Multiplying Eyes of the Peacock - Is Divine Father


The peacock represents the Phoenix and the rebirthing potentials for all lifeforms in Creation. When viewing and connecting upon the beauty of the colors of the multiplying eyes within their feathers, this is a divine portal which then can consciously, sacredly transport you into the infinite potential energies of the Universe and Multiverse. 

The fact that it is the male which eludes this beauty, is a reminder to us all of the true beauty the divine masculine represents, as they are the semen, the ether which can see and reach all, because all of Creation is submerged within the sacred waters of the ether/semen.

We see this often within Earth of the male animals, being the one who looks physically glamorous, colorful, and a head turner. Examples: peacocks colorful eyes, cardinals red adorns, lions maines, the roosters mohawk… Representing once more how the male dominantly is physically strong and beautiful. To draw our attention they often have to put on a divine show for us, as these colorful male animals. When the indigenous of the lands were predominant all over Earth, it was the male who serenaded, danced and dressed up for the female to attract her love to wed. 

The beauty of the peacock reminds us of the multiversal beauty of Archangel Michael. Which is why we often feel comforted by calling on Archangel Michael, because he is the Divine Father truly, Divine Father’s Krysto’s embodiment, who journeys out from Source to be in the game of incarnation, to protect his children, his creations, us! And, to do so he must take on the form of the peacock’s colorful multiplying eyes. In Creation, Divine Father Krysto is represented by the all white peacock, and the colorful peacock is Archangel Michael who requires the multicolor eyes of the feathers to see through the colorful Verse’s of the Multiversal rainbow lotus flower. The colors represent the different Verse’s/petals, as each Verse has one predominant color it is created from, and Archangel Michael must look through these sacred colors to find his children located in each Verse, who are calling for his aid and protection.

Remember everyday when looking upon a divine masculine this true beauty of theirs.

𝓐𝓾𝓻𝓸R𝓪 ♥️   
Author of "Galactic Soul History of The Universe" Book Series
Founder of A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Technique & Rising Phoenix Mystery School


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