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Aurora🔥The Galactics.

Stop giving people your information just because they ask or they make it seem that is for safety, it is not!

Just like this police officer here in these images began a riot, there are many out there getting paid good money to act to riot, protest, survey you to distract us from the truth. To cause anger, rage in the collective and the negative entities feed off it and unbalance the collective.

There are groups that the illuminati/influential leaders have and are paying to go town by town to vandalize each town. What the Galactics showed me is that a vast majority of these groups are drug lords that run cartels and their subordinates. Some of these towns are small so it makes no sense. The people from the towns themselves who are unawakened or awakened are noticing “who are these people, they are not even from here”. The news is even admitting that 70-90% of these people are coming from elsewhere. Why would that be? It is because they have been paid to do so. Here is an image below of stacks of bricks placed in the areas where there were planned riots at. 



The news/media then goes and covers these paid actors videotaping them coming in and out of these stores. NOT a coincidence that the media is there filming it but where are the police to stop these random people burning down local businesses? They are not there because they are being told to stand down from the locations these groups target first. Which is why president trump has now launched a Military response because there is a large amount of police officers being controlled, his appointed Military personnel will get the job done. 

Right now the truth is that Covid-19 did not work as the illuminati had hoped for through the years of planning they had on it. I wonder how many $ millions or billions they have lost on this elaborate plan. THEY ARE SCARED and intimidated by us and our strong bright lights and hearts. And, that should give us the fuel to our strength in how powerful we are together.

Whatever the News Feed focuses on it is something that has been placed there for the further programming of humanity. When Covid-19 failed then they went with plan B which was to use 'Black Lives Matter', as they know in the past this has been an easy trigger of causing havoc and anger. Once more paying actors to play the roles of the victim and police officers. 

To read more on the Galactic News up until now that covered the transformation of Covid-19 click here.


On 5/29/2020 I woke up from one of the hardest dreams that The Galactics/Ra has shown me, which goes along with these paid actors and false personell in charge of our well being. My Galactic Team showed me how a high percentage of people in the law as police officers, mayors, senators, town home inspectors have hidden negative rings that they run. They showed me how even people going around your neighborhood claiming they are just doing a questionnaire or censor poll, are all parts of the pawns of collecting our families data.

The hardest thing of the dream was that there were school board leaders who had planted teachers and personals in the schools that ran pedophilic rings connected to the illuminati. They showed me the most horrific things that they have been doing to children. Things that are unbearable to my heart. 

Do not share anything with anyone including the schools. I remember the school asked through a survey this school year questions like, "Do your children walk home by themselves, how long do they walk, how often do they get picked up by adults, do they have after school activities?" Does anyone notice how wrong this is?! 

I was incredibly creeped out by these questions as they made them seem like they were for the safety of the children but I knew better. I instantly burned the questionnaire in my fireplace however I knew other parents gave the school these intimate details of their children after school whereabouts. When I asked my spiritual Galactic team I was told that a leader of the board of education had asked for these details for the purposes of their pedophilic ring.

These times can be felt as hard, and that they are. It is not that chaos is creating, it is that chaos is the catalyst to bringing out what has been hidden and masked from us so that it may now be transmuted into healing. We ask for you to aid Mother Earth daily on the 13th hour which is 1am or 1pm by sending your infinite love into her to help her balance. To heal, balance recalibrate herself she will have to counter with earthquakes. If we send love then we can assist her, as she is exhausted. 

Aurora🔥The Galactics


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  • Christine

    This I felt coming but wasn’t sure how it would play out, but I’m Glad to see that they are going to be caught and brought to justice, Thank you Aurora for this beautiful channeling and Always sending Love Light to earth

  • Amber Myers

    Yes Aurora. In trenton nj it is the gangs who are the ones looting and starting fires in family owned businesses or any business in general. Philly same thing! Sending love all the time to mother earth and the collective.

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