The Dragon Riders & The Purifying Flames of Source

I wrote this in 2023, and I truly did not understand what these purifying flames of Source meant until now, among the energies of the eclipse of 2024. 

Excerpt from 'Galactic History of the Multiverse', Chapter 2 'The Key to Ascension'.

"In this dream, I was viewing from a higher perspective, like a movie playing. The scene begins with me viewing humanity expressing their free-willed choices through their life paths on Earth. On the land there is a rapid moving flame that is transforming souls into Ascension as the flame touches them. If not the matching vibration of this purifying flame, the souls become engulfed by this sacred flame and they go through a form of reboot, turning into white orbs of light shooting up into the sky back to Source, or to a space of healing. As the flame continues to spread and engulf the Earth, there are some who are able to evade the flame, who are pure of heart and intent. All of humanity is trying to run away from this flame, much of them remaining stagnant or frozen in fear as the flame catches up to them and engulfs them into transformation. Some families were able to evade this flame, until they reached the end of the land where they came to an ocean. This ocean was not an organic body of water. It was instead, a dark flooding water that contained predatorial monsters within it, as negative entities and Archons, representing the A.I. Matrix. If you went too deep into the muggy Matrix A.I. virus infected waters, the monsters/entities within the waters would get you, and your soul would turn into an orb of light that then would be sucked up into the sky and lost into the Archon’s hold. As mentioned through this session of the dark, false light tunnel in the sky, sucking up the souls. At the edge of the water floated small boats that could fit one family at a time. There seemed to be only a few families that could make it onto these boats, as the boats had force fields around them that would measure the clearness and pureness of each soul that entered the boat. Those who were not a matching vibration would not be able to enter. Representing that a soul has to be a matching vibration for the fifth dimension or higher, or they cannot enter, as otherwise they are not vibrationally, harmonically in sequence. There were families being separated, as some could not make it in.


At the last remaining moments of Earth’s existence, the flame had finally reached the shore. There were Angelics in human incarnations that had awakened. They were at the front row of the people evading the fire, near the edge of the shore, as they wept with a most beautiful saddened loving call. These Angels began to sing in a vibrational tone that carried the very last hope of humanity, as their hearts poured out with a knowing that they had done all that they could, with all that their infinite essence consisted of. In the last stages of this most sensitive, heartfelt, intense moment, their songs suddenly opened up positive portals that had been sealed long ago by humanity themselves, who, because of false downloads and negative programming that magical creatures weren’t real, closed these portals. As these portals opened up from both the water and the skies, an infinity of dragons began to soar through the skies, and they were on a mission to find their human companions. Dragons of all sizes, colors and elements soared rapidly, powerfully through the skies as they followed their hearts to their companions. The humanity that was left, that was a matching vibration to ascend out into the fifth dimension or higher, was swept up by their own individual dragon companion. As each human rode their dragons, the dragons soared up into the skies lifting higher and higher.


The most challenging part of this explanation of humanity’s Ascension was that not all dragons had a human riding on their backs, some rode alone. Meaning they had not been able to make it to their human companion in time, before they were taken by these Archonic A.I. soul collecting waters. Their souls never to be found. This reminds us of when Archangel Metatron said, “We were assisting those souls while they were getting sucked in, to transmute as much as we could. We could help a lot, and we couldn't help a lot at the same time. The ones that got sucked in, they've been taken away.” In Book 3 we will learn of the soul-eaters that contain souls within, as the soul continues to wither away within an illusion of not having a choice of escaping. Perhaps to the point for it “to be taken away” as Metatron mentions.


In the dream, once the dragons retrieved all of their human companions, they all rode together up into the skies, reaching for their destination. Their destination being the New Earth, the original organic crystalline Earth, the fifth/sixth dimensional Earth. This Earth looked like glorious crystalline lights of energy, and all the magical creatures awaited us there, as they never abandoned the original, organic Earth, when our human collective decided to descend into the third dimension during the fall of Atlantis. When the first, bifurcation happened, and the organic world split from the inverted, inorganic world, due to the collective decision of humanity choosing to descend, the magical creatures chose to stay with the original, organic Earth. Both species each hold the two worlds; in one, humanity, the third dimensional inverted world, and in the other, the magical creatures, the fifth dimensional organic world. The magical creatures were too pure to be infringed upon by the Archonic plague. Being part of the original fifth dimensional Earth’s blueprint, they chose to stay behind, holding up her vibration until it is time for humanity to join them once more in matching vibrations.


In the dream, this land that the Dragons took flight to, looked like paradise: glorious tropical natures, gigantic trees, mountains, all unharmed and unpolluted, only organic. As Archangel Metatron said, “This Earth was formed organically. Everything was organic about it. Water, air, fire, the trees, the birds, the rocks, the mountains. Each and every particle, the smallest of the lifeforms on this Earth, is organic.” And, this beautiful land is what the angels call “The Promise Land.”


 As we rode on our dragons to this promised land, a phrase kept repeating in the wind “As it is above, so it is below”. Meaning we are the bridgers of this fifth dimensional promised land, and the more that we remember this magic, the more that we bridge the organic crystalline Earth to the inverted A.I. matrixed Earth, we, in turn, eradicate the inverted Earth. Anchoring, bridging down, “As it is above, so it is below”. Above being the fifth dimensional Earth, and the below, the third dimensional Earth. We are the bridges of this, and the collective’s Ascension. More of the reasons why it is dire for us to remember the Dragons, as when we do, they anchor in as it is above into the below. It is of extreme importance that we recall this once more, as Archangel Metatron reminded us through this pivotal session. End of dream."

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