Adrenochrome Satanic Church Rituals Children Pedophilia

I AM Aurora🔥

Channeled and written 7/20/2020.

I remember when I was young my parents being Catholic had us go to church, and to Sunday school for our 1st communion. I remember listening to the teachers and not understanding what they were teaching us as it seemed all opposite of what I felt right in my soul. I remember being in mass and not understanding why they would have us kneel up and down, drink wine, why dunk the little baby's head in the water or how they claimed we were to worship their religion and God because of his wrath. This was not the God/Source I remembered in my heart.

As I grew up I knew in my soul that I could not do this to my family as something felt even more sinister than above mentioned with religions. My angels ensured to show me Priests, and other leaders true forms through dreams and simple intuition of reading someone else's energies and heart. I had to endure the most horrific nightmares of prophetic dreams showing me my intuition was right on of the deep roots of the Pedophoellia that plagues Earth. 

Before reading beyond, read 'Galactic News', "Orchestrated Actors" first as this transmission is continued from it. To watch a video of a 9 yr old speaking of her father's Elite/Illuminati black magic rituals performed at churches and schools click here.

Before we continue let me make this very clear. If you do not believe these children and adults that are coming forth with their TRUTHS and you have negative comments, KEEP THEM "I DO NOT CONSENT TO YOU AND YOUR ENTITIES".🔥


The majority of all religions are stemming forth from Negative Alien Entities which can be understood as Demonic as well. When people go to church and perform all rituals assigned to them as paying penance for your sins, allowing a priest to place black ashes on your third eye... These are forms of black magic bindings upon your soul. Which maintains you within a dark cloud not allowing clear focus out from the trappings of this dark cloud. What requires worship and energy from you is not Benevolent nor God/Source. It is only a negative entity that consists of needing to feed off your light. 

Let's go more in depth. What is within the bread and wine that is given to you? They are actual ashes of a dead and blood within the wine, most likely being infants or children. When you allow an ashed dark cross marking upon you on your third eye you create a negative contract with these negative aliens to give away your sovereignty and natural abilities of sight and your 6 senses. This is only but 1 example. Just understanding that the majority of rituals through religion are some form of way connected to allowing you and your families energies and light within your soul, for a negative polarization energetic harvesting feeding black magic purpose.

To understand more of alien races you can click here to watch a playlist of AURA Regressions sessions whom I am the Founder of.

Today's transmission is focused upon 'Saving The Children'. Millions go missing every year throughout the world and here are some of the reasons why and how they do so. You perhaps have been hearing about 'Adrenochrome' through other forms of communications. Therefore here is more details of its consistency.

Our bodies consist of 7 major glands, though there are more. This is called the Endocrine system that keeps our hormones and energies in balance. Why is this important? Here is why. 

When you are looking at it from a human harvesting point of view similar to the movie "The Matrix", we are as battery generators for the negative aliens of this universes that are not capable of producing their own light organically. When a person experiences trauma, the crystalline formations within the blood gather at these 7 major glands focus points. This concentrated energetic crystalline energy is within the blood of these locations in the body and is a matching frequency to adrenaline.


Here is a breakdown of the chakras and their glands:

Crown Chakra: Spinal Cord & Brain Stem

Third Eye Chakra: Eyes, Pituitary, Pineal 

Throat Chakra: Bronchial tubes, vocal cords, respiratory system

Heart Chakra: Heart & Lungs

Solar Plexus Chakra: Intestines, pancreas, liver, bladder, stomach, upper spine

Sacral Chakra: Bladder, prostate, ovaries, (adrenal gland) kidneys, gallbladder, bowel, spleen

Root Chakra: Testes, kidneys, lower spine 


When all the above glands combined are harvested from a human body, an infant being at its highest potency because of the purity and strength of their light, this creates the blood drug Adrenochrome. Which is directly harvested through sexual trauma abuse and then murder of children and adults.

The Elite who are the money holders, politicians, and superstars are addicts to this harvested potent blood as it is a drug. Because of the building of the crystalline trauma adrenaline formations with the main ingredient adrenal gland and others mentioned. Adrenochrome is as a drug addiction that they must keep on taking, otherwise their physical bodies start drying out as the picture below, as a grape that ripens into a raisin.

Some of their major locations of harvesting infants and children Adrenochrome are the Foster Systems, locations of poverty as Haiti's, South America... that hold a strong population of orphans, borders of refugees and immigrants, and the biggest being Abortion clinics. Abortion clinics are as a candy store for the rich Adrenochrome junkies, as they can have as much infant blood and organs as they desire for their Adrenochrome needed high. This is why the Democrats have always been 'Pro Life' masking the righteousness that "A woman has a right to choose what she does with her body". All part of the programming to feed their toxic hunger.


Below are images of children who experience traumatic sexual abuse.


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  • kaitlyn

    what can we do to stop the horror? my heart breaks.. i can’t even see these pictures without breaking down! How do we stop this?!

  • Jeffrey Kampf

    Thank you soo much Aurora.. you are soo BRAVE to bring forth the truths for all to see and hear… you are a Brave Warrior of Love ♥️ light ✨ Aurora… blessed to have been guided to you and your teachings 🙏🏻

  • Desiree Smith

    I want to sign up for your newsletter but not sure how.

  • Julie Garza

    This video is very hard to see but so much important information we need to know get it out there make people aware what’s going on in the world with her children thank you Aurora for your bravery your compassion and your love for humanity

  • Julie Garza

    This video is very hard to see but so much important information we need to know get it out there make people aware what’s going on in the world with her children thank you Aurora for your bravery your compassion and your love for humanity

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