Light (Dark) Language

Let us stand only in Source Love-Light and the purifying flame of Source, and not allow others to cause confusion invertedly within us. We learned more information at our recent Angel Oaks retreat on what some call Light Language.
Let me explain to you how light language scientifically and spiritually works:
I know I already made a video on why I do not ever recommend light language, but let me explain to you now once more. Like I said in the video, “The only light language I trust is a child’s light language”. The video is found below, on how to be cautious with light language.
After channeling Nikola Tesla, I have learned so much of the way creation works intertwined with science. The way sound works is that it ripples through your being. Anytime you hear a sound you feel it vibrate through you. Sound is one of the beginning components in creating souls, which shows us how powerful sound truly is.
Through what people call Light Language, you don’t know what the person is emitting onto you, and what is encoded in what they are actually saying to you, because you can’t understand the language they are speaking. You give your power away when someone does this to you, we talked about this in Book 1, ‘The Looking Glass Technology’ through the ‘Soul Tones’ a supposed Light Worker was giving to people, and how they were infringing on people instead. I personally cannot listen to supposed light language ever, because it feels very compromising, so I automatically shield when I hear someone doing it.
The person who is emitting light language onto you is rippling it out through their mouth and mind, and at times this can look like dark language instead, looking like ooze. As the light language is rippling out to the subject this ooze is encoded with dark codes which then soaks and integrates into you and your DNA. Through this manner, they can encode so much inversion into you. Example, a dark seed that is planted into your Tree of Life that grows and changes you and your being, as it integrates into you. And, you won’t be able to recognize that you have been compromised because you allowed it in through soundwaves. Therefore, if you allow these dark codes into you, you will not be able to tell what is happening because IT is now part of you and your DNA. You will react defensively and with hatred, but you will think you are doing the right thing, because again this inverted darkness has encoded into you.
What if the person that is sounding off the light language is compromised or is a lower vibration than you? What they instead will do is try to restructure you through the sound to their lower infringed state.
One more important message is, do not ever let anyone place you at the center of a closed circle made of people surrounding you, and especially allow for them to send energy into you. The illuminati with their satanic rituals are the ones who put people in the center, so they can infringe on them, as our clients have taught us through A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing sessions and the book series ‘Galactic Soul History of the Universe’.
I love you, honor you, and respect you.
𝓐𝓾𝓻𝓸R𝓪 ♥️
Author of "Galactic Soul History of The Universe" Book Series
Founder of A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Technique & Rising Phoenix Mystery School

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