The Earth Transmutes Today

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The Earth is transmuting as the asteroid/the Phoenix passes near by our orbiting energetic hemisphere. Change is occurring throughout all false illusions of your construct. As it passes it as a magnet, etheric fire pulling this unbalance off of Mother Earth, and also disperses universal upgrades in forms of energetic crystallizations for all who choose to tap in whether subconsciously or consciously.

For more details on the power of this asteroid and its role and consistency in aiding the shifting of this timeline into its organic structure, click the video below. Today we shall add more on what has already been shared. 

We would like to also address more on USA's President Donald Trump. As all is unraveling in truths hidden, so is the deceit that was programmed into all through the global news media's hypnotic control and black magic. Those who have reached a high frequency of love are able to see this souls true pure intents and those who cannot, it is because they are still working within self to learn how to read with one's heart. For if you view with a heart frequency the answer is very clear. To watch a video of a Trump speech directed towards the Illuminati click here. 

The truth is that the positive organic timeline that is manifesting right now within your Earth could never have been able to come to be if it wasn't for President Trump. The illuminati's government view of what they would have liked for the world would have been to further create negative contracts with those who worked hard in releasing already. To keep our voices shut by muzzling ourselves with masks. To have had all of humanity injected with the harmful a.i. covid-19 immunization. To have records of as many as possible of the populations DNA & crystalline formations so that they can find those shielded in the population that carry the organic codings of 144,444 structures of Galactic DNA's. To continue their human and child trafficking agendas. To maintain the population as mind controlled zombies, listening to all that is instructed by those who have placed themselves on a pedestal with an important named title. This we give gratitude for today's shifting within the turbulence occurred and occurring. To read more details on Galactic News of what is mentioned click here.

Just as your 'Out of Shadows' Hollywood Documentary on the pedophilia that feeds the superstars in control brought out the permission and the strength to speak of these unspeakable prior. Trump is representing this for all world leaders, Presidents, Kings, Queens, Mayors, Governors, Senators... Watch them carefully now as they are showing their true colors of whether they are moved around by string of the puppeteers of the Archons, or if they are stringless. 

Trump and his team are in direct alignment and communications of Q'Anon as most have already placed together and it is time to support these groups working together. The hate and negative energy being sent to them is tremendous when they are working relentlessly without breaks to aid you and your families. His team are well educated on the control of the illuminati and have been. Remember to view past what you are told to see or are suppose to see. 



Today's portal is suggested to be viewed and treated as the sacredness that it is. Honor oneself in forms of energetic care and become one with the natures around you. These can be focused upon on the different elements provided to you. Sitting out in the sun, embracing a tree, creating a jewelry piece... Use these moments in time to create yourself something powerful that will always carry today's portal energies as well as other pivotal times that will become part of your strength energetically coming forward. Your body is transforming into its true God-Source infinity frequency. 


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  • RAndi Southard

    I am so grateful for your playlists- better teacher of history than any book could ever give- you give us the presence of our holographic souls aligned within multiple timelines ready for the ascension and our destiny to help the human race become one in a peaceful planet.

  • Ineke

    From Holland, my sister and I are very aware of the situation and the wrong negative talk. We will servive with love and light, we are sending every day and keep on growing strong!

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