Manifestation | Removal of Toxic People | Sacred Alchemy Classes
Manifestation | Removal of Toxic People | Sacred Alchemy Classes
Manifestation | Removal of Toxic People | Sacred Alchemy Classes
Manifestation | Removal of Toxic People | Sacred Alchemy Classes

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Manifestation | Removal of Toxic People | Sacred Alchemy Classes

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This workshop is $111.11 for those who are joining us for the first time, as this course includes the 'How to Shield' course $55.55. This course is $88.88 for those who have already done any other course or class with us.

Join us as AuroRa hosts a class on one of the most important topics for the spiritually awakened collective, a guide and workshop to manifestation. A surprise visit by her beloved husband Zen, and his words of wisdom in the ways to manifest. Sacred knowledge stemming forth from Ascended Masters, Divine Mother & Father. 

We are taught and programmed by the world around us all our lives how our aspirations and our dreams are too far for our reach, and that we will never manifest them. We spiritual beings can often have obstacles manifesting our divine worth and dreams. Come learn how to begin to bridge manifesting your organic timelines, a divine partner, love, happiness, dream home... Divine sacred alchemy of manifestation.


Have you always wanted to learn how to begin through self sovereignty to take your divine power back? How to "Not Consent to Infringement"? To learn how to use the force of Love-Light around you consciously? Then this is the class for you.

Come learn how to simply take your sovereignty back by becoming and remembering that you are a Quantum Alchemist. Through this class you will learn how to use the force around you, through the organic Quantum World of the Universe that exists within you and all around you. Assisting you in becoming the highest vibrational version of you everyday.

Do you often feel drained or constant brain-clutter. Come learn to use your "I AM Source Love-Light", which becomes an organic filter around you daily amplifying your natural senses, abilities, and heart discernment. 

Teachings stemming forth of forgotten sacred knowledge from The Essenes, Egypt, Atlantis, Greece. This class is a beautiful collaboration in union with a diverse team of Benevolent Guides birthing from Divine Mother Sophia, Divine Father Kryst, Ascended Masters, and the Angelics.

What comes with the course:

  • 3.22 hours class video
  • bonus 'Sacred Alchemy - How to Shield' Course (2 hour class video $55)
  • sacred alchemy symbols
  • a guide in how to manifest
  • a deep dive into the inversions that are holding us back from our true manifesting potentials
  • access to training module course
  • spiritual foundational basics through meditation, crystals, mantras. With step by step guidance, using a combination of 'Sound & Symbol Alchemy' 
  • itinerary with step by step teachings
  • invisibility cloak and energy force fields
  • open your hand chakras & “I AM Source Love-Light"
  • activate your soul signature Merkaba 
  • raise, balance your frequency and vibration, working with a toroidal sphere

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