The Revelation Is Now


Greetings. In this time and space as you are aware the Earth is going through a collective 'Revelation'. These are the very times that Jesus/Yeshua spoke upon in his original forms of writing through The Holy Bible. Understanding though that we are not speaking of your current Bible as that has been infringed upon strongly through the Illuminati and negative aliens. For the purposes of mind control, programming in harmful ways of removing people's sovereignty to not come into a realization of their through Creator power.

We have all been waiting for what seems like an eternity for this very moment in time. It has taken us 4 Earth cycles and resets to be here. All the hidden negative agendas coming to the surface no longer being able to hold its lower frequency among the Earth's now higher frequency. Mother Earth has transformed and has now after the 6/6/2020 portal leveled up and has ascended in the totality of her vibration and frequency. 

All that is no longer a match of Earth is having a hard time and is unmasking itself and oneself. Example, those with false intents - 'light workers in service to others' are going through a revelation and choice; "Will I continue to allow my mind/ego direct me or will I truly act upon what I am posing as or whom I am meant to be to come out/ascend from this a.i. matrix? Will I be the true unity of love and accept all the beauties that my brethren are as am I?" 

What is false is oh so very visible upon your and our Earth. For we too are incarnated, fractalized within you. We are the Christ Consciousness and the second/final coming of Christ that is here within every spark of a flamed lighted soul whom chooses to act upon pure intents of love. 

It is the time of revelation, it is time, it is time, it is time. 

Those who were ring leaders of pedophilia are being trailed/trialed and shall continue to be and will be found guilty. For they have already been found guilty by our collective through the organic karmic cosmic universal laws. All has been created energetically and now the physical is just catching up. We must continue to speak and be that example of whom we really are beyond this inverted Matrix. We are divine, we are the Creators children and the Creator itself.

Human Trafficking has been unveiled and will continue to do so with leaders whom are part of us - the Ra (a multitude of benevolent alien races) and YOU as a collective, as President Donald Trump. Through this article, it is only but ONE example of Trump's way to say to the lightworker communities, "I am working on Human Trafficking. Here is proof of it. The indigenous people all over the world are the largest group being human trafficked, as well as the Mexican and South American immigrants through the border lines."

Join us in the infinite plasmic love light wave that now encircles, shields our Earth daily. Come ride the wave of infinite love with us where we remove false light control of all forms. Remember who you are, 'The Warrior of Love Light'.

I honor you, love you, and respect you for the divine soul that you are in creation.


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Galactic Update spoken by Divine Mother Kali Ma. The mirror of what is occurring now from our collectives past of Atlantis. What transpired during the 6-6 Portal. The update on the Asteroid that passed by Earth on 6-6 as shared in our previous channeling. What does this mean for us as a Collective? The call for help from Earth because of the Virus; how did this lead to current timelines and this portal.



Join Aurora as she channels Jesus/Yeshua speaking on the time of ‘Revelations’ not just Christianity related but all religions as such. The role of the 13 with Yeshua. Was he aware of the upcoming events in his life - specifically the ‘Crucifiction’ . What did the dark forces do in the ‘Then’ times to attempt infringements upon Yeshua’s essence. Did that ever occur and why?



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  • Ada Franks

    I like what she said about Corona 19 it’s gone like trinkle of an eye, that’s good, I wasn’t afraid of it, I looked up Alice down the rabbit hole and I was shocked we have a lot of Hollywood celebritys already executed, and people in politics too and in the video queen Elizabeth and king Phillip was executed, they have clones so everyone think there a live! But anyways I enjoyed your video Auroa love and light to you and your family

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