videos. Learn how to safely communicate to Beings above our dimension in 4D- 13D... 

Bonus: you will receive a free 45 min, 1 on 1 follow-up Reading with Aurora, focused on the mentorship of your Channeling Development. When picking your date, ensure you allow at least 13 hours and about 1 month of training time. You will need to have all your studies completed by the date you have chosen for the channeling mentorship.
What consists within this course:
  • How to connect with the Beings through frequencies, vibrations, signatures, your senses within your third eye/indigo & heart/emerald rays.
  • How to activate your clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience...
  • Sacred Alchemy Symbols that you will receive are created for each of these chakras connecting your 12 strand DNA:
  1. The 6th Chakra, symbol from Egypt, awakening, activating and aligning your 6 senses.
  2. The 7th Chakra, symbol of Creation, Creating the beginning of the strong connection to your higher self and the Cosmic Gateway of infinite knowledge.
  3. The 8th Chakra Inner Earth Star symbol, activates your spiritual skills and your divine love. Amplifying your 6 senses. Pushing through strong fear.
  4. The 9th chakra - from Arcturians/Krysta. It will help awaken your souls blueprint, skills, your abilities. It will start awakening memories/knowingness from your past/future lifetimes. It starts activating your clairs. (clairaudience etc.)
  5. The 10th chakra. It is from “The Gatekeeper of the Arcturians”. It helps you with completion, creativity/creational flow. Helps you gain your sovereignty back.
  6. The 11th chakra. It advances your spiritual skills. This is when you start working with telepathy, bilocation, telekinesis and astral travel.
  7. The 12th chakra. The Angelic Elohim 12 point star, Elder 13 Keys star. Connecting to the the 12 DNA strands, Cosmic Gateway, Earth chakras, Earth’s Ley Lines, Cosmic Webbing and our Galactic Origin.
  • Bonus Infinty Viewing Symbol to amplify your Clairvoyance at its greatest!
  • Spiritual Basics through Meditation, Crystals, Mantras. With step by step guidance, using a combination of Sound Alchemy & Spiritual Alchemy 
  • 8 hour total Classes  
  • Itinerary with step by step teachings
  • Alchemical break down of the Eye of Horus
  • 6-12 chakra Alchemy symbols and techniques to develop 
  • Invisibility shields and energy forcefields
  • to open your hand chakras & “I AM Source” Creator Love/Light
  • activate your Merkaba, work with your toroidal sphere
  • connect to your psychic gifts, astral travel, telepathy


Booking details: 

When viewing/picking your date and time, the calendar will display your current time zone. When picking your date on the calendar, ensure you are selecting a date 2 months from now, when you have completed the 2-month course. The meeting will be on the application called Zoom, please download it prior. Test the camera, mic settings, and make sure your device is fully charged.


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