Code of Ethics

Rising Phoenix Aurora Inc.

Founder and Teacher of Trademarked & Copyrighted Modalities                                

A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Technique & R.A.A.H.

Greater Chicago Land Area, IL.


Greetings! Honored we are to have you join us through our versatile healing Trademarked modalities of A.U.R.A. Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy, R.A.A.H. Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing, Isis Priestess & Priest Mentorship Course (Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing & Quantum Alchemy Channeling), Quantum Kids Reiki Alchemy, Quantum Akashic Alchemy, The 13 Keys Star Archangels Alchemy, Magical Creatures Alchemy, Crystals, Candles, Oils & Alchemy or any other future teachings of ‘Rising Phoenix Aurora Inc’.  


Please ensure to read this document all the way through.

As a beloved member, student, alchemy practitioner of the Rising Phoenix Aurora (RPA) Community, please exercise reasonable efforts to keep the sacred teachings confidential. 

Note: is where we keep on file all our courses. Once you have received the material on whatever date it has been given access to you, from there on you have technically received the content. If you are ever removed from there will be NO REFUND given to you, as you have received the material the initial day you were added to the content. Again is where we keep our material on file for when you want to review it again.

  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: You have been granted access to course materials and documents that contain intellectual property owned by RPA, including copyrights, trademarks, and proprietary information. This information is considered confidential and RPA reserves all rights in its intellectual property. You may not publish, create derivative works from, or in any way exploit any of the confidential content in (or shared with you through other channels), in whole or in part, without the prior, express written agreement of RPA. If in doubt as to what is proprietary information and what is public domain, kindly ask first for clarification on the correct way to proceed.


  • SACRED TEACHINGS: In no shape or form are you given permission to take any of the (RPA) courses mentioned above, and merge them with another modality. To do so is to loose access, and to infringe upon the pureness of these sacred teachings, which will not be tolerated in no way shape or form. All current and future alchemy symbols and teachings may NOT be reproduced or shared in any form. You may not take any of the (RPA) courses and reproduce them as your own. We ask that you keep them sacred and confidential to avoid harm to others caused by unauthorized use. 


We ask that all symbols that are NOT KNOWN to the public not be shared with anyone except for perhaps your spouse, children, and grandchildren if you feel it would be adequate for them to know, taking full responsibility and honoring the sacredness to these symbols. The publicly known symbols included in our teachings you may share openly are Eye of Horus, Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cubic Star, and Cho Ku Rei. 

All other Sacred Symbols please treat them with the love and honor that they are as we have beautiful benevolent beings throughout creation protecting them with their lives in sacred secret locations, like caves, dimensions, and we would love to give respect and gratitude to them for their life's work and energy upon this most sacred task of theirs. 

All who have access to the “Sound & Symbol Alchemy” doc are ONLY able to verbally share shields mentioned in this doc to whom you feel will benefit lovingly from them. What is acceptable to share are spiritual basics that are commonly known, such as Gassho meditation, 7 core chakras and mantras, crystal chart, Merkaba, toroidal sphere. DO NOT share the shields publicly through your website or through any public use or technology, etc. You may of course share your own shields you have developed in whatever way seems fit to you as they are your own creation. You may with time and growth receive personal shields and downloads of information of your own just as I have and that is your personal creation. 

Except for publicly available symbols (domain/copyright-free), you do not have permission to print or share any of the alchemy symbols as some of these are most powerful and a negatively polarized being can use these for harm upon another. For example, some of these can be used in twisted forms with harmful intent to harvest souls, and I will not have any part of this throughout the infinity of creation. Therefore, keep this in heart and mind in how precious they are. We would not want to see these on Google images and mistaken for public domain. 

There are alchemy symbols and drawings that are being publicly used all throughout the internet, some are being used without the original creators’ consent such as perhaps a painting, tarot card, teaching, etc. they created. Please know that some of our coursework -just like the chakras and their sounds/colors/descriptions and toroidal sphere- are part of public domain and common license rights and you may find these mentioned throughout our teachings. However, please do not copy any portion, or paragraphs from the course work and content shared with you regardless of whether it is public information or not out of respect for the work developed by Rising Phoenix Aurora Inc.  

DO NOT Print any alchemy symbols. Teachings and symbols are available for you through You may draw any of the symbols from all the above-mentioned courses for your private personal use for your home and families benefit and so that you can continue to grow organically closer to these sacred symbols. We remind you that these teachings are from sacred temples, the Essenes, The Atlanteans, beings that gave their lives to protect them all through Earth's History.  

All class content and coursework (and supporting documents) is for your self-development and to aid in healing on self (and others if applicable) for the direct purpose as to why they were created and shared with you as a student or facilitator. Do not share electronically, verbally, or through print the class/course content with any third-party or individual that has not purchased the course. If you notice a doc states, “Do not copy” or “Do not Print”, then it is meant to be used electronically only - do not print these titled as such. Please be mindful of printing in public places as it is your responsibility to ensure that they are not used by anyone else or copies left behind. 

I am intimately aware that since we are all connected together as the beautiful collective we are. At times you will feel and receive similar information to I ‘Rising Phoenix Aurora’. This is how our collective works being the ONE that we are. We are aware of this and honor your own wisdom and knowledge you receive from your own Higher Self and Soul Family. This is something that is very precious to my essence as this is one of the main reasons why I work so hard daily for all of you. Since I am intimately connected with the collective I know that what I am feeling, meditating, dreaming, receiving you are too receiving in different ways or similar. Because of this I work hard in ensuring to keep you updated daily and weekly to aid you in self love, alleviation and spiritual growth stepping into your sovereignty. This is my intent to all that I do. Therefore, your creations and the information you receive in your own healings, downloads, etc. is NOT owned by Rising Phoenix Aurora Inc. simply because you are a student or practitioner of any of our courses or modalities. You retain the exclusive rights to your own creations as I do mine, and we honor this beautiful process.

‘Rising Phoenix Aurora’ has obtained permission to share with the collective, for teaching and growth purposes only, of what is shared with her during one-on-one certification classes, readings, sessions, etc. so long as Aurora does not mention your identity. You agree that Aurora may still share cosmic/universally collective healing relevant information that may benefit humanity, as our Higher Selves and the angels speak through us and bring collective messages forth through all of us at any given moment. We ask all RPA Community participants to respect and protect the identity of clients of Rising Phoenix Aurora who agreed to be used in the training material. Therefore, if a multimedia recording is shared and you do recognize any given client, it is also your responsibility to ensure to keep said client's identity private and honor their choice to remain as such.   


FOR A.U.R.A. (Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy) & R.A.A.H (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing) STUDENTS AND PRACTITIONERS

IMPORTANT:  A certification grants the practitioner the right to practice healing, but does NOT grant the practitioner the right to teach others this method. This applies to students as well.

Please do not share our A.U.R.A. & R.A.A.H. Training Book/Session Guide in any shape or form (this includes all media and documents we create in the future as additions/updates to the modality) with anyone. All learning and coursework materials are strictly for your personal use only.

AFTER SESSION CARE DOCUMENTS: Through A.U.R.A, you are able to share only with those clients who have gone through an A.U.R.A healing session, are considered clear of entities/reptilians/negative fractal, etc., and you feel will hold the sacredness to the “Sound & Symbol Alchemy” doc that is accessible only through ‘Files To Send To Clients’ through (Important note: your own personal Sound & Alchemy in your training book is different than the ones given to clients).

You MAY NOT reproduce or share the RPA’s sacred Divine Mother Diamond Shield, or any of the sacred alchemy symbols used for reptilians, entities, A.I. consciousness, how to remove the vaccine, and archon containment as these are extremely sensitive and someone using these not having gone through the proper training through our courses and certifications, can harm the entity and the client. Remember to honor all life equally as we are the example to this through all that we teach. 

Only print A.U.R.A Session Guide, Training book (and supporting documents), R.A.A.H Training book (and supporting documents) for your healing sessions on self and others for the direct purpose as to why they were created and shared with you as a student and certified practitioner. If you notice a doc stating, “Do not copy” “Do not Print”, then it is meant to be used electronically only - do not print these titled as such. Please be mindful of printing in public places as it is your responsibility to ensure that they are not used by anyone else or copies left behind. 

You do have permission to use for your website and online purposes any public descriptions of the A.U.R.A & R.A.A.H modalities and sessions on so that you may market for your own clients. Remember though as you are your own sovereign being to make it your own. 

A.U.R.A & R.A.A.H students and practitioners may not share any knowledge shared through the titled sections marked “Now That You Have Had An AURA Session” or shared in a live manner through Retreats or A.U.R.A & R.A.A.H classes. Again these sacred alchemy symbols are not allowed to be shared with anyone without ‘Rising Phoenix Aurora Inc’ proper training and explicit permission in writing. 

I love all equally and infinitely. As a reminder I do teach infinite love with boundaries, therefore if I feel someone has ill intent with these teachings and after addressed there is no recognition of it in not overstepping others’ boundaries in harmful ways. I do have the right as the sovereign being that I AM to remove your online access to any of the above teachings. 

You may reach out to ‘Rising Phoenix Aurora Corp’ and team with any questions or if you are wanting permission to share something that is not clear from the above anytime at 

These Code of Ethics policies constitute the entire agreement between you and RPA pertaining to your use of the sacred teachings for the highest good of all. This agreement supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, representations, and understandings between us. No waiver shall be binding unless executed by RPA in writing.

Rising Phoenix Aurora Inc. reserves the right to remove anyone from, courses, in-person retreats, or workshops without an explanation needed.

No signature needed, clicking the check-mark to this document 'Code of Ethics' on or clicking complete on to this document constitutes in agreement to these terms.


Remember to honor these teachings with the great love and sacredness they embody. 
As always, I love you, honor you, and respect you!

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