Rape is not just physical, it is too energetically

Rape is not just physical, it is too energetically. When people overstep your boundaries and violate your space, your energy, your mind, this is a form of rape. Through time, working with all my clients, I have heard so many stories of the ways that they were violated energetically. People tend to think that this is not that drastic, but it is. If anything, an energetic violation can at times go even deeper through the multidimensions of the soul. A person who is intentionally causing harm, because their thoughts and energy vibrate to this lower vibration, can do so by looking deeply into someone’s eyes, by writing a negative comment, by speaking directly about someone in an ill intent, by conducting a supposed healing session without truly the person's higher self’s permission. This is why we teach to love, honor, and respect others. To respect another is to respect their boundaries, ideas, beingness, choices, and to never overstep. 


More examples being, some of my clients have shared that through alien abductions, whether physically being taken or astrally being taken, how they have been talked into making hybrid babies, being part of hybrid experiments. This is not normal, and it is not typically done by benevolent beings. So much misinformation is shared through many channels that cause such confusion, to make people passive and docile in allowing for their energy to be violated and to think an energy violation is not that bad. At our core we are energy, as so is all that is created from Source Love-Light. Without the physical, which is an illusion, we are energy, therefore remember to respect others with all that you are, and all that you can be.


The most divine adequate beginning act upon all you are about to decide upon, is first ask yourself, “Is what I am about to do or say, is it embodied and created from love?” If not, better not act upon it, as it is disrespectful to whose energies you are interacting with.


Respecting all life forms is essential, even the trees. Just because we can see or sense these lifeforms, for example, chakras within the trees, that does not give us the right to pull from their sacral energies within their chakras directly. If we are truly instead operating in benevolence we allow for the nature spirits to give us as they are meant to divinely, but never directly take invertedly. All that has life, too has sacred rights, and we must view all through these eyes. 


Not to be mistaken though that there is infinite lifeforce energy in Celestial bodies as the sun, moon, and stars. These embodiments are there to support all lifeforms, and will always give when we are in need. 


I love you, honor you, and respect you.



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