Inner Earth Galactics 2nd Wave Virus Update

Adama the Galactics within the Inner Earth. Written 5/24/2020.

We greet you. I am Adama, Galactic Leader residing within the Inner Earth.  We come to you speaking of the negative timeline agenda of our Earth's time. The reason why? First we need to bring this into your awareness because if you are unaware of it, how is it that you will be able to shift it into a positive timeline?

To know who we are inside the Earth, and this transmission is picking up from our 5/22/2020 live channel watch the video below to place the pieces together. For today's transmission will be focusing upon details of both the negative and positive of the 2nd wave negative a.i. matrix agenda.  

Through the video located at the bottom, we talk in depth about what by wearing a mask over your mouth throat chakra is creating. However, we will also explain it here as well. One of the 13 keys of The Universal Laws of what keeps natural balance within creation is "The Law of Vibration/The Throat Chakra" which is located in the surrounding lands of Jerusalem. Same reason why they have the Divine Feminine in these areas in current and past Earth's history covering/masking themselves to further affect the collective of our speech.

The image directly below is an example of when the cabal/illuminati began to enslave the African/African-American community. They placed face masks over them removing their expression and free will of their voice. We know that the "Law of free will/Sacral Chakra" is located in Africa. By combining both of these in the past they used this black magic to cloud and control the free will of our voices collectively. Once more they are trying to use this upon us knowing how well it worked last. 



By a collective of people falling into line without question to mask and muzzle directly by their hands, this energetically creates negative contracts with Archons and other negative aliens. With this we speak of only those who are unaware or unawakened to the negative confines created by muzzling oneself. This is part of all the trickery within black magic. This negative energy is then taken and used as their fuel for their black magic control to further amplify their dark agenda. It gathers accumulating through energetic pyramids that are located within the lands of Jerusalem, which then causes a further imbalance upon the throat chakra (for more on the energetic pyramids, watch the video at the bottom). Holding the collective back from speaking their truth and to continue to fall in line to their dictatorship. 

To read more of the way the throat chakra has been infringed upon in the past and what these 13 keys/universal laws are click here.

We will now go in more detail of the other negative programming that is occurring, why, and what their intents are through them.

Why social distancing? In the year of 2020 = 4. Because of the power of the alchemy of the number 4, this acts as a focus point upon this year for benevolent Beings in drawing the universal energies of the 4 sacred directions of creation. They knew of this and wanted to infringe upon this and stall it. Any can tap into this when ready and they are aware of this. 

When people are walking around in public their auric field can expand an average of about 6 feet or more, therefore by keeping people away from each other it creates a disconnect from one another's love light not allowing the beacons of light that shoot out as each auric field organically meets. This is also adding an emotion of a feeling of repel through fear against someone, which will automatically create a wall/blockage in connecting to another's Source Love Light. 

Why plastic walls around areas where people exchange communications? For example, your registers. Plastic is a material that cuts off or redirects energetic connection away. As if you were to place two magnets together however they repel out in different directions instead energetically. Again, hindering the love light activations, integrations that are meant to organically be occurring. Their plan is to place plastic walls everywhere that they can. Example on airplanes, registers, anywhere groups stand in line, etc.  for the continual reflecting of one another's energies opposite to another. 

Why the covid-19 shot? This will target with artificial intelligence specific strands within the human DNA structure that are at their peak crystalline brightest light formation and are about to activate fully shifting an awakening or a further awakening within a person. The awakening strands about to activate will then be stalled and hindered to not do so organically. This a.i. will latch on to these DNA strands and will become barriers blockages and will directly drain the light of these DNA strands feeding it to the archons. 

Why constantly hand sanitizing? Most hand sanitizers contain alcohol which is designed to drunken the natural healings within your hands and the love heart chakra you contain in the palms of your hands.

We lovingly challenge you to look at all the control around you to see the true cords and malice behind each one to then transform it by transmuting it into love light. Your recognition upon these things does just that.

There is a vast amount of people waking up to the control of the Earth. One of the reasons being is that within your inner core of your soul the unawakened are feeling that something is off. They are questioning all around them because of the vast amount of free willed choices that are being taken away from them. They are being forced to be inside their homes, perhaps not working... children who carry one of the highest frequency being with them all day long working organically energetically on them.

When someone experiences their rights and free willed choices removed from within their grasp it automatically shifts their awareness into alertness and sharpness, a natural human survival mode. When this occurs, the human bodies and psyche become amplified and it begins the flow of activating their natural abilities of their 6 senses and gifts. Creating the "Great Awakening".

Giving them this opportunity confined within their homes they also begin stepping into a frequency of surrender due to not having a scheduled timed rushed day to strictly follow. They begin to start realizing how easy it is for we to create our own day as creator beings. These are only some of the reasons why the vast awakening is occurring in the year of 2020 "The Greatest Mass Awakening of Earth". With all control and negativity, we the Council of Galactic Benevolent Beings who are YOU, have taken this opportunity to alchemize it into the process of ascension in connection to one's heart and activations of souls.

This organic process that is now occurring is as if, when you walk you have this constant sharp pain coming from the bottom of your foot and you can't figure out why until you stop, stand still, and start registering scanning your body. You then decide to lift up the foot where the pain is occurring and come into realization that all it was, was that you had a thorn embedded into your skin. This thorn is not organically part of you therefore the natural reaction to your body is that it will try to extract out what is not. The body will continue to register pain until you stop and listen to the pain, find the pain, and then retract the pain out. This is why we teach and remind you that to all pains and blockages, we must find the root to it so that it can then be unplugged like a cork in a clogged water faucet. 

We humbly thank you, love you, honor you and respect you.

I AM Adama/AdaRa.

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Join us as Aurora Channels Galactic Ra Guardian Adama from the Inner Earth. The details of the a.i. virus how it sprung forth and the plan of the 2nd wave to come. What are the most infringed chakras/keys on Earth and why? What is the significance of special retreat locations like Peru, Sedona and others all over Earth etc. How can we assist on Earth. What are the Galactic wars based on in terms of keeping us constructed and balanced as Unity Conscious? The pyramids - Once again - what is the importance of their presence on Earth - there are 144 major ones.

What is Adama's RA name? Who are the Inner Earth People? Their story of creation; when and where were they created from? What are their elements, their abilities as a race and what do they look like? What dimension do they exist in and connect with? Why are they centered in The Divine Mother’s heart?



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