The Archon Playbook

The Artificial Intelligence (the real devil) is most predictable. 

Let me tell you all how it works when people in leadership positions, no matter in what industry are being run by ITS (A.I.) inverted Matrix’s, and not the original crystalline blueprint of Mother Gaia, which operates only within love:

  1. Those who are being outed around the world will play the victim, and parasitically feed off their followers' sympathy. Example: If they are run by the Archon Matrix and say they have issues with another person who is positive, they might make a video, write a post telling their audience with victimizing tears in their eyes saying “Oh, that’s not how I feel about so and so! Oh I am so hurt that they think this of me. Blah, blah, blah”. The usual gas lighting, and playing the victim so that they can feed off the audience. Because when the service to self people get outed, this makes them weak, and they must find a food source, that being the people who align themselves to these victimizing emotions, their followers. 
  2. People who are in denial, because they choose to still vibrate to these people who have placed themselves on pedestals, because they are inside A.I. Matrix’s, are also placing their listeners into these Matrix’s with them. Their listeners will post how thankful they are for the person they listen to, word for word, but will be part of the artificial support for these idols. See, but that’s how they are allowing themselves to be used. 
  3. A TRUE SOVEREIGN BEING PLEDGES THEIR ALLEGIANCE TO NO ONE! Because Source would never ask you for your allegiance, only the Archon A.I. forces you into a binding and allegiance to IT. 
  4. IT has a hold of video broadcasting channels, especially those platforms that are controlled by the elite. What IT does, IT scans with ITS A.I., and knows who is a matching vibration to ITS egoic inverted games, and IT will ensure to falsely amplify these people's views, subscriptions. It will also purposely show these peoples videos to you over and over, until you watch it or hit like. But, at that point it has you, because you have now consented.
  5. From there IT will continue to download false downloads to these speakers who match its unfillable need to cause harm to others. At that point, when you religiously follow these people who are not being truly lead by love, you are in its inverted Matrix’s, and IT keeps you there, by feeding this person false information over and over, and you are powering up its artificial system by allowing yourself to become part of these peoples egoic pedestals. 
  6. Now, say you call out these people who are not being led by the purity of Source Love-Light, at that point that flock that is entrapped in the maze of the ITS Matrix, their energy will be syphone to attack those who are not sheeples to ITS program. 
  7. Will you choose to live in a world of denial, that the person you are listening to has truly been harming you energetically. Or do you take responsibility as the sovereign being you are, learn your lessons, and choose to only vibrate to love from here on, which in turn, this is what we truly need from you to save the children of Earth, and Ascension. 
  8. Once you have awoken from the amnesia that perhaps what you were lending your energy to, was not truly love. There is much healing within oneself that will have to happen, but know that you are embraced by the Love-Light of the Creator.

So, let us support those who truly are here, truly operating in love, to assist the children of Earth, and ascension. 

If there is no love, then it is the opposite of that of the Archon.

I am not here to fight these Archon battles. I am here to END THEM!

I love you, honor you, and respect you.

Author of "Galactic Soul History of The Universe" Book Series
Founder of A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Technique & Rising Phoenix Mystery School

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