I Had A Dream of President Donald Trump

I AM Aurora of the Galactics🔥

Before I share the dream, let me ensure that I am extremely transparent. If you are unfamiliar with my work I shall start off with that I have no interest nor consent to your false light news connected to News Media such as CNN, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc ... I am not one who cares to listen to anyone or any collective entity telling me what I should believe that someone's character is like. I instead work hard within my heart to ensure I am the ONLY one who decides if a character is false or is working from a pure intent.

News Media is the biggest program funded for humanity into its subordination. You can keep your negative comments to yourself, as I am sovereign and I DO NOT CONSENT. Anything that is written by the world's News Feed, I choose to not align with. So, if you will share things from these networks saying "Trump" or "Trump's administration" understand, that you are programmed yourself. As a collective, we must learn to make every decision within the sovereignty of our own heart-based occurrence and not other's negative ego programs.

To watch a video of superstars and politicians who are heavily run by the negative aliens/illuminati and who aid in their pedophilic rings of energetic black magic feeding, click here. This video will show you straight from the mouth of these leaders placed in power how 'Trump' would never be allowed to become the USA's 45th President'. But yet - here he is divinely- because we the collective decided it.

Why is it that such a large amount of the money holders of the USA would say this so confidently and why are they so threatened by him? They only do this to those who hold a threat and the ones that are conformed to their harmful ways to humanity; they ensure to make them look like superheroes such as Obama, Clinton, Bush... This is what our brother Malcolm X warned us about in the image below.

The answer is so simple yet however, still so difficult to understand as it requires much processing within one's beliefs and self-growth.

First ask yourself, “If President Trump is controlled by the 'illuminati/the elites' that run this world through their corrupted systems, why would he be leading task forces to continually crackdown on rings of abducted children victims of Sex & Human Trafficking?”



That's right, only a president that wasn't controlled by the illuminati would go against Human Trafficking and would oppose their needed feeding through this power. All other Presidents that went before him were controlled in different forms or were directly the illuminati themselves. To read Donald Trump's executive order:

Executive Order on Combating Human Trafficking and Online Child Exploitation in the United States

The biggest divine clue that we have in our collective is called "Jeffrey Epstein". Epstein was convicted in 2019 for running the biggest superstar and politician human trafficking ever surfaced. Only Trump was able to accomplish this, all other presidents could not do this under their presidency because they were hushed, paid off, or part of the pedophilic rings themselves. Do the research yourself. 



I am the founder of AURA Hypnosis Healing where we have aided thousands of beautiful souls through watching these Higher Self communications sessions or being the clients themselves. We have taught that all answers are found within one's heart knowing as well as all self-healing of illness. Just as we have taught this in how to work within our natural consciousness brainwaves, I too practice this strongly as the Angels have been working and visiting me since I was an infant in my crib.

I am a channel to 'The Galactics/Ra' whom have taught me how to use the infinite Source love light force fields around us to ensure that we communicate with high vibrational benevolent beings. I channel my heart all day long and share it with the world in service to others. 

When I channel an important transmission for the positive timeline of this Earth, I ensure that I am surrounded by my infinite love light shielding of alchemy. When this occurs this is a filter that is set up actively as a sovereign transmutation force that does not allow trickster energies and negative aliens to enter my forcefield. It is simply through Quantum Physics not a match of frequencies.

Because I do this, what I channel I typically require no confirmations from my benevolent team, as I know what is being transmitted through me is of infinite love. As I trust my heart, soul, and my benevolent soul family. Therefore this was quite a surprise when I had my first ever dream of President Trump on 6/17/2020.

I shall now share the dream knowing that for my team to have shown it to me it is important for me to share. As they typically don't show me these types of communications through dreamtime... 

In the dream, I had traveled into Earth's organic timeline that is not infringed and directed by the a.i. inverted matrix simulation. I was shown this timeline's blueprint that is coded organically through our collective life on Earth in this timeline that is manifesting now.

I was viewing a courtroom going on, which can be interpreted into politics and laws. To my left of viewing there sat a charismatic, pure-hearted male that was aggressively being attacked through the words of others and energies because they knew of his past revolts against them. They were extremely threatened by him because he knew their dirty secrets as he was brought up in this fame light himself. He stood there solely alone to the left, as they stood together as a collective of hive mind people. 

To the right, there were lines and rolls of politicians and superstars sitting there throwing every negative intent they could at the male. He sat there with his back straight, face settled, and a strong knowing that he was doing the right thing for others. No matter what they threw at him, he sat there with the most extreme confidence I have seen, him knowing he was in the right. Countering them with ways of the law on why and how Clinton and the other Pedophoellia rings were going to pay for their harm to thousands of sexually abused children and adults through human trafficking. 

The way his energy body looked was pure beauty, he was glowing with all bright colors known to Earth and more beyond this universe. This colorful energy was flowing throughout his crystalline body, intertwining with every energetic word spoken. He was channeling himself, his Higher Self, and Benevolent Beings here to assist the world. 

The dream ends with me understanding the communications, that 'he was the man to get the job done and would do so' and that man was President Donald Trump.


Therefore "YES" I am fully into alignment of this organic timeline shared by our collective in ensuring we come out of this illuminati tyranny control and into our predestined organic 5D timelines!!!

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I love you, honor you, and respect you.



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To watch more detail on what is mentioned here, and further interpretation upon the dream click the 2 videos below.




To watch a client in an AURA Hypnosis Healing session speaking of some of these topics mentioned here, click the video below.

"In this AURA Hypnosis Healing session, we receive guidance on the various dark agendas. Covid-19 - is it still active? The hidden truths it brought, why such a strong push for the vaccine by Bill. The WHO, Contact Tracing, promoted riots. News for the U.K. people on their Rulers. The divide occurring in the awakened and unawakened through the truths surfacing. How to ride through the tides.



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  • carolyn

    Beautiful resonates with all I have been feeling and reading since 2019. I am British and live in the UK and love Trump. He has an inflated ego but I sense he is a good man. I had reservations when he won the US election in 2016 but could see what he was achieving and not alone.
    Funnily I started to awaken in 2016 and like millions of others can’t wait for Disclosure. I don’t think it will be yet but when it does it will be explosive.
    Thanks and love to Aurora for the great articles on here.

  • Lucy Guillory

    I also say and see Donald Trump is a wiser and kinder , gentler man but still oh so strong as he would have to be and have help as you said. Love how you are answering questions…

  • Lucy Guillory

    Love your energy, and your message and it has confirmed many things for me…Thank you for your work. I know with out proof that he and his administration is doing a huge sweep of saving children all over the world many form under ground dune that have never seen the light of day. Thank you president Trump …Thank God.

  • Lori

    Thank you Aurora for sharing this. I am also transparent and have been getting the same messages about Donald Trump but have always been shut down by others. I am glad i am not alone in seeing the truth. He stands alone against an army of darkness. Sending him lots of divine light, love and power.

  • Mary

    You make so much sense to me. I will follow you for guidance.. thank you for sharing! Peace and Love 🥰

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